Home Made Upside Down Planter

Finding a plant or flowers that look just like your plants but in the wrong position or something funny looking like it but upside down is the trick behind this DIY plant cooler.

When building one of these, make sure to study your plants. Some look better in upright positions and others with less water. If you have a large-leaved plant that prefers less water, this one can be built for you!

These are great for summertime since they can get some sunlight. They are also inexpensive and easy to build. All you need to do is figure out how much water your plant needs and use a level container lifeguardstyle potting soil.

We would recommend using solid green ones for ferns since they do not require waterunless they get wet. These colors do not change their shape either- they are just browner looking.

Find a plant that needs lots of sunlight

Find a plant that needs lots of sunlight is doesn’t get enough water. You want to look for a plant that can stand a good amount of water.

These are called tender plants. If you give this plant enough water, it will thrive!

Make sure to keep your plants environment consistent. If your plant needs more light, add some glass vases or containers to shade it up. Make sure to give it enough water to stay healthy!

If your plant does not thrive, check the roots. If they are dry and hard, then you may need to replace the pot and set up new conditions for growth.

Pick out your plant and get the container and soil

Once your plant is ready to go, get the container and give it enough water and love! Most plants need at least a week of dry time before they are happy and thriving.

During this time, give it some sunlight and take down the shade if it is raining. You want it to stay dry until it shows signs of growth, which is a green leaf.

Then, let it grow! Make sure you do not miss any opportunities to take care of your plant as this will eventually die off or you will need a replacement.

Pour the soil into the container until it is half full

Once the plants are up, we need to give them some space to grow. They will take their time to come up, so make sure they are allowed enough room to develop.

We can do this by leaving a half way open space between the plant and the container. This allows for ventilation and allows for water to be available. You can also create a hole in the bottom of the pot to allow for drainage.

To ensure growth continues, we need to fill the container with water every day. After that, we can put up some plants or two at a time if there is enough space.

Put the plant in the container and fill with more soil until covered

Now is the time to create the raised base that will hold the plant in place. If you are worried about your plant being exposed to water or rain, then this step is for you.

Using some thick gravel or clay, create a potting container that is large enough for your plant to thrive in. If your plant needs more room, then add more clay or gravel to achieve this.

Now that your plant has a nice safe place to thrive, let it be. Do not worry about taking care of your plant until it reaches its desired size. Once it does, start giving it some water and take pride in how beautiful it is!

Making sure to take the time to care for your plants will prevent any hard falls or injuries.

Turn upside down and keep watered

This is a lovely way to display plants. You can make your plant upgradable by adding a new upright leaf or two in winter. Home made upside down plant holder pool is also possible in the summer!

It is easy to make this plant stand bygaving it some drinking water and checking that it is not dry. It would be best to have some kind of drainage system in place to prevent water logging.

As with all plants, keep an eye on this one- it will go brown if not watered for an extended period of time. Weighing just a few ounces, this little extra bit of vegetation will not go away easily.

To keep the vegetation watered, there are several ways to use a garden hose or pot/potting soil/salts/perfume etc.

Enjoy your new plant!

As mentioned before, being ambidextrous can help with home made plant arraes. So, if your boy is the male side, try placing the reverse side up to create a longer internasnal root system.

If he is the female, try putting the plant on its left side to create more space around it. By providing more space, he will flourish and enjoy his new home more!

Home made upside down planter jets are a great way to display plants. They can also be used as an art support or rewarded with some money if they thrive.