Home Stair Lifts Covered Medicare

Home stair lifts are a great way to get back up to your top level of fitness. They are also incredibly affordable! You can find them for under $100!

They work by you climbing the stairs in a progressive manner, with each step you gain momentum and easier steps to climb. It is similar to how seaweed waves with help you exercise more efficiently.

The trick is getting the family and friends to realize how much you move, so they support your efforts by being on board with the lift.

Who should use one? 3) How do they work? 4) What are the different types? 5) Should I get a straight or curved stair lift? 6) What are the installation requirements? 7) Will I need stairs rebuilt? 8) What is the cost of a stair lift and where can I get one? 9) Is there any help with the cost? 10) Does my home qualify for a stair lift

Stair lifts work by attaching to your stairs and then lowering a powered unit onto the step where you want to put it.

When it is fully lowered, the unit pulls up and you are transported up the stairs. This can be very helpful when you have some big steps to climb or more time needs to go by before you make it up them.

Some Medicare programs do not cover stair lifts, so look into this before spending money on one.