Home Decor Trends For 2015

With a rapidly expanding world population and demand for fresh air, space, and entertainment experiences, architectural and design trends are booming.

fpv flying is only the beginning as new technologies are introduced every year. VR is new year round so that keeps things fresh!

New construction is the norm, old buildings are being renovated, etc. That’s how trends start.

There are a ton of trends that change every few months so it is hard to include everything in this article.


Copper accents

Copper is an underused and underrated metal. It can be paired with almost everything! There are so many ways to use it in your décor, from adding a bit of mystery to your spaces to making them easy to find to using them as a symbol of luxury.

Copper is a great alternative metal to choose, as it is not the same as gold or silver. It does not have the same value, nor does it look the same when installed.

When choosing copper wire, measure twice and half-double the diameter of your wire. For example, if your copper wire is thick enough for a medium-light bulb, measure one light bulb thick! Copper lamp wires vary in thickness, so do not run into problems mixing them up.

When installing copper wiring, make sure you are following local codes for installation.

Neon lights

A trend for the next year or so is neon lights. There are many companies that offer kits that you can put up in your home. You just have to be careful how you use them.

Glass shelves

A new furniture trend is the glass shelving unit. These can be built in or added as an extension to an existing room.

By adding a glass unit as an extension, you add more space to your home! These can be added in any location, either inside or out.

These pieces are super flexible because they can be built in or extended. Some developers even add interior views with these items.

When extending these, there are a few rules to follow. First, do not overload these with furniture; they are only intended for storage and display purposes. Second, do not put anything heavy on top of these; the weight may break them down due to weight distribution.

Leather couches

A new flooring trend is the introduction of leather. There are many ways to choose and install leather. You can create gorgeous looking furniture without the leather!

Many manufacturers offer products in leather to be installed. These include furniture and surfaces. Some popular leather products include furniture and floors.

The process of installing a piece of furniture or a room is very particular. It usually requires some formal training in how to do it correctly.

The look of a piece with some kind of leather is beautiful, so if you are into that style then you can still make a good profit by selling it!

There are many places where you can buy new furniture in just what material it is.

Patterned pillows

A new trend is the use of patterned pillows. They are becoming more popular due to their limited availability and increased popularity.

Pillows with patterns on them are being bought more frequently as they are a easy way to decorate a room. Some people love looking at a pattern and others not, it is up to you which one you want!

These patterns can range from simple ones with some circles or other shapes, to incredibly complex ones with many layers of material.

There are many ways to use the patterned pillow. You can go for a simple white or light grey, understated or show-off. A soft plush or foam will go best as the shape of the pillow, for decoration.

Ornate chandeliers

When ornate chandeliers become too expensive or impossible to maintain, they are now a fashion trend. There are many brands that offer cheap reproduction antique chandeliers for your home.

These chandeliers can have broken parts, be oversized, and have old fashioned fixtures and styles. You can still find people using them, it is just becoming more popular to maintain them.

Some people even go so far as painting them white to match the flooring! This is a great way to refresh a room without spending a huge amount of money. Currently, there is a strong demand for these chandeliers as interior design trends continue.

Copper lighting fixtures

Copper is back! Copper is the new black, right? Well, white and grey are back too, so pick a color scheme!

Copper lighting fixtures are easy to install and will enhance the appearance of your home. They can be mounted in different ways, making them a versatile investment.

Many copper items are durable and long-lasting. These include ceiling fans, water fixtures, ovens and cookers, toaster ovens, and dishwasher crystals.

There are many ways to use copper products. Examples include lighting fixtures, towel rings, drink bottles, microwave ovens, and ceiling tiles. All of these can be re-used or traded with other people!

1 of the most popular uses for copper is as drainage plumbing connections.

Neutral colors

A large percentage of the population now favors neutral colors. From reds, oranges, and pinks to greys, grays, andbrowns, there is a color for every situation.

If you are one of them, you know how refreshingly cool and fun these colors are to mix and match. Plus, this is a great way to learn about color theory.

At the very least, pervert you! There are so many ways to use these colors. Below am I going to discuss some of the most common ways people use color.

starters: How To Use Colour In A Fun Way For The Entirely Wrong Reason At Versailles Blonde Kitchen & Bar has some really fun ways to use colour. One way is through RGB codes. These are the five basic colours we can represent on a computer RGB codes consist of five separate symbols that together represent one colour.