Home Pull Up Bar Workout

Home bar pull up is one of the most popular ways to work out at night. It’s also one of the more challenging workout trends out there today.

Pretend you are hanging from a bar, instead of sitting on a chair or ground. Same idea, just do with your feet instead of your hands.

This little exercise is great for improving your mobility and overall health and fitness. It also has a few benefits that Worth knowing about don’t always show up on the chart.

Some people may find it relaxing or enjoy doing this little exercise alone. Others may prefer doing it together with a partner or group session.


Tricep dips

Tricep dips are a low-impact way to work your triceps. You will be placed on a bar, with your palms down, and then lowered onto the bar to reach its lower end. From here, you can pull yourself up or down toward the top of the dip.

This is a great way to work your triceps because it is not too heavy and will not break you down too quickly. It also does not take that long to workout with this so you can do this many times in a short period of time.

It is difficult at first and needs to be done properly, but if you get good at it, you will enjoy doing them. You can do these before a workout or after a workout to keep your muscles working if they have been stressed out by the activity.

Shoulder taps

Shoulder taps are one of the most fundamental exercise moves. Shoulder taps can be performed for time or as a high- intensity move. Shoulder taps are best performed with your back flat on the bar and your feet maintained on the floor.

The back foot is placed on the floor just beneath the other foot. With your front foot, you push off from the wall and shoulder up executes this move. It is similar to doing a pushup, but instead of just standing up, you lift up your feet and situate them underneath you.

This is one of the more intense exercises in this article, so if you are not feeling confident enough to do some other exercises, this one can be done in less!

Shoulder taps are a great way to work out your back and shoulders, because they require moving around a lot. This also works your abs because you have to keep rotating to get through the move.

Bicep curls

One of the most effective workouts you can do at home is doing a bicep curl. This is great for reducing muscle loss during your aging process.

To do a bicep curl, start on your hands and knees with your knees under your hips. Then, slowly raise one arm to your side and back before letting it fall to your side. This is done over and over again until you achieve your desired size for the curl.

This exercise is best performed in a semi-reclined position with your arms pulled close to your body. You can also do this as an alternative to other exercises on the list that require more strength.

Mix in some chest or double arm pushups when doing the bicep curl to make it even more impactful.


Another great way to work your upper body is in the push-up. This exercise works the top of your shoulders, back, and arms. You will also have to do the same amount of situps as in the knee-to-knee workout.

A push-up is just a lower body exercise that you also do on your hands. To do a push-up, you must place your hands about two feet apart and then raise them up until they are parallel to the floor, or as close as you can get.

When you lower your hands, you should be able to make a comfy” on the ground” rhythm with your feet. You must keep your knees supple and soft when doing this workout.

Leg raises

Working your legs is a great way to get your body working. This exercise is also a good way to work your back and arms. And it’s more affordable than other workouts like lunges or hand weights.

Using a home gym setup is the best option if you are not have a lot of space to store all of the equipment you will use. The best ones have cables that can be connected to a computer or smartphone via software, and the rest of the items can be placed anywhere.

This is because the software will tell you where to place all of the equipment. Some software even gives you hints when you are doing it wrong!

When doing this workout, make sure you are breathing out and in during your reps! It will help prevent muscle fatigue and allow you to progress faster.

Ab crunches

Ab crunches are a great exercise tool. You can make them by standing up on the bar, or you can put a towel under you to make it more comfortable.

Ab crunches work your entire abdominal and back muscles. It also works your obliques, hip and thigh muscles. An ab crunch is a great way to get your legs and back working together.

AB Crunches aren’t for everyone. Some people find it too easy to initiate and/or finish, others do not feel like they are working their legs and feet enough. If you don’t feel like you are working your body properly with an ordinary crunch, try this one:

«»Bend at the knee, sit up as much as possible and then twist aside»»»]. This one is harder, but lets you work your whole leg as well.

Deep squats

You’ll be working your legs, back, and core while in the deep squat or box jump. Both movements require you to remain on your feet for a certain amount of time before you can shift your weight back into your hands.

The box jump is great for working the inner and outer knees together. The deep squat is great for working the back and pelvis together. If you’re new to this workout, start with the step-up or wall pushup. Then, work up to the deep squat!

To perform these workouts, you will need a home gym equipment assortment. You will also need space to store these workouts, as they are very physical.

Wall sits

There is no other option but to sit on this bar. This is the only workout that requires you to stand or walk around the bar. This is the only workout where you can sit down and still get a good workout!

This is also the only workout where you cannot use your hands to help yourself up or onto the wall. You must use your feet to help yourself up and onto the wall.

You must use your feet to help yourself up and onto the wall. You can not use your hands for pickup, this is for beginners only. First, you have to get comfortable with how much weight you are able to hold before you feel uncomfortable.

Then, you have to learn how to hold your body in a position that feels safe and comfortable.