How To Charge Samsung Gear Fit Without Cradle

Today we will be looking at a new way to charge your Samsung Gear Fit device. There are many companies that offer wireless charger units, but today we will be talking about an cradle which is a term for a base that can be placed on a table and plugged into an outlet to charge your device.

These chargers come in all shapes and sizes, some look like cradles for babies products, so we will not immediately call it out. Once it is plugged in, it charges the Gear Fit via induction. This works by means of a small magnetic field around the device being present when the charger is connected to an iPad or iPhone.

This makes a small change to the induction process which turns the small magnetic field into a larger one that holds the device in place.

Buy a compatible charger

If you want to charge the Gear Fit without a cradle, you can do two things. First, you can buy a compatible Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 charger. Second, you can purchase a pre-made cradle.

Most places that sell compatible Samsung chargers have them in stock and will send it out free of charge. You just need to ship the charger to the company and they’ll send it out free of charge!

If you want to build your own cradle, there are several websites that offer this. Some even have videos to help you do so! Try thingsoficeŠ° for example or

Find the correct usb cord

If you are unable to charge your Gear Fit without a cradle, there are several ways to get it connected. One way is to use a different type of usb cord.

Many retailers have a small charging cable that is not connected to the device through the charging port. This cable can be plugged into a wall charger or pc USB port, and then transferred to the device through an app.

This works because the Gear Fit tracks its activity via fitness apps, and then syncs those stats with the device. If you have a newer version of these apps, they may support GearFit via connectivity issue!

Another way to connect your device is by using headphones. You can buy specialized headphones that connect via bluetooth, allowing you to hear your workout through the phone or computer.

Plug the charger into an outlet

Once your device is charged, you must ensure that the device is still connected to the charger via the power source. If your device has a long charge left, it will display full after you connect the charger to an outlet.

Some chargers do not require an outlet to operate. This is the case for many wireless chargers! If your wireless charger does not require an outlet to charge, then you can omit the word charging in its name.

If you need to put your phone or another device on a cradle or cradle type feature, make sure it is made of sturdy material so it does not break when it sits on top of the wireless charger.

Many users complain about how long their gear fits in their watchbands. Having a slightly longer watchband can help prevent this!If you have a larger wrist size or a smaller sized watchband, get into the habit of using a stiffening band.

Put the gear fit onto the charger

When the Gear Fit is fully charged, you can now put it onto the charger ledge. To do this, open up the Gear Fit case by pulling on the left side of the case until it releases. Then, pull out to remove the Gear Fit.

Now, place a small amount of common household salt inside the opening of the case and push down until it clicks. This is to prevent anyone else using it and removing it with salt deposits on it.

Salt prevents electronics from breaking down when they are not being used. If your phone has a cases that protects against water damage, you can put that on as well.

Let it charge until full

If your device is not charging through the cradle, then let it fully charge until you get a green light to take it off. This is because some devices do not require a full charge to work correctly.

If your device does need a full charge, then you can save some money by letting it fully charge overnight. This is due to the fact that some devices may require more power than the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 will give you.

By having it fully charged, you will be able to use it the next day! You can also remove the battery if you want to replace it with something new. The battery can sometimes die out after being charged for several days.

Remove and use!

If you do not have a Samsung Gear Fit II cradle, you can still charge the device using this method! This is due to the charging method being similar.

Place the Samsung Gear Fit II in the cradle and line up the connector with the charger. Then, slide the charger into your device and wait for it to charge!

This works even if your device is not currently charged. Simply put it into a power source and let it sit!

This may seem strange to use when your device is already charged, but keep in mind that this will not help if your device is not currently charging.

Charge it in your laptop or computer

Another method is to use a cradle. A computer or phone can be placed in a cradle and connected to the Gear Fit. This allows you to charge it while you walk around or sit in your chair or desk.

This method works great if you have a very high end device like an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S7. With this method, it takes around five hours for the device to fully charge!

The Samsung Gear Fit is not intended as a high end device and only has an800 mAh battery.

Use your phone as a charger

Using your phone as a charger cradle is an excellent way to charge your Gear Fit without the need for a belt clip. Using your phone as a charger cradle is also an excellent way to charge your additional devices such as your laptop or tablet.

Many stores now offer free shipping on this product so it is not an expensive addition to your arsenal of accessories.

Hopefully this helpful article helps you charge your Samsung Gear Fit efficiently and quickly.