Home Remedy For Clogged Bathtub

Clogged bathtubs can be a frustrating experience. You have to wait a long time for the water to run, and then it will just stand up and stay seated for a few seconds before you have to push it down again. This can be nerve-wracking!

After you have taken the time to fix the clog, test your water for quality and strength. If it is strong enough for your comfort level, then you are ready to move on with your life. If not, you may need to add some water or two into the bathtub until next morning!

Moving forward, there are several ways to fix a clogged bathtub. This article will talk about how do do thisioneally. You may also refer to this article as an “all-in-one” guide, so that there is not too much overlap between information.

Rubber band technique

Another home remedy for clogged bathtubs is to use a rubber band. You place the rubber band around the bottom of the bathtub and then wrap it around one foot to create a hold.

You then walk around the bathtub, pulling the end of the band down through the water and out of reach. You pull the other end of the band up through the water and onto the floor, where you can do your washing.

This solution requires some practice to do right, so keep trying until you get it right! Once you do, you will love how clean your bathroom will look.

Pipe clearing brush

A pipe clearing brush is a very simple tool that can help make the job of clearing a clogged bathtub much easier. Many people use an old credit card as a clearing brush, but this one will be different every time as a new credit card would have a new feature.

The newer the feature of the card, the more organized the space will be to use the clearing brush. If you lose it, you can still try using another old credit card to help clear the bathtub.

This tool can be found at stores like beauty supplies or mall kiosks that offer it. You can also try contacting your bank or your local organization of Gallbladder relief, but neither of these will work if the bathtub is too deep.

Pipe clearing snake

A pipe clearing snake Chennai is one of the best home remedy for clogged bathtub. This snake is a very familiar and trusted member of the family.

Bathtubs were built with a central drain or flange that threads into the plumbing system. The drain opens when water is poured into it, which allows water to flow away. When this fails, you have to remove the tub and repair it yourself!

This snake can be used to clear blockages in the bathtub, including those caused by washcloths, shower tabs, and more.

Chlorine bleach solution

If your bathtub is clogged with dirt, leaves, or other large objects cannot be removed, you can try using a mild chlorine bleach solution called water chlorination.

This has the effect of releasing lots of water and cleaning agents into the bathtub to work together. It can also remove built up dust and stains in the tub.

As with all household cleaning products, use very little and for an amount of time that thing must be removed from the supply. Too much would not work as well as no water available to replace it.

You can buy these at most grocery stores and big box retailers such as Walmart. They are sold as either a liquid or a spray and usually you want the liquid because it penetrates more easily.

Dry the area around the clog carefully

When attempting to clear a clogged bathtub, it is important to pay careful attention to the dry areas around the tub.

Clogged bathtubs can happen in two places: in the tub itself or in the drains. When this happens, it can be very dangerous.

If a bathtub has a cleanoutplug, it can be drained and checked for blocked drains. If that’s the case, then you cannot even attempt to clear the bathtub because there is no way for water to leave.

Instead of that, you must find another place for your shower or bathing area. It is important to note where the floor is and how much space there is around you. Doing either of these at an early stage in life can help prevent this issue from happening.

When digging around a clogged pipe, always be careful not to cut into the structure.

Use a wet-dry vacuum to clear the clog

Many people use a wet-dry vacuum to clear clogged bathtubs and hand showers. The rotating motor of the device swifts away all debris trapped inside the unit.

You can also use a suction-cup strategy to reach all corners of the tub and clog. You can then use a garden hose or an ordinary shower nozzle to spray out the water, which will release the trapped debris.

After letting it sit, you can attempt to clear it yourself or call a plumber if there is something more serious behind the Bathtub.

To save yourself from needing one of these, you can buy a bathtub lifter. These are normally sold with baths nowadays so they do not need to be bought separately anymore.

Take out the drain plug and let some of the water drain out

This may seem odd, but doing this may cause the blockage to release and drain the bathtub water away. This is not true, but kind of?

Well, it may seem like a waste of time, but that’s not the point. By removing the drain plug, you are preventing any water from draining away during or after you showering.

By putting it in when there was still water, you were likely fouling up the pipes and causing an obstruction. By removing it after a showering, you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep knowing that the house is safe from clogs.

A very common problem people have when washing their hair is that they end up with shampoo in their hair follicles. Because of this, it becomes hard to determine if something is causing blockage or not.

Pour boiling water down the drain

Boiling water can break down clog spaces in the plumbing, making it easier for bathtub drain cleaner to enter and escape into your bathtub.

This trick works for all kinds of plumbing, including the bathtub connection to the kitchen sink. If your bathtub looks like it’s always been kept clean, then this tip is working!

If you have a lot of large deposits, such as fats and grease, be sure to remove some of them first with your hands before pouring in the hot water.

Another home remedy for blocked tub is pour in some saltwater bowl and put in the tub. This will help encourage water movement and break down solid block material.

If you do not have a saltwater bowl or want one added, you can use a half empty container of washing up liquid as a substitute.