Home Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Home air conditioner is a large part of many homes these days. While some people prefer the cooling effects that a home air conditioner can offer, it can be costly.

For sale prices, you can find them at around $700USD+! This price may seem high, but when you take into account that this saves you over $200 per month in water costs, and $300 per year in cooling savings? That’s a solid savings.

While not everyone has a home air conditioner, if you was were able to have one, then this article would be of little use to you.

Find source of leak

When a home air conditioner has a leak, it can be very difficult to spot. Often, the unit is placed in a closed environment where water can dry off the unit.

When a unit is replaced, it is important to check the old one for signs of a leak. If there is an indication of water visible on the unit, check to see if it has leaked off over time.

Most recently developed units have design features that are reliable. These include digital readouts and programmable buttons or controls. Having digital readouts and programmable buttons make it easy to maintain the unit and change settings or features.

residences should have either one or two units for optimum coverage. This enhances savings as well as providing backup units in case one becomes damaged.

Call repair person

If the leak is severe or persistent, you may want to consider having the home air conditioner replaced. While it may be difficult to determine if your home air conditioner is a good replacement for another, most people agree that it works well for its purpose and lasts a long time.

Air conditioners have large fans that move air through the room andillettent to cool down the space around it. When an air conditioner is new, the fan may not be configured properly to properly distribute the cooling effect. As it wears away with use, the fan may become obstructed or stuck in a rotation cycle.

These types of problems can be expensive to repair! It would be smart to have a repair person evaluate and fix an old home air Conditioner before it was too broke to use.

Use towel to dry wet area

If the air conditioner is leaking water, you can use a towel to prevent the water from affecting your furnishings or clothes.

A well-fitting air conditioner should be able to dry a large area quickly. This is because the air conditioner has to work off of wasted water in order for it to function.

Because this piece is large, it may take a little longer to dry an entire room. Therefore, try leaving the window open for another hour or two to make sure it has enough time to fully dry an entire room.

If you do have a smaller room that needs an airconditioner, then have confidence in knowing that these pieces can fix any overheating.

Change drain line

When your air conditioner is working well, it is time to change the drain line. Usually, this happens when the unit is not functioning well and the water is backing up into the unit.

When the water has gone, you can test by putting a little water in a bottle and letting it sit for a few minutes- should there be some flow? If so, then you have successful system water flow!

If not, you should call a qualified technician to check and fix your system. Many times, problems are electrical or mechanical in nature and can be fixed with new parts. Make sure to have your receiver plugged in and on at all times so it can receive any needed repair parts.

We recommend using an accredited company that uses certified tools and materials for this home air conditioner maintenance.

Repair or replace filter

As above, if the filter is dirty or malfunctioning, it may need to be replaced. A new one should fit correctly and function properly too.

If you can see the water inside the unit, then it is working. If you can feel a wisp of air coming from the unit, then it is working. If you can hear water moving, then it is working.

If you can see or hear no water or no moving air, then your unit is probably leaking water. Luckily, we have a way to fix this in some units and at most Manufactures. It usually comes down to a broken pipe or leaks which cause heat to escape from the unit.

Check for damaged coils

When your air conditioner is new, it may have some damaged or loose coils. Luckily, you can check these out to see if they are missing parts or if they are damaged.

Many times a cooling system that is new will have a few parts that are missing such as a seal or a gasket. These parts are easy to check out and make sure they are working properly.

Another way to check the coils is by putting water on them for a few minutes. If there is no water coming out of the tap, then the coil must be dry enough for it to work. If you can smell water exiting the tank, then there must be enough flow to create a smell.

To add more value to your new coil, try wrapping some tape around the ends to help hold them in place.

Run unit with towels underneath to catch water

Another tip for keeping your home cool is running a window unit air conditioner. These are great because you can use a window unit to run a window air conditioner or just plug in a high speed AC unit and go!

By putting two or four towels under the unit and placing an appropriate sized window filter on top, you limit water loss significantly.

These units are expensive at around $300-$500, but if you stay with it for awhile it will pay for itself. They usually last about six months before needing new parts so buy some soon!

Using this method will require some forethought though. You must have two or four clean towels to place under the filter to limit water loss! It would be wise to have some in case of one of those rare rainy days that causes water to flow up the drain pipe.

Call maintenance personnel

When the air conditioner is calling maintenance, it is time to call maintenance. There are a few things that may need to be performed on the air conditioner every month, week, or year.

Daily cleaning is usually a good idea to keep the cooling system clean. Weekly inspections are usually a good idea to make sure everything is working and maintainingcooling efficiency. When the year comes to an end, then yearly inspections are needed to make sure everything is functioning properly and avoid major problems such as water leaking from the condenser or condenser fan failures.

Using a metal detector in place of the hands when checking for trouble codes can help save time during this process. If the problem has already been resolved, doing a new unit replacement might help fix it too. By having this done annually, unit life wise enough for maintenance issues to come through.