How To Change Time On Samsung Gear Fit

Changing time on a Samsung Gear Fit is done by tapping and holding the power button for five seconds. This launches the device’s settings menu.

In the settings, you will see Time and Date. You can change both of these attributes, as well as the clock and alarm system. The alarm system can be set to sound every hour or every other hour, making it a great way to get you up and out of bed to start your day off on track.

Setting an alarm is also possible with this app, making it easy to plan a late-night arrival at work or school early in the morning. Having access to the time at all times is also helpful when attempting to stay organized, such as setting an alarm for next morning at 6:00 am.

This app is free and available on both iOS and Android devices.


Tap the time

After your alarm rings, you can tap the Gear Fit device to change the time on its display. This lets you know what time it is outside of your clock app.

This feature is new and wasn’t present in previous versions of the device. You can still access the time on the Gear Fit by going to My Setup > Clock and setting the clock as your default time.

This comes in handy if you use a different time zone or live in an area where the time is different from your own. By using this on a regular basis, you will find yourself with a faster device!

You can also press and hold on the screen to change the time, which is more convenient if you are traveling or just want to be more prepared for anything that might happen while you are away.

Change time

Changing time is easy peasy. Just pull down the menu and display, or press and hold the Timesaving Function.

When the Time Saving function is selected, a small display will show at the bottom of the Gear Fit™ showing you how long you have left in your message. You can then increase or decrease the time by using your phone or computer.

You can also set the Gear Fit™ to automatically change time when your device sync with Samsung App. This app can be found in samsung mobile app- link below.

Update time

When your phone has a timepiece app, you can set it to update time automatically. This is a fun feature to have!

It will show you the time on your phone by connecting your device to a computer via web app. You can then set different times for yourself to arrive at and depart from these times.

This is great for staying organized and logged in to the system. This feature is not available on all apps, so make sure to check the web app before putting down your phone.

If you are using an Android device, make sure to install the Google Play Services app. It will ensure your device is connected to the right computer or smartphone, and it will update the time automatically.

Set time

Once you have set your watch on your sleep or activity track, you can now enter a new time. You can do this by going to the Samsung Gear Fithene select a timezone location from the menu.

Then, you can select which time of day you want to sleep or activity track your food and workout data.

You can also set a time to wake up in the morning, since the watch will display when you need to get up. This is great for those who struggle with getting out of bed in the morning.

Once you have set your time, Samsung recommends setting your alarm by using the S Health app on your phone. You can also use one of the available alarms if you must!

This is very important to know and remember due to having to set different times for activities or sleep schedules.

Switch time

Changing time on the Samsung Gear Fit is easy. You press and hold the Power+Wearing feature for two seconds then release to change time.

This allows you to set your clock in zombied-time or day-time, or set it to change times automatically every day. If you want more time, just increase the clock time by one hour!

You can also set the Gear Fit to automatically change times at night and when you wake up in the morning. This is great if you want a resetting effect every day!

Both options work great! Try them both out! Both settings are located under the display section.

Choose time

When your phone has time saved, you can access it by choosing a time when you want to use the device. This is useful if you are running late or have a events that you need to attend.

To add a new time, go to your phone’s menu and select Add Account. Then, enter your Samsung Gear Fit username and password and select Create.

This is done for all of your devices so that you do not have to re-do it on the Samsung Gear Fit.

Once connected, you can choose how much time you would like to spend on the device in the settings.

Have fun with the clock on your Samsung Gear Fit!

Your smartwatch can be a time tracker, with the help of a compatible app. There are many available, so we will not go into detail!

The main purpose of the app is to show you how long you have been on your phone since you last saw the widget on your smartwatch. The same applies for notifications and messages sent on your phone.

You can set up your Gear Fit as a clock, with separate times for waking up and doing things, or combine them into one timezone. Having the time on your smartwatch combined with another time in another area makes this very easy to use.

Try it out! You can find the app on your Samsung Gear Fit’s menu bar or home screen, under “applications”.