Home Remedy To Unclog Tub Drain

Unclog a tub is an easy way to refresh yourself after a busy day at work or school. Through the use of vanilla powder, you can easily unclog a bathtub. Depending on the manufacturer, this may only require one attempt.

On the second attempt, you may be able to successfully operate the tap and pour your bubble bath into your tub. This is likely due to some residue from the first attempt being too thick to pass through the tap.

Some manufacturers even suggest using their recommended soap as your first attempt at unclogging the tub. You can test how well it works by putting some in a small basin and letting it sit overnight. If it bubbles up easily, you have successful un-clogging!

The third and most difficult attempt occurs when no soap or bubble bath is possible. This occurs when there is no liquid available to mix with to create bubbles.


Cook potatoes

After you’ve boiled the water, put them in the tub to cool and firm them up. This can help with unclogging a tub drain. After this, set a hour before to wash and dry your tub.

After an hour, turn on your hot water supply valve to start the cool water flowing. Then, use a heavy object like a steel spoon to cover the hole in the bottom of the tub drain.

This helps create pressure which forces the water out of the tube. You may also have to check and make sure it is working by turning it hard enough for some flow to come out.

Put down soap

When you scrub a tub, it can cause the tube to stick or rub and come off. You can put some soap onto your hand and then run yourtub away from you to spread the soap around.

The same idea goes for the shower curtain rod. You remove it by trailing it under the water as it rises. This helps prevent debris from getting stuck in it.

You also may want to replace the filter in the bathtub because they can get full of debris quickly. Old filters may need to be replaced due to this problem.

Put down some old socks or at least let them dry out before attempting to unclog the bathtub using them.

Use a pipe cleaner

If you have a tub or a drain that is clogged, you can use a pipe cleaner to unclog it. Create a circle with the end of the pipe cleaner and place the end in the hole.

When you pull the other end of the pipe cleaner out, your tub or drain will be cleared! This works even if you have multiple drains and Tub Fittings connected together.

You can also use this to open up yourtubthroughout house Heating Treatments or cool treatments to reduce water temperature worries.

If you have a shower head that is clogged, you can use another clothes dryer sock to untangle it!

Bullet point departed below: When using a pipespray, do not put too much in the tub or shower because it will leak out during installation or removal. You will need more than just one application for this to work.

Try boiling water

Boil some water and try letting it cool before trying to clean the drain. If the water does not foam, this is a clear sign that the basin is free of obstructions.

If the water does foam, then you have found the source of the clog. If it flops back and forth like a log, this is a positive sign that it is working. If it looks smooth, chances are that something has caused some of the liquid to break down and flow away.

If you are able to notice any bubbles coming from your tub, this indicates that there may be an upwelling of liquid.

Use salt water

Clean your tub with cold water only? Not a problem! There are many products that feature salt waterHz to help clean your tub. These products can range from a simple container and some salt water to help break down the debris, to a complete system that includes a dispenser, filter, and pump.

When purchasing such a system, look for one that features saltwater housing as it will help with tub drainage. Some systems even include an up & down flow switch to regulate how much water and soap is being dispensed.

Combine baking soda and vinegar

So far, we have been looking at home remedies for a clogged tub drain and determining which ones are easiest. Both baking soda and vinegar can be used to unclog drains.

Baking soda is a common ingredient in many products, including cleaning products. It can be used as a countertop scrub or even as an alternative to salt in food recipes.

Vinegar works in similar ways to baking soda, except it can be used as a household item instead of vinegar. When added to a drainage system, it can help loosen any stuck particles that are preventing water from flowing out.

However, when combined with hard water, it may not be an easy match-up. Hard water tends to stick around longer than average and could possibly create blockages that require the use of certain ingredients to unclog it.

Use oil or butter

Many people try these approaches, but they don’t like them because it sounds like they are trying to do something wrong or that it is too difficult. These people are mistaken!

These things are easy to do and incredibly effective at cleaning your tub. All you need to get started is one tiny bit of butter or oil at a time, and mix well.

When you combine the butter or oil with your bath oil, it creates a smooth, thick lube that can slide into the tub drainage very easily. You can use it for washing your feet, doing an anti-bacterial bath or even for washing yourself!

The other option is to use some olive oil in your bath.

Create a trap using a paper towel

Most clogged tub drains happen when water is not flowing down the drain due to a stuck toilet or slow washing. This can be caused by worn out pipes, or blockage.

When water flow down the drain, it gets trapped in the pipe. This can be caused by debris, small holes, or blockages.

To create a trap, you need to wrap some soft paper towel around a wooden dowel. Then, you can place some water in the trap and let it sit!

This home remedy works for most types of clogs including hard bituminous ones.