Home Remedies For Chigger Bites

Chiggers are small insects that can live in your skin. They are known as tungussar cockroach mannequin allergies that can live inside your body.

They were first discovered in your skin when they burrow into your skin and feed. After they have full nourishment, they die and leave a dried up area of the skin. These bugs can also migrate outside of the body, making you feel like you have been walking around in a hot summer day.

These bugs are very rare, only occurring in around 5% of people with mange. However, they can happen more often as people spend time in open spaces where they are exposed to them.


Anti-itch cream

Chigger bites can be unpleasant. If you are exposed to them often, then you should consider getting into the habit of putting a small amount of anti-itch cream on your hands and feet before entering a warm environment to prevent further spread.

This is because of the same agent that causes itches – spider webs. When these are nearby, they can get transferred to your skin.

Spider web ointment is an effective remedy that can stop the chigger bits embedding into your skin and creating more problems down the road. It may also help prevent new chiggers from forming as well!

You can buy spider web ointment at most grocery stores and pharmacies as an over-the-counter remedy. Or you can make your own by mixing two equal parts of baking soda and cornstarch together, and applying that onto the area where the chigger has been noticed.

Calamine lotion

Calamine is an over-the-counter anti-chiggers medication. It works by altering the central nervous system of your dog, making it feel sleepy or uncomfortable when it sees a chig.

Because it is an old drug that has been reformulated, it can be hard to find. However, you can still help your dog!

Make sure you use a quality brand of calamine as this must be present throughout the entire lotion process. Many people buy cheap brands that may not have the same strength as a more expensive brand, so be careful of that.

Lastly, do not give your dog too much at one time. Calamine should be needed for two to four hours before or after another medication or treatment.

Lice shampoo

Chigger is a insect that lives inside of humans and animals. It can look like a little white spot on the surface of your skin, but it is actually a dead louse attached to the hair on your body.

When exposed to heat or moisture, this little pest will come alive and spread across your skin. He or she will then die and perish from your pet, making it easier to treat.

To help prevent this in your home, use lice shampoo every day to shampoo your pets and daily combing. You can also use a hot dryer after each use to prevent heat damage to the fabric or package.

Tea tree oil

Chigger bit prevention is as follows: tea tree oil, warm water, and a gentle scrub.

As the name suggests, a chigger is like a tiny bug with six legs, a short tail, and an elongated body. It can also be known as a stick insect or Situationist bug.

These insects can invade human skin and create small cracks in your skin. If left untreated, these breaks can grow and cause severe infections or scarring, often leading to breakouts.

They are commonly found in places such as tick bites, underarms, and scalp areas. Once introduced it is highly unlikely that you will get a chigger bit alone. However, being aware of how to prevent them is the better remedy.

Coconut oil

Chigger stick is a non-greasy way to protect your skin from insect bites. It can also be applied directly onto the skin to prevent other bugs from entering your home.

As its name suggests, a chigger stick is made out of chedega oil, a natural fat found in insects. chedega oil is very hardy and durable compared to other oils used in make up products, due to being deep fried first.

As it does not break down easily, it remains stable for longer than other oils used in make up products, making it a great alternative for people who are sensitive to dairy or who do not wish to use butter or coconut cream in their cosmetics.

The remaining oil can be used as a deodorant or passed straight into hair conditioner, thus helping prevent dry skin and sweating during times of activity.

Aloe vera gel

A paper towel or cloth diaper cleanser is one of the most effective remedies for chigger bites. While it may seem gross, chigger biters seek out soft, moist areas such as the folds of the skin around the diaper area to lay their eggs.

As soon as the sheet is wet, it should be allowed to dry before applying a lotion or oil to the area. If a child has had a few chiggers, they may not want to use a sheet as opposed to two applications of a sheet and a couple of days without treatment.

This is due to fear of more bites occurring if they were exposed to them sooner. The second time around, they would be more attentive in looking for signs of bugs!

plain cotton socks are another easy way to prevent new chiggers by keeping them covered.

Raw onion slice

try this next if you have a chigger bite: clove peppermint oil. While it may not help prevent a chigger bite, it can cause your skin to feel tight and sting when exposed to infected skin.

Because of this, you may be more likely to rub your bitten area together, further irritating the wounds. Additionally, peppermint oil can be expensive, requiring a second source.

However, these two facts do make a good reason to try it: home remedies are an excellent way to fight off infections.

As lowly as peppermint oil may seem, it has powerful effects on our bodies. Peppermint is one of the most prominent compounds in mint trees, and has been used for centuries to fight infections and flu symptoms.

As little as one drop of peppermint oil can have an effect, a single dose can help for several days.

Garlic paste

Mix garlic, sugar, and vinegar together until it looks like blood. Try to get a jar that has cayenne pepper in it to help with the burn part of this remedy.

This paste can be applied directly to the skin or onto a sheet of cloth and wiped off as soon as it is applied. When administered topically, it can be absorbed into the skin or placed on a Marshallian patch. This patch can be purchased at most pharmacies or online.

When done correctly, this remedy should not burn too much but instead cause the skin to tight up and break down, making it easier for you to get out of bed or into water to fight off the chiggers.