How To Fix A Cracked Tooth At Home

Cracked or broken teeth can be scary! When the wrong side comes into contact with the sharp edges of your teeth, it can result in fracture or break of the teeth.

It is important to immediately go to the dentist if this happens, as it can result in serious infection and even death. At home, you do not have the safety nets of a dentist’s office to take you.

You can also fix your cracked tooth at home if you know how. This is useful if you have a hard time going to the dentist, as it can save you majorly in cost. You also get more control over your health and over what medication or medication you use to fix your cracked tooth.

Apply powder on the crack

Once your child has a cracked tooth, the first step is to determine whether the crack is mild or severe. A mild crack may be treated with powder and a bite adjustment. A severe crack may be needed straight off the bat with dentistry.

To treat a cracked tooth at home, you can use baking soda as an easy way to fix a cracked tooth at home. You can also use an electric drill and woodworking tools like nails or screws. Or you can try using some household products like dish soap, closed-comparison lotion, and/or washed cloths.

Just make sure they are pointedly labeled as dental care products and not children’s toys or playthings. Child’s toys can break down eventually and cause more harm than good.

Baking soda was used in early dental care to clean the inside of the mouth as well as the outside where it was blocked by a damaged tooth.

Use a piece of food to cover the crack

This tip is for those who are too busy to watch a movie or read a book but you can try to repair a cracked tooth at home.

Using a little piece of food such as cheese, potato chips, or even fruit, cover the crack with an ace-line. This technique is similar to using whitening strips, which you place on your teeth and then carefully remove over weeks or months as you brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice a day will help keep your teeth healthy, and it will also help reduce the amount of dentures or conventional oral care products that you need to use.

Use a paper clip to hold the cracked tooth together

When your tooth is cracked, you can use a paper clip to hold the top end of the tooth together. Once you do this, you can use a screwdriver to gently take off the bottom end of the tooth.

This procedure may seem complicated, but it can be done at home easily. All you need is a little bit of white-hot metal and a clamp!

You do not need to worry about your other teeth being affected as they still need attending to, this tooth will be its own punishment. This one will hurt enough that you will want to take it off!

Try this out if you have a bad initial attempt at fixing your tooth at home.

Brush your teeth twice a day

While it is believed that you should be brushing your teeth every night and twice a day, most people start by doing so. This is due to the recommendations for cleaning the posterior of the mouth. This includes cleaning the outside of the teeth and inside of the teeth.

Once you start, you can increase your brushing frequency as long as you are maintaining a regular diet and health habits. Taking care of your oral health can help reduce stress in your life and in your job. So, invest in some good brushes and take care of yourself!

We suggest starting with an electric toothbrush and working your way down with manual ones. The ones with the bristles closest to your skin will likely be easiest to use. You can also buy self-brushing devices that connect to computer or phone app to guide you onto how often to brush.

Visit your dentist regularly

Your first step towards having a healthy smile is to avoid the wrong kinds of mouth-dentist appointments.

Mostly witnessed by your friends and family, a dental appointment can be frustrating when you are not feeling well and cannot participate in the process. On the other hand, a qualified dentist can help you resolve any dental issue.

Isolating and treating toothaches and mouth conditions are two main reasons to have a dental appointment. Another is to check for oral cancer or related spread, which can affect neighboring organs such as the jaw or bones.

While visiting the dentist can feel scary at first, it is also beautiful seeing your teeth being cleaned and reset after many years of being invisible.

Know the causes of a cracked tooth

Colgate-ACD has five major causes of a cracked tooth: diabetes, gum disease, gingivitis, alcohol intake and/or sugar intake. Each of these conditions can lead to sugar or alcohol intake forays.

Modern life is filled with technology. We work from our phones through computers. Even in the dental field, we feel the need to have a phone and a computer at all times.

When you’re looking at your tooth under the microscope, it’s very important that you understand its structure well. If anything appears weak or different than normal, take action right away!

If your tooth appears black or burned looking, take it to an oral surgeon immediately to have it fixed.

Avoid biting onto hard objects

When attempting to fix a cracked tooth at home, avoid biting onto any object that could cause further damage.

Cavity teeth are very sensitive teeth that need special care. When attempting to fix the tooth at home, avoid putting anything up or around the mouth when the dentist is working.

By having plastic surgery at an earlier date, the patient can save money by not having new dentures and/or workmanship required. The new dentures must be replaced every four years to keep them reliable and strong.

Also, avoid taking strong or large sized bites while the dentist is trying to fix the tooth. Only take small bites which will minimally affect the healing process of the tooth.

See your dentist right away if the crack affects the dentin layer

If the crack affects the outer layer of your tooth, such as breaking open when you bite down or when you chew, you can visit your dentist right away.

That is because there are two ways to fix a cracked tooth at home. The first is to use an over-the-counter solution called whitening gel, which can increase the color of your teeth and improve the visibility of the break.

The second is to go to a dentist and have it fixed, which can be expensive. However, by going to a dentist right away, you will be able to control any pain and take some time to correct the problem.