Hot Tools Marcel Curling Iron Tutorial

Curling irons are one of the most fundamental hair styling tools you can use. They can be Salon-quality or homemade at home. The two main ways to curl your hair is with a straight iron and a curling iron.

The straight iron can be placed on the hair as a smooth surface, or it can be wrapped in a variety of materials such as rolls of paper or roll of woven material. The curling iron has several different heads that you can use.

You can place any one of them on your hair to curl it. The important part to having a good curl is to let the head sit for a few seconds before taking another head out and starting again.

Section your hair

Once your bandeau is cool, the next step is to section your hair. When doing this, start at the bottom of your bandeau and work up toward your top.

At the top of your bandeai, start passing the iron down through your hair just a bit to get a few passes down through the hair. Then, pull up sharply and let fall as you release pressure on the hair.

This will create an opening for the iron to curl into. Repeat at least two more times to get a total of four sections!

Make sure you are passing the iron just enough to get some curls, but not too much so that it heats up or breaks down your bondee hairs.

Take a small section of hair

Choose one of the above tools listed under to take a small section of hair and wrap the hair around the iron. Then, wrap more hair around the iron and pin into place.

Pin-in-place is very important when doing a roll-comb technique. If you do not have this feature, then you can still roll-comb but it will be more difficult to tell where the roll-comb will come out.

When completed, let the hair stand for a few seconds and then brush away any excess hairs.

Hold the iron an inch away from your hair

Once the iron is hot, take a deep breath and let the hair toast on the iron. This can be difficult at first, but with more practice and time, you will get this trick.

Once your hair is cooled, remove the iron from your hair and let it dry before trying to curl it. You will have to try this a few times to get it right, so do not be too stressed out about it.

Now that you have learned how to make use of the Marcel curling iron in this article, try out some different curl patterns! There are endless possibilities with this tool.

Wrap the hair around the iron

When curling your hair with the Marcel Iron, hold it for just a few seconds while the temperature is rising. This creates a seal between your hair and the iron, which helps maintain heat and prevents your hair from cooling down.

Once your hair has been curled, let go of the iron and wrap it in a towel to prevent damage. This also works with dampened or wet hair, as long as it has been dried slightly before using the iron.

To use the Marcel Curling Iron, first place one end of the curling iron in a U-shaped metal holder. Next, bring one end of the curling iron up and then down to form a curl. Press down on the other end of the curling iron to begin wrapping. When finished, let it sit for a few minutes before using another dry tool to straighten out any more hairs.

Hold for a few seconds

Once the iron is hot, you will hold your hair for about minute before the first curl comes out. This is where the trick to having perfect curls every time is getting the temperature correct.

Some people have theirs in the lower range and it looks like they have touched a fire. Other people have theirs very high and it looks like frozen hair has been curled.

Whatever way you choose to use your icy tool, keep raising and lowering the temperature to get the desired results. Once you get the hang of it, you will be doing it all the time!

Paradigm Shift Your Curls Are Back Again When You Use The Marcel Iron Asdocumented in this article, there are many ways to use a Marcel curling iron.

Repeat until complete

When using a curling iron, it is best to follow the instructions carefully. Some tips can be skipped, and the curl will be loose and floating.

The more times you run the iron through your hair the more secure it will be and the cooler your hair will cool down. To save heat or money, do not use very hot curling irons!

To get maximum potential value out of your iron, go between 200 and 300 degrees depending on how long you want to curl your hair. The rest of this article will explain how to get that perfect temperature every time!

When styling wet hair, make sure to take special care to avoid pulled hairs or burning of the scalp. To straighten dry hair, use a brush or comb with plenty of soft bristles to prevent pulling at hairs. To curl wet hair, first brush up any hairs that are escaping from the iron and then wrap a section of about 6 inches with another set of 6 inches for each piece. After about 8 minutes of continuous baking on low heat, take an instant break by switching to warm heat mode or moving the wrap further apart in order to let more water into the iron. Take another break when almost finished with one piece as they can continue to cook slightly after being put in place.

Flip your head down and brush out with a comb

Brush out the front of your hair with a comb. Doing this will prevent any hairs from getting trapped in the iron and giving you a tight, curled look.

Brush out the back of your hair with a comb too! This will prevent any hairs from getting caught in the iron and sounding like crunched plastic.

Now take your Marcel Curling Iron and place one size larger barrel than your desired curl. Now press the button on your iron and wait for it to heat up! When it does, pull it away quickly to limit damage to your hair.

Once it is hot, let it sit for a few minutes until you can pull the curl away.

Hot tools curling irons are great for traveling

Curling irons are one of the most popular hair styling tools out there. You can find many different styles and types of curling iron, making it a very versatile piece.

There are many ways to use a curling iron. Some people use them to curl traditional thick hair like wavy or curly hair, while others use them to curl fine or thin hair such as chignon or blow-waved hair. Either way, the curling iron must be heated before it is able to do its work.

Some curling irons are electric, while others are gas-powered. Either way, you must choose which one you will use. Most users report that gas-powered ones work better than electric ones because they can get hot if held too long.