How To Arch Eyebrows At Home With Razor

Creating a crepe-blonde or soft wave is almost like baking a cake and then having someone else take it away once they eat half of it. You can, but most likely will have to do it again!

Creamy curling agents such as waxes and sprays are great for creating pin straight hair. When trying this out at home, it is important to work out the right amount of pressure needed to create the curl. Too much will result in loose curls and too little will result in a straight-haired look.

To create the crepe-blonde or soft wave, first choose your base hair type (usually natural or woven). Then, try some different pressures with the razor to see which works for you. Pressure should be used lightly and consistently to achieve the curl.

Draw a line with a pencil

now draw a line slightly longer than the actual thickness of your upper eye brows. The length of this line should be just enough to reach the outer edge of the eyebrows.

Serise at an angle until it is horizontal and then gently pull away from the skin. This is where the pencil should stop.

Now draw a few thick lines, one for each thick eyebrow hair. The ones on the top of your eyebrows will be thicker than those on lower eyelids due to thicker skin there.

Use a razor to carefully shave hairs under your arch

As mentioned earlier, the majority of hair on your brows is underneath the angle. If you don’t use a razor to carefully remove these hairs, then they will extend and grow thicker. This is not a problem if you use a hairdryer or brush to gently dry and brush the hairs into place, but neither provide the same level of precision as a razor does.

To use a razor, you first have to buy one! Most stores will sell ones for around $20-25, but you can buy them at much cheaper prices online. I suggest getting ones that are smooth and durable because they will be used often!

Once bought, you can start doing your own eyebrows at home! Start shortening the length of your eyebrows by slightly combing away the uppermost layer of hair beneath them. Then, lightly shape them to desired shape and length. Finally, brush out any stray hairs that have come through and apply some product to create eyebrows.

Fill in your eyebrows with makeup

Once you have found a way to do eyebrow at home, the best thing to do is try it out. Return to the beauty supply store and fill in those holes!

Many people find that starting with a smaller brush is more effective than the larger one used for more brows. Also, starting with less makeup can help achieve a clean look.

To fill in the eyebrows more deeply, use a slightly bigger brush and apply more product. To shape them even more and add length, use a lighter color mascara and add some onto the middle of your eyebrows. Add some shaping powder on top of the already applied makeup to gain some volume.

Tweeze any lingering hairs

Getting your eyebrows to arch is more about timing than anything. It takes a few tries, and some very Gazette-Vacuuming-fancy-bangsressingto get the hang of it, but it is definitely worth it!

Trying to get your eyebrows to arch too early will result in a very pointy, sharp eyebrow. On the other hand, looking at angles while having slightly lifted eyebrows can make your eyebrows look curved or playful.

Only attempt this at home if you have access to a tweezing machine or dermetté tool.

Repeat this process to keep your perfect eyebrows

Now, slather on some more brow gel and paint the ends of your eyebrows with the razor. This will ensure that they stay put!

Now, brush your hairline up to the end of your nose to reveal a gorgeous natural looking eyebrow shape. Brush out any stray hairs at this point and set in place again after applying more product and painting them on.

Brushing out the end of the eyebrow can be tricky — make sure you are careful not to pull at the skin underneath, or you may cause more pronounced lines around your eye.

When painting the rest of your eyebrows, remember to let them dry before placing another product on them. This will prevent any new product from blowing away during shipping or changing computers diets.