How To Buy A Foreclosed Home In Texas

When a homeowner has financial trouble and loses their home in a divorce or divorce of sale and ownership, they can also run into difficulty obtaining another home.

This is referred to as theability to purchase a home in foreclosure program. Theability to purchase a Home in Foreclosure program allows for homeowners with little or no credit but good reputation to acquire a home.

Theprogram is not for everyone, however. Stronger credit ratings are needed and proof of ownership are musts for this program. Also, only one home can be acquired per application and timeframe, so fast processing is needed.

Visit the courthouse and learn who the forecloser is

Find out who the homeowner is in your community via the internet, visit their residence to see if they’re home, or call if you’re interested in purchasing the home.

If you are the rightful owner of the home, come up with a plan to bring back money for taxes and repairs. Buyers pay lower taxes when the home is sold, so you may be able to leverage this more effectively than a foreclosed lender would.

You may also be able to negotiate a lower price for your home than what the lender can get, depending on your location and surrounding property values. If there are substantial improvements needed, send an email or phone call a few days before buyers show up to make sure they can see it.

Try buying a homes using this model: You become the new homeowner by bringing back money for taxes and improvements.

Contact the forecloser to determine if they are selling the property

If the forecloser is selling the property, they will contact the previous owner to schedule a tour and possibly a meeting to discuss plans.

If the forecloser is buying the property, they will talk with the previous owner to determine if they are willing to sell at a price they are comfortable with and if it’s in their budget.

If both parties are happy with their deal, then it is time to contact Texas law enforcement to make sure no criminal people or things are not involved.

Texas law enforcement will then send someone out to take a look at the home and decide if it’s safe for them to buy. If not, they will tell the buyer so there is no financial harm due to safety issues.

Check to see if there is a “redemption period”

If the homeowner fails to make a property available for sale by a set date, it is possible to buy that home through the Texas homelands program.

The redemption period applies if you wish to purchase the home during this period and take it off of the market. The homeowner must offer the home for sale within six months of when it is listed, unless another arrangement has been made.

If the redemption period does not apply, then you can purchase a foreclosed home!

To apply for the redemption period, you must go to and create an account. Once that is done, you can go to tesarx.state.txlaa to apply for the program. You will need your social security number and current address to complete that application.

Get your credit score up to date

It is very important to have a high credit score when buying a home in Texas. Home buyers with a low credit score may be subject to extra scrutiny when it comes to securing a mortgage.

Home buyers with no credit may have more difficulty in obtaining a mortgage. Also, homeowners with less than perfect credit may not be able to offer a good deal on the loan.

When applying for a loan, Home lenders typically look at your credit score. If your credit is bad, they may not be willing to offer you a loan and buy you a house has more chance of going through the process.

If you are looking into buying a home, it is helpful to get your credit score up to scratch. Many Home Lenders will request that before they agree to give you their property for sale.

Get a loan pre-approved

Before you can begin looking for a new home, you must find a new home to rent or buy. There are several ways to get a loan pre-approved for a new home purchase.

Home equity loan programs such as Home Affordable Program (HAMP) and strategic repository (SRA) available through your local bank offer criteria and guidelines for determining whether or not someone can qualify for a home equity loan.

A second way to get a loan pre-approved is through the Texas Real Estate Office (TEO). The TEO maintains records of all foreclosed homes and can determine if the property is marketable.

If the property is not marketable, then a mortgage lender or owner may be able to get an agreement with the TEO to take over ownership and/or sale of the property.

Find a real estate agent who specializes in foreclosure properties

When someone specializes in the sale of foreclosed properties, they are more prepared to market and sell the property. Their experience in buying and selling foreclosed properties helps them find potential buyers and negotiate the best deal for the homeowner.

Many real estate agents work together as a team. Teamwork is key to success in real estate, so when you hire a agent that specializes in foreclosed homes, you will be more likely to receive what you want from your purchase.

As a buyer, you must be careful about what kind of inspections and services your prospective home inspector has. Having an inspector that does not have quality home inspection reports can cost you money.

Be ready to move quickly once it becomes available

If you are looking to buy a foreclosed home in Texas, you must be prepared to act quickly. Most times, homes are booked for several months in advance.

This can be a problem if you are looking to purchase a home before the new year arrives. Since most homes are unavailable until after the new year has arrived, this is not an option for you!

If you want to move forward in buying a home, you must have your offers returned and signed by the seller. This can be difficult to do if the property is unavailable due to construction or other issues.

Know the difference between an actual foreclosure and a short sale

A foreclosure occurs when the owner of a property fails to make a mortgage or other debt on the property, forcing them to sell the house at a low price to cover their debts.

This is different from a short sale, where the seller relinquishes rights to the house, but agrees to pay a higher price for it. When this happens, the bank sells the house at a loss and then repurchases it at a lower price as part of a short sale.

Short sales occur when someone wants to purchase a home but cannot afford it at full asking price. The bank or lender who owns the home agrees to sell it at only half its value, which they can then repurchase for you. This way, you can still get into your new home, but must lower your investment level in order to do so.

If you are looking into buying a foreclosed home in Texas, know what these terms mean and how they apply.