Home Remedies For Dark Eyelids

Dark eyelid syndrome is a condition in which the outer tissue that covers the eye is darkened and thickened. This causes the eye to look slightly sunken and darker than the surrounding area. It is also possible to have dark circles under the eyes, which adds even more droop.

This syndrome can be hereditary, so if you have one of these conditions, you might also have anemia and/or low blood pressure. Other symptoms include eyelid drooping, astigmatism, or double vision.

How can you prevent this? The best way to fix this is through home remedies. There are several ways to heal this disorder completely however, so do not worry about that just yet!

Visit your doctor if you have problems with blood pressure or anemia. Then, try these home remedies for baking soda pads and mixing equal amounts of water and witch hazel until it looks like dough below.

Apply a paste of lemon juice and water to your eyelids

This remedy can help give your eyelids a bright, cheery feel. Try applying it prior to bed to make you feel more alert in the morning. It also can be used before a party or sleep-over to freshen the atmosphere.

So far, this remedy is only recommended for daytime darkening of the eyelids, not during daylight hours when eyes are open. During daylight hours, there is also an IV galactomomide medication that can help darken the eyes even more.

However, if you have trouble getting your eyes to open due to fatigue, then getting this remedy can help boost your alertness as it boosts blood flow to the eye area. Just be careful not to put too much water into your eyes as this may cause water damage and possible death.

Apply a paste of aloe vera to your eyelids

Aloe vera is a plant that can be grown in almost any area, and is generally easy to take care of. It can be cheap and available locally, or even online if you do not have it at home.

To make aloe vera paste, you must first boil some water in a pan and then run cold water into the pan until it freezes. Then you can use them as ice cream or chocolate sauce.

You must then freeze the paper eyes that are made from aloe vera for at least six months to make them super strong. You can also purchase these online if you do not have them at home.

Apply a tomato paste mask to your eyelids

Apply a tomato paste mask to your eyelids. The paste should be creamy and flowable. Leave it on for at least 60 minutes before removing the eyeliner and blinking away the line that it created.

After this time period, you cannot expect your eyelids to look darker under the eyeliner. However, this tip can be used again! If you leave it on longer, the color of the eyeliner will change and come back more darker.

If you wish to remove the line that was created, use a pencil winged liner or fake blood and remove the line with that method.

Massage your eyelids with coconut oil

Massage your eyelids with coconut oil when you see a dark circle under your eye. This remedy works because the oil smooths the surface of your eyelids, making it appear less dense.

How to do it: Start by gently pulling apart the tight wingtips of your eyes. Then, rub some oil onto your upper lid and lightly sweep down onto the lower lid. Finally, place a pencil under your eye area and draw up the pencil to create a socket.

Why this medicine works: The rotation of the eyelid skin as it comes together causes twitches which massage the oil into your eye area, removing any visible signs of fatigue.

Take vitamin B1 supplements

Vitamin B1 is a vitamin that helps create new heterocyclic compounds in your body. This process helps your body use oxygen and convert nutrients into compound.

Vitamin B1 is found in many foods, but it’s usually not a large part of your diet. You need to consume it in small amounts via supplements. Although it seems like a simple vitamin, there are many people who don’t get enough of it.

One possible reason why some people don’t contain enough vitamin B1 is because they don’t eat enough green vegetables. Your body needs protein to make new proteins and electrolytes to balance out those who don’t have enough B1 on their diets.

However, green vegetables aren’t the only source of protein and electrolytes you can consume to increase your Vitamin B1 levels.

Drink more water

Dark eyelid can be caused by a lack of water or insufficient water consumption. Both experts and remediators recommend drinking enough water to prevent and treat dark eyelid.

A dark eyelid can result from lack of oxygen to the eye cells, reduced blood flow to the area, or decreased blood flow to the eye orbit. Any of these can result in dehydration of the eye tissue.

How much water you need in your body depends on how much fat you have, how thick your bones are, and what type of diet you eat. People on high-fat diets may need more water than someone who eats meat and vegetables.

Dietary fat contains more calories than lean meat does, which may be one reason why some people with this condition have no fat around their eyes.

Avoid wearing makeup for awhile

Applying makeup to your face can lead to Byzantine problems. Many products are made with your skin in mind, but some aren’t until specifically formulated for the eyes. Because of this, try avoiding beauty products for a little while until you see if it works for your eyes.

For example, buying a mascara that is not waterproof may help when trying to prevent eyelid wrinkles. Likewise, buying an eye cream that is not creamed may help with eyelid wrinkling.

Avoiding makeup for several days may also be helpful as well. Doing this can help clearse the pores on the face and around the eyes, leading to better results with medication or treatment.

Visit an eye doctor

Dark eye circles can be very noticeable, and even worse than a really dark circles retrogade area can be looked like. These are very long, thick circles that hang down the insides of the eyes, covering the iris and creating a darker shadow on the eye lids.

The only way to get rid of them is to visit an eye doctor. He or she will need to create a prescription for a perfect dark circle circle template, which they will place on your eyelid and then draw out the circles using fine pencils or paper.