Home Health Certification Cpt Code

Home health certification is a way for qualified professionals to earn money by working at a client’s home. You can work as a in-home aide, personal trainer, or any other professional that provides home health services.

It is very popular as a side job as well. People get paid to help others relax and improve their quality of life. This is an outstanding profession that uses the Certified Home Health Aide (CHA) Certification.

The Certified Home Health Aide (CHA) designation is a level 1 certification. This means that the person can only help someone move around and not provide any medical or surgical care. However, the ability to assist in moving around and providing relief from pain and fatigue are both able to exercise their skills on someone without too much difficulty.

This article will go over the different ways to make money as a home healthcertified professional.

Learn the CPT code for home health certification

Home health certification is a low cost way to obtain professional training in various areas such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, and aquatic therapies. Many schools offer home health certification programs which are highly regulated and supervised.

After completing the course, the certified provider can apply to be a registered home health aide or other licensed professional in their area. They can then work as a family member or under an independent contract with an individual or company.

Some schools offer their associates program which is for sale but not by everyone.

Understand what the requirements are for certification

Once you have your certification, you are ready to start working as a home health aide. Typically, people who have certification can start work anywhere from around $200 per visit to $300 per visit.

Like any job, it comes with its own set of rewards and penalties. You will need to put in your time and continue to improve your skills in order to maintain your certification so stay motivated!

It can be expensive at first, especially if you are starting out. You will need to find ways to keep the compensation and quality of your service consistent.

Identify the resources for home health certification

Home health certification is a high level certification. It allows advanced resources to assist with household and medical tasks.

Healthcertified citizens can enter the home with you and help with meals, aid with transportation, and other routine assistance. It is highly recommended as it increases your chances at getting jobs as a contractor or business.

Jobwise is a great way to identify resources for home health certification. Jobwise offers resources such as phone numbers, websites, and even addresses for people who want to donate their services.

If you are looking for supplies or people who want to contribute their skills, look into the internet or local community groups.

Prepare for the exam

This is a brief overview of how to prepare for the Certified Home Health Arts and Sciences (CHCAs) exam. There are several ways to prepare for the CentOS certification, but the main component is the test.

The CentOS certification is designed to test you on your knowledge of basic Linux system administration skills. You will need to be able to install and configure multiple Linux operating systems, user accounts and groups, shared resources, and managing servers and applications.

This can include setting up a computer server, implementing server-side applications and desktop applications together, and managing clients that access the application.

Take the exam

Are you ready to take your home health certification test? Are you prepared for the exam?

Home health certified technicians can take the Certified Technology: Home Health Technicians (CT: HT) test once and be certified. Once they are certified, they can apply to be registered with The Joint Commission as a home health technician (HT).

The Joint Commission requires its registered home health technicians to pass the Certified Technology: Home Health Aptitude Test (HTAT) annually to keep their certification. If a technician does not pass the test at least once during their registration, they must pass it again before being accepted into the profession.

The more times a technician passes the HTAT, the more times they can take without having it certified. Technicians must also take and pass the Aptitude Test every year during registration to keep their license current.


At the end of the training, you’ll be asked to give your expertise to your peers. You can do this by telling them how much training you received or how you advanced in the industry.

If you were very active in your training, then other people can see it and thank you for giving them what they needed. If you were more advanced in your career, then other people can admire your hard work and advancement.

Either way, it is beautiful to see others thank you for giving them something they might not have had the time to do on their own.