How To Become A Home Inspector In Arizona

Are you interested in helping people save money by identifying problems and making necessary repairs? Are you a detail-oriented person who enjoys putting their trust in other people? Then home inspection is for you!

Home inspector jobs can be very rewarding, as you get to see the inside of someone else’s home and make a report on what you discover. You also get to meet other homeowners and talk to them about their experiences with the inspection company.

Home inspector careers can be related to building or construction, so if you are good at math and numbers then this job is for you! You can go to work confident that your skills will get you into the job of your dreams.

There are many different home inspector careers, so we will not cover all of the details here.

Get certified by the American Home Inspectors Association

Being a home inspector is all about being certified by the American Home Inspectors Association (AHI). Luckily, there are many different AHI certified home inspection specialties.

Mostly these individuals work as consultants, but when a client needs a home inspection, they call on an individual with expertise in their field.

This expertise can be in building science, design science, or education. There are many professional home inspectors who have completed some kind of training and gone out on their own to provide inspections.

Because of this variety in expertise, there is no standard for home inspectors. Instead, each one goes through formal training and passes their own test to be an independent professional.

However, because there is no standard for home inspectors, it is important to get your independence tested by going to the AHI website.

Get licensed by the state of Arizona

Once you are an independent home inspector, you will need to be licensed by the state of Arizona. It is called a Home Inspection License and can be obtained from your local government office or through the state Department of Inspections and Appeals.

You do not need to be a home inspector to sell a home or purchase a new house. However, being able to recognize problems and being able to solve them when purchasing a home is a distinct advantage.

When working as a real estate agent, you must be licensed by the state. As a registered salesperson, you will receive some of the same duties as an independent home inspector, but with more knowledge and experience behind you.

The cost of becoming a registered salesperson is about $300 for basic training and $350 for additional training.

Have experience working with different types of homes

Being a home inspector is great for people who are interested in interior design, property ownership, or simply want to know if something is good for the home.

Job creators can look into program internships at housing inspection departments to gain experience as a home inspector. Or, you could become a licensed contractor or builder and offer your own homes as investments.

As a home inspector, you will provide feedback on how well certain items (such as carpeting or paint) match with other areas of the house, how well doors and windows are constructed, and what grade of construction they were probably purchased on. all of which can help in determining whether or not the property is worth investing in.

You can become a licensed home inspector by completing an exam from the state board of architecture and construction and receiving the required results.

Make sure you know all the current home inspection standards

Before you can pass a home inspection, you must be able to determine what the current standard for a home inspection is in Arizona. Currently, there are only minimal requirements for home inspections in Arizona.

Typically, residential inspectors will determine the following: whether or not major systems are present and functioning properly; whether or not minor systems such as electrical and plumbing are in working condition; and whether or not the property is safe to live in.

In addition to these general standards, residential inspectors will also determine if anything needs to be added to the property such as an underground tank, living room furniture, and a fireplace. The inspector will also decide if they want to test the water during or after the inspection to see if there are problems with water quality.

If the inspector finds something that they feel needs fixing, they will tell the owner of the property so that they can make changes before re-issue of their report.

Keep up to date with new technology used for home inspections

New technology is being developed all the time, and as the world changes around it, home inspectors must keep up with the latest in inspection technology.

Email is a great way to stay up to date with new technology. You can also join national home inspection organizations online or by emailing them your home Inspection findings.

Home Inspection organizations regularly hold conference calls and meet twice a year to take care of current issues and new developments. Being involved in these groups is very helpful in becoming familiar with new technology and services.

Using the Internetbert can also be a source of information about homes for you. By searching for properties using the Internet, you will be able to see if there are any problems with the property before you purchase it or not!.

Share your knowledge with others by writing articles and publishing them to gain more exposure

Being an inspector is not a long line job.

Get your name out there by networking and marketing yourself

Networking is a key to becoming an accomplished home inspector. You must be able to connect with other home inspectors in the area to help promote yourself and your services.

Home inspectors gain their reputation by running quality inspections and recommending changes for improvement. They are in high demand so make sure to call out to schedule a meeting with you.

It is very important to network and advertise as a home inspector because other inspectors do not necessarily want your referrals. When they find out that there are no other home Inspectors around, they may pull up their own inspection reports and say that you were poor at your job.

Networking and advertising are also key in becoming a home inspector.

Take photos of homes you inspect and share them with potential clients

This can be useful for illustrating potential issues a home may have, such as a lack of insulation or exposed wiring. Take notes and use them to help prepare a home for sale.

Home inspectors also take photos of potential flaws during the inspection. These include photos of windows and doors that are damaged or broken, as well as photos of fixtures and equipment.

By having these photos, clients can decide whether to purchase the home on their own, without an additional inspection. If there is something significant, they can send the property back to the seller to fix.

On the fifth day of becoming an Arizona home inspector, you will begin meeting new people and taking new steps.