How To Get A News Article Removed From Google

News articles are prominently displayed on both google and facebook, making it a very popular source of information.

However, there are steps you can take to make the article remove it from both sites so that it does not clutter up your news feed or social media pages. This is called article removal and it comes in two forms: delisting and removing.

Delisting can be done by either an editor at a website or an algorithm change at google. Removing does not require any action on the part of the person removing the article, but doing so will result in the article being removed from all sites.

Email the news station it

Once you receive an email from the news station pertaining to your story, do not simply click the link in the email. You would want to do that for every article you want removed from Google, wouldn’t you?

Instead of clicking the link, reply to the email with your subject line stating that you would like the article removed and it will be removed. It will take several days for it to be reviewed, but keep trying!

If it still does not get removed, send an additional reminder email to make sure you do not forget. Once it is taken down, try sending another mass email similar to the first one but with a different subject line. This way, they will have a chance to look at it again.

Eventually, they will remove it because they are being notified by Google.

Provide the link to the Google cache it

If you want your news article removed from Google, you must provide the link to the Google cache ithei need to have when your article is published.

Many websites now have their content automatically updated through their software platforms, making this step unnecessary. If your article was cached, it will no longer be available!

If you want your article removed from Google, give up the link and let someone else do the cleaning for you. There are plenty of services that will take your article off of Google for you, for a fee. Make sure you’re paying enough to get your desired results, though.

Inform them that it is cached by Google it

If it seems to be taking a long time to load, then you should contact the news outlet to see if they can remove it from Google due to poor quality.

This is a free way for news outlets to get the article removed. If they can improve their quality, then Google will add it to their indexing service and other sites will link to it.

Many times when an article is removed from a website, another article takes its place. This is why it is important for this article to be deleted by Google!

If you have any questions about getting an article removed from Google, feel free to contact the website or send them an email at [email protected].

Ask them to remove the image from their site it

If you are able to send a request email to the website owner, they may allow you to have the article removed. This may be difficult or even impossible if the article has been taken down.

If the article has been published in a print or online publication, contact the publication and ask them to take down the information.

If you are able to send a request phone call to the person who wrote it, ask them to give you some reasonable time to respond but do not make any commitments until they do.

When you get through with your response, make sure that you are as factual as possible and that you can support your argument with sources. Be prepared for responses that are likely to put you on defensive mode but that will help get your message across.

Follow up with a phone call it

If you are extremely frustrated by the news article, try calling the media company that owns the rights to the story to see if you can get the article removed. Many times, they will give you up because they are worried about their own rep and business growth but this should be a secondary goal.

If you are able to reach out to your local news station or newspaper, try your best to make it clear that this article is no longer necessary and may harm your health if done regularly.

If you must contact the media company that owns the story, do it quickly to ensure proper coverage does not end due to lack of resources. You do not want a reporter or columnist looking at this article and saying something bad about you because of how long it has been posted.

Try these strategies out before contacting the media company that owns the story so all sides are covered.

Tell them you will send a takedown request to Google it

If you are looking for a news article that has been removed from Google, you should try to send a takedown request.

This can be done by clicking on the report link found at the bottom of every news article on, or by calling a phone number at (844) 483-2262.

When asked if you want this news article to be reinstated or not, the answer is yes! This is important, because if this piece of news does not reflect what happened in the world then it will still be effective.

Many times when articles are taken down it is due to plagiarism, which makes it hard to get an update or new information added into the article.

Send a takedown request to Google it9) Wait up to two weeks for a responseit10) If successful, contact the site and have them remove the image

Once they do, search for the article to see if it was an error and try again.

If you are successful, other Google users will be unable to find your article, making it easier to promote your business or product.

If not, try a different tactic such as having the news article linked to your website or in an email campaign, where someone who signs up for your website gets the news article for free.

These tips can help get your article removed from Google, helping you get more views and attention from people looking for information.