Home Remedies For Clogged Milk Duct

Clogged milk ducts is a very common cause ofibullfrogs, frequently diagnosed in veterinary medicine. It is most commonly seen in dogs, though.

The term ductility refers to how easy it is for milk to flow through the duct. Clumped milk indicates less ductility.

In general, low ductility dogs tend to have thicker, harder coats and dogs with lower ductility may be thinner in order to better tolerate heat treatment. Sometimes this is an indication of something wrong, like a infection or blockage.

In order for a dog to get enough milk it must consume enough food and treatment can be adjusted based on how much milk the dog does not get. Treatment includes feeding too little or too much, and/or using Veterinary Formula instead of dry food, and/or using creams or other treatments to help correct the cause.



A very old method of cleaning your milk duct is by using a massage tool. This tool can be a finger, forearm, or hand.

Using the tool, you can reach into the milk duct and gently massage it with the tool to loosen up any clog. You can then remove it and wash it as you would any other surface.

This can be useful if your baby has been having problems drinking because it helps relax him before you try anything more invasive like giving him a feeding or surgery.

You can also use this if you have difficulty cleaning your baby’s mouth because of clogged milk ducts. By removing the need for an instrument, your baby may be able to have better access to their milk.

How to do this procedure: Using the massage tool, you can reach into the milk duct and gently massage it with the tool to loosen up any clog.

Oatmeal bath

This has worked for many people, and it is easy! Just mix equal amounts of dried oats and water together, then let it sit in the bathtub or shower for a few minutes.

As the oats smooth down the milk duct, they loosen up theduct so that more milk can flow down it. This helps your baby get enough milk down, which is what you are looking for!

This remedy works great as an overnight solution as well, so that you can have this answer at breakfast the next day.


Pressing or compressing the duct can help open it up and allow milk to flow through. This may help prevent further clotting and dryness in the breast.

When my daughter was six months, she developed clogged milk ducts. At that stage, she did not get her milk every day, so it was not too serious. Over the course of a month, she accumulated enough milk to last her one more month, so I made sure to keep an eye on her at all times to make sure she was drinking enough.

She also took her Compression Breast Pump in her arms or by holding her arms around oneself. We also used our baby gate in order for my daughter to be able to get out of the bed in order to give herself a break with this remedy!

Another tip is letting your child have a bath or shower alone at least once a week for as long as they are needing relief from clogged milk ducts.

Apply hot towels to affected area

If your child has a clogged milk duct, you can try using hot towels or warm water massages to break up the material behind the boy.

They work by removing some of the material and allowing it to flow through more easily. This helps it break down and move past the obstruction, making it easier for your child to drink enough milk.

Children who are unable to breastfeed because of lack of milk or baby food entanglement often don’t realize they are hungry until they do not have enough feed. Make a trip to the hospital nursery to purchase some food and beverages for your child to help them feel more fed.

Apply pressure to affected area

If your child has trouble drinking enough milk for an 8–10 hour day, then you should try one of the following remedies.

Applying pressure to the milk duct may help open it up and allow some milk to pass through. You can do this by using a heated cloth or dish towel at the bottom of the milk duct.

Alternatively, you can use a bottle of warm water and baby’s favourite item: soap. Both of these items should be used in very small amounts – too much could dry out the duct or cause blockage.

Either way, your baby must be kept in a quiet, warm environment with no stimulation for at least 12 hours after doing this to ensure it works.

If your child is older, trying one of the following remedies: sleeping on raised mattress/Foundation mattresses or couches, changing bed sheets every other day.

Take a shower instead of a bath

If you have a clogged milk duct, taking a shower is the recommended way to fix it. You can also take a bath, but in case you do not have one or can not do both due to space, then taking a bath is the next best option.

A shower offers lots of water on top of that easily washing away whatever foreign bodies or blockage(s) that are in your ducts. Plus, it’s a nice way to relax before sleeping or during your night sleep.

Also, a bath has the same effect as having a warm soft bedding surrounding you and keeping you enclosed. You will be more comfortable as you relax into sleep. Having a good night’s sleep is important when having kids because they wake up time after time with no rest.

Switch breastfeeding positions

When your baby is about a month into the breastfeeding process, they start to roll over more often and try to get up when you do. This is when you realize how hungry you are!

When your milk starts to come in, it can make the duct in your baby’s throat harder to switch. The duct needs time to open and let milk out, so if it does not open immediately, try changing positions or letting baby sleep in his/her clothes.

If none of these tips help, then there are some things you can do yourself. You can try using a suppository or using a pacifier if those failed. Or you can call a professional if that is too hard or cost-prohibitive for you.

Use a nipple stimulator

When your baby has a clogged milk duct, you may want to try a nipple stimulator. This is a small, thin device that is surgically placed in your baby’s duct.

The device measures about 1 inch long and has two or four small ridges. When it is placed in the duct, it stimulates the milk to flow into it and through the mother’s breast.

It can last up to six weeks, but if your baby has missed growth or development time, the stimulator can help stimulate more milk production.

The other way to fix a clogged milk duct is to use a vacuum pump. A vacuum pump uses suction cups to push water and food away from the baby. This prevents water damage and helps produce more milk.