How To Keep Pets Off Furniture When Not Home

Keeping a pet is a great way to learn about animal behavior and care. But, the more animals you love, the more costs will be!

Pet care is expensive. There are stores that offer only training supplies, or even supplies for just one pet. To keep up with training needs, you will need to buy new supplies every few weeks.

To save money, you can opt for free training resources such as the Internet or phone calls with the pet you want trained. Use cost-cutting strategies such as using lower quality equipment or less expensive materials if you have it.

When it comes to taking your pet home, there are some rules that have to be followed. Does the dog have adequate housing? Does the cat have enough space? These questions should be answered in yes and no respectively.


Use a pet repellent

A pet cannot associate a scent with its caretaker like a human child can with its parents. Therefore, you must use a pet repellent that contains adequate amounts of basil and clove to scent your dog or any other pet.

These two herbs mitigate the instinct of your dog or any other pet to smell your clothes, blankets, and bedding. This is why it is important to keep a small bag or roll of basil and clove in your bag until you need it for an accident call or when boarding your dog.

By using a pet repellent, you will be helping prevent your pets from getting sick or sicking when you are not home to take care of them. You can also use this if you have multiple dogs as one roll of repellant would cover all of them!

This is very important to do as most dogs only get one chance at staying warm while waiting for someone to come home.

Spray pets with water

If you have a pet that is not supervised or trained in how to stay safe when you’re not home, then it is important to spray the pet with water when home is unsafe.

This helps them get comfortable and learn how to be safe in their environment. It also teaches them that if they need help getting out, someone will come outside to rescue them.

By spraying the pet at home, it gives it a sense of security and comfort when it doesn’t feel safe at home.

If you have a higher risk animal such as a dog who might get into things or a cat who might be destructive, then you should consider getting them separate. Having two animals who are very protective of each other just makes this more necessary.

Home safety tips include keeping pets outdoors no more than one hour before sunset and one hour before sunrise, having an escape plan if they are unable to safely go inside their house, and being aware of any injuries or sickles they may have.

Use sticky tape

This is the most hard wired of all ideas. If you have a pet it is best to keep them in a room with a window or door that allows outdoor access.

If you have a dog it is recommended that you keep them away from the bedroom and the kitchen for several reasons. The presence of a dog in the kitchen is not without its challenges such as trying to get food into the dish and drink containers.

The presence of a dog in the bedroom can lead to situations where they get comfortable and try to sleep or relax on someone or something.

Keeping your cat or dog confined has another benefit that doesn’t happen with dogs and kids, when they need to take care of something they don’t have to go outside and risk being startled or harmed by animals.

When confined in an area like this it is important that you know what signs of comfort or relaxation your pet needs to stay safe.

Give pets their own furniture

If you have a pet that needs its own space, look into getting a raised dog bed or a sofa bed. These types of furniture are typically taller and in a different style so your pet has easy access to it.

If you have a small dog that would prefer the floor, these products are typically less expensive and less impressive than a trundle or sofa bed. But if you have a larger dog that prefers the floor, then an everyday pet chair or desk is what you need.

If you have a large dog that needs the floor space, consider getting an everyday pet chair or desk. A regular chair will give your pet enough room to stand up and be comfortable while looking out at the world.

If you want your pet to have more space than either of these require, then look into creating another room for them.

Confine pets to one room

This is the most common pet failure: bringing a pet home and allowing it to hang out with other pets. This is probably one of the most dangerous situations for pets, due to other pets.

Pet owners make a habit of dividing rooms and keeping pets co-operative with other pets. However, when one pet gets friended or dumped by the others, it becomes an issue.

If you have a dog, keep them in the kitchen or bathroom area; if you have a cat, keep them in the living room or up on a high chair where you can see them.

If you have a fish tank or aquarium, make sure there is no margin for error when it comes to housing it. Find something safe but not necessary to answer how big your animal is.

Train pets to stay off the furniture

Most pets will not like being confined to the floor or a low bed. A convenient way to train your pet to stay off the furniture is by using a toy or rattle.

To use this method, you must first obtain your pet’s favorite toy or rattle. Then, take it into the vet and have it checked due to potential obstruction or injury. If this happens at home, you can buy a product called StayAtHome Kit. This contains two safety pins and one fleece sack. The safety pins can be used to pin down the cover of the furniture while the fleeze sack can be used as a mat for your pet to stay on.

Another way to keep your pets from trying on new things is by having them learn their housetraining routine at home. Once they learn their place, try leaving them alone for an hour before bringing them back up so they can get acquainted with their environment again.

Apply a punishment when detected

If your pet is detected climbing the stairs, for example, you can apply a correction and send them to bed with a little kibble. Or if they are discovered wandering, you can have a repeat punishment and put them in their room until they learn their territory is their room.