How To Fix Home Button On Iphone 6

The home button is a staple of every smartphone. It creates the capability to push a button to return to the homescreen, access the application, and interact with it.

However, if you have a iPhone 6 or later model then you will have some issues with it. The home button has a small sensor that reads your finger when you press it and release, and doesn’t work anymore.

This sensor is attached with a wire that goes inside the phone. The problem comes when this sensor is not reading because of an issue with the phone or software.

This can be fixed by buying a new home button! There are two variants of home buttons that can be replaced: one for iDevices that don’t read finger pressure anymore, and one for non-iDevices that don’t require any additional hardware anymore.


Replace home button

If you have an apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then you can try the following way to fix the home button on.

Go to the settings screen and look for “airplane mode”. Once enabled, this will shut down all incoming and outgoing data and power. This will prevent any Apple or Android software from automatically waking the device up when you press the home button.

Now, change this mode back to active by turning the black slider next to it to the right side of it. This will allow for data and power restoration when needed.

Replace screen

Otherwise, try replacing the home button itself. You can do this easily by removing the small cover on the back of the phone.

Sacrifice some space to replace the button.Luckily,thenewbuttonfitssomeplace in yourphone,soyoucanreplacethebuttonwithanotherone without having to purchase a new phone.

Replace the button using a soldered connection and a small wire. This should not affect Apple’s device security as it is done by a different company’s app.

Do not try this if you have a strong hand as you will need to use an electronic button release sold separately. You will also need to take care of it because it needs to be replaced every day or two.

Clean internal parts

If the button is stuck, then you can try cleaning the internal parts. First, you can try gently pulling on the button to see if it releases. If it does, then you can try applying some dishwashing liquid and wiping away with a paper towel.

If it doesn’t, then you can attempt to put something through a buttonhole or Solder it in. If that works, try putting some household liquid on it and letting it dry before attempting another part. If that works, continue!

If not, check your local stores for replacement buttons or buttons made by The Button Company.

Re-seat home button cable

If you ever had to remove and re-seat the home button on your iPhone 6, then you know how difficult it can be.

If you lost the cable that comes with your phone, then you have to start over. You have to connect the power supply to the phone through a docking station, and then you can finally repair your iPhone.

There are many ways to repair the home button on your phone. Here are some ways to fix your iPhone 6 problem:

Try cleaning the button with a dry cloth, petroleum jelly, and warm water. If that does not work, try taking a flathead screwdriver and clicking the button several times until it works. If that does not work either, try replacing it with a new one. Lastly, try replacing it with another type of button.

Re-seat display cable

When the button gets stuck, you can try re-seating the display cable. This can be difficult, as it is located behind the case.

To fix this, you must remove the battery and display cable to properly fix it. To re-route the display cable, try pulling up on one end of it and letting go of the other.

Try removing and adding a case on your iPhone 6 to help with this fix. When done with your phone, clean all parts with a soft cloth to prevent foreign agents from causing problems.

Doomsday survivalists are rare, but they do exist.

Check battery connection

After connecting the phone to your computer, if the home button still does not work, then it is necessary to check the battery connection.

Iphone 6s features a new lithium-ion battery that makes use of new technology to ensure long life. If your phone has been working very slowly after having the home button replaced, then this simple fix may have helped!

First, open the phone and remove the black case by pulling it off using a pen or camera wrapped tape. Then, find and remove one of the two glued batteries.

Once removed, place a paper clip or another small object to act as a buffer between the newly installed battery and the phone’s circuit board. Then, gently push and pull on both sides of the battery until it snaps in place.

Try another charger

If your phone is not charging when the button is on, then you should try a different charger.

Your phone may be receiving power from a different source than your charger is. If this is the case, then switch chargers to see if the issue continues.

If this does not help, then the problem must be with your phone. Try replacing it to see if that helps.

Try another case or cover on your phone to see if that is the problem.

Run diagnostic test

If you have an iPhone 6, you can try running a diagnostic test. It is recommended that you do this before attempting any repairs because of the risk of damaging your device.

This test can determine if your home button is working or not. If it is, then the problem is with your device and not you. Therefore, you do not have to take off your phone to use a case or for repairs.

One issue that may arise is whether or not your home button opens the Apple iOS software when the phone is mounted on a case. This may result in unnecessary press-release events which may cause incorrect programs to open, or even lose access to the phone.