How Long Do Motorcycle Brake Pads Last

A motorcycle brake pad is an essential tool for any rider. While a bike lock can last you for a week, a good brake pad can last you up to a month! This is due to two things: weekly braking and monthly drying.

Weekly braking entails stopping the bike to put away the gear, then letting it sit on the pedal until you take your foot off of it. This takes time and efforts to do every week!

Drying involves checking with a dry towel before putting on motorcycle brake pads. If they seem wet, chances are they are ruined. They must be dried thoroughly in order for them to work properly again.

Brake hard consistently?

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

If you brake too hard while riding a motorcycle, you risk wearing out your brake pads. When brake pads wear out, they leave behind tireshaped wear marks on the road.

Pads come with different lengths of life. Some are designed for use on all types of motorcycles, and some are for touring bikes. Some have a shorter life due to the longer braking distance required on a touring bike.

Most motorcycle brake pads are good for about 500 miles of use before needing to be replaced. That’s half a bike worth of savings!

At about $2 per pad, breaking them down is a smart way to save money.

Change your braking pattern

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

While you can buy brake pads that are built to last forever, you can also make changes to your braking pattern. brake pad companies offer tips and tricks on how to best break your pads, which can help make a big difference in how much you enjoy your motorcycle riding.

Mostly, this applies to when you switch seasons or weather conditions, as waterlogging your tires can result in a poor ride. Admittedly, I never really noticed a huge difference in my riding after going from regular brake pads to water-resistant ones, but it does help prevent dry feet and fingers when switching out!

Changing up your braking style is one of the more basic ways to change up your motorcycle braking.

Know your schedule

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

If you’re riding at a fast pace, your brake pads may be wearing down in record time. This can happen at high speeds, too.

At high speeds, the friction created by your motorcycle’s brake shoes contacting the ground and the rotating disks locking onto the disk can create a powerful pulse of air and water around your bike.

This swift air and water movement helps protect your tires from damage when braking, especially when using large, deep brake discs. Largely due to this protection, disc brakes are widely used on bikes nowadays.

If you’re riding at a slower pace or with thinner discs, your brake pads may be wearing down more slowly. With less stopping power needed, it may last you longer!

Brake pads come in different sizes to fit different thicknesses of discs. If you have a smaller/thin disc, use the correct size pad.

Understand the length of time required for brake pad replacement

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

Brake pads are a fairly normal maintenance item to have on your bike. They should be changed at least once a year, and more frequently if you are riding in very hot or cold weather.

Motorcycle brake pads come in two sizes: small and large. Small brake pads last about half the time of large pad pairs. Therefore, it is always best to replace your brake pads when the tires is new tire inflation and braking system can handle the extra stopping power.

Large brake pad pairs last about three times as long as small pairings. Because of this, small bikes may need more time to get new brakes than bigger bikes do.

Remember that metal parts of your bike can affect how quickly you repair or replace brakes.

Have you had any issues with your brakes?

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

If you have issues with brake wear, you should check the pads. There may be issues with pad hardness or strength that are preventing your brakes from functioning as they should.

There are several things that matter in choosing brake pads. First, how hard you ride can determine how hard the pad needs to be pressed for them to function. Second, if you have some brake wear symptoms such as more progressive braking or skidding on turns, then perhaps a reduction in pad thickness is needed. Third, if all of these things were true, then buying two sets of brake pads would help save money!

Bullet point: What is the best way to clean my brakes?

The most common ways people use bike tools such as a floor brush or paper towels to remove dirt, dust, and grease.

Visit your local auto parts store

If you don’t have one at home, visit your local motorcycle parts and accessories store. Many have staff that can help you determine how long your brake pads will last and what type of brake pads you should be using for your motorcycle.

Many assume that newer brakes are the best to use on a motorcycle, but that is not the case. The advantage of the newer brakes is that they are more resistant to dust and other debris getting into the system.

Old-fashioned brake pads will work better if you have a hard stop before you need to release the bike’s footpeg. With those old-fashioned brake pads, you would take some time to dry off after stopping so that your new brake pads would take effect.

Talk to a professional mechanic

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

While a DIY (do-it- yourself) approach can help you keep your brake pads for a few rides only, it is definitely not the best one to take. A professional mechanic can tell you how long brake pads last, how much force they take to wear off, and if they are recommended for your application.

A DIY option can be to talk to a hardware store or motorcycle shop and ask for the recommended pads. Most do! However, don’t go too far into the guideline because if you reach your maximum amount of braking force, the pad may break down quicker.

The best way to keep brake pads is to buy new ones every four months or so. Theres two reasons for this: moisture content and resistance to damage.

Get a second opinion

how long do motorcycle brake pads last

While you can buy most brand of motorcycle brake pads, a second opinion may be worthwhile. Some brake pad brands have higher ratings than others. This may be due to the amount of hard compound in the pad as well as the rate at which it wears.

We suggest getting a second opinion on whether the pad is comfortable on your bike by asking a friend to check them out. If they feel comfortable using them, you can leave them on your bike!

If the pad seems worn faster than you would like, try switching out one brand for another to see if that helps with getting a more comfortable fit.

There are many websites that sell second opinions on motorcycle brake pads.

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