How Often Should You Do Microdermabrasion At Home

Microdermabrasion is a skin care method that consists of small, frequent treatments designed to reduce the outermost layer of your skin, called the stratum corneum. The procedure can be done at a spa, but also at home using microdermabrasion equipment.

Home dermabrasion typically occurs at least twice a week for 24 hours and starts with cleaning the area with soap and water for about five minutes. Then, massage a gentle alcohol-based lotion into the area until it drys.

During this time, there are two things that you should be aware of. First, because of the deeper sensation that wood or stone feel under your skin, you should always keep an eye out for any pain or discomfort. And second, because this treatment can lead to deep wrinkles on the face and body, you should avoid heavy meal times during this period.

Because of these symptoms being noticed, it is important to do this less frequently than commercial dermabrasion treatments would suggest. Taking your time between sessions is also recommended to prevent overdoing it and hurting yourself.

You should use a new tip each time

Most people start doing microdermabrasion at around the New Year, when new year new concept comes out. At that time, there are a lot of YouTube videos and articles that discuss the new tips.

Many beauty gurus post their new tips weekly or monthly to keep updates on how well they are using them. So, check into your favorite beauty guru to see if they have recently updated the tip set.

Newer tips can mean more complications for your skin however. Some people found this to be true with their initial Microderm treatments.

A tip should only be used once

When you think your skin is healthy, it’s time to do microdermabrasion. There are many reasons to do this, including reducing the appearance of lines, reducing sun damage, and refreshing your skin.

But you should know what your skin needs for a more perfect microdermabrasion. The ideal time to do microdermabasium is once a week for about10 days- this is when the process is most effective and lasting.

The process can be performed at any time, but best when the weather is warm enough to feel the cool effect on your body. Once you have finished your treatment, let it sit overnight to ensure its effect fully wears off.

Use the fine setting first, and then move to the medium setting

Once you have reached your desired result, stop treatment immediately. The process can take up to a day or two to fully compound, and you will break the treatment apart if you continue moving the device down the skin.

This is important, because if you continue on the device, it will continue to pull away dead skin and excess surface topology. Once it stops removing material, stop immediately!

After doing this once a week for four weeks, your skin will look smooth and fine. You will probably notice some slight redness around the area where the device was applied, but that is normal. Use warm water and mild cleansers to bring down any signs of discomfort.

Know what your skin needs

If you’re having trouble finding a dentist or plastic surgeon who can determine what skin needs in terms of microdermabrasion, you should be paying attention. Microdermabrasion is one of the best ways to treat dry and sensitive skin.

Proper microdermabrasion is usually twice a week, though some people use it more frequently. It works by removing dead cells, old skin tissue, and minor dirt from the surface of the skin.

Because it works intermittently, most people use a milder version called specular friction microscopy (SFM). SFM only removes minor dirt and works faster than original microdermabrasion.

Oil your skin before hand

It is recommended that you oil your skin before hand to help prevent dry skin and breakouts. After washing your hands, place a layer of butter on your Forearms and Thumbs as well as on your Chest and Arms.

This will help prevent dryness and promote smoother skin all around. When applying toner, use milder versions to prevent overexposure of the treated areas.

To do microdermabrasion, start with a careful cleanser treatment using mild soap and warm water, then add the microdermabrasion product. Use a gentle brush to buff the product into the skin, making sure not to press down too hard or remove too much from the treated areas.

Then, give it a light release with one hand, then another to finish pulling it off with the other. Try doing these once a week for best results.

Use a vibrating device instead of a spinning device

A vibrating device can be a life-changer for your beauty routine. You can put your hand inside the device and then feel the vibration as it works over your entire body.

It will take you a few tries to get the hang of having the device work over your entire body, but after that you’ll love how easy it is to do multiple sessions per day.

To start, put a small amount of treatment on a finger and then apply over skin where desired area should be treated. Next, push down on bottom of device until spring tension holds onto skin. Then begin working product into skin from top down.

Ask your doctor about using a home microdermabrasion device

A microdermabrasion device is a small, flat, Saxon-style device that can be used at home. It contains tiny abrasive crystals that are placed on skin and then gently rubbed in under the direction of a professional.

Many find them useful for removing old skin cells and wrinkles, improving the texture of their skin as well as reducing sun damage.

To use, first wash the device well in warm water and then apply some of the product to the top surface. Next, gently rub the surface with a soft brush or paper towel until all of the product is absorbed. Finally, place a small amount of warm water on top to cover the device and leave it overnight to work its magic.

Use a manual dermaroller instead of an electric one

The dermaroller is a small, narrow instrument about the thickness of a credit card, with which you attempt to gently remove small amounts of skin.

The dermaroller is similar in shape to a pencil but has rounded end and sharpened end. The rounded end is the part that you try to gently pull away the top layer of skin, leaving just a few tiny scars.

The pulled away layer of skin can be quite painful, which is why it is usually only attempted on sensitive areas like your face or feet. However, doing this on just the feet can lead to dry feet and bad scarring which makes it harder to feel comfortable wearing those shoes.

Using an electric dermaroller can lead to more scars being removed as well as being difficult to keep clean. Because it has an electric charge that goes through it, it can cause problems for someone who does not have enough arm strength for the treatment.