History Of Deaths In My Home

A death in the home can be emotionally and physically difficult. There are many things to consider when someone is deceased and it would be good to know what happened to them.

Knowing what happened to them in the past can help prevent future problems or find answers to questions about how they were functioning in their lives. This is known as re-relevantization.

By knowing about past deaths in the home, people have an opportunity to make positive changes such as dealing with stress faster or forgiving themselves for not being perfect when it comes to someone else.

Home safety measures such as checking on a loved one every few days or staying with a certain person during an attack are also placed in place when there is a potential for death.


Electrical fire

A lightning bolt fired by a storm caused the death of a family in 1998. The family was sleeping when the storm passed through their area and set off a electrical fire.

The fire was large, and it burned out of control for hours. The father, brother, and mother were all killed in the fire and accidently lighting of the bedsheets as the flame spread was said to be happening regularly.

The father had been sleeping in the same room with his daughter and son, who were only five months and one year old, respectively. The daughter died at five months due to septicemia (condition where watery substances inside your body cause damage to your veins) and loss of circulation.

The brother was six months older than his sister and lived with his parents until she died due to malnutrition (deficiency of certain nutrients) at one month old. She had been neglected her entire life due to her small size, which prevented her from being properly cared for.

Suicidal neighbor

While most people think of suicide as a young adult thing, there are situations to which someone can be too soon. Suicide is the intentional killing of oneself, usually by killing one’s primary means of expressing feelings.

For example, if a person was spending time in a happy and comfortable situation before they turned hostile and suicidal, they may not get help right away. Instead of waiting until someone is very distressed and has lost all control, there are some ways to help.

Early intervention includes talking to someone about how you feel and whether or not you feel like your own life is out of control. Knowing that you are not alone can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself and what should happen next.

Having resources such as family members or friends who can talk to you about your situation is also helpful. Once you realize that something might be an emergency, contacting the authorities is also helpful.

Murdered family

When a murder occurs in your home, you must consider how to protect yourself and your family. There are many methods of hiding dead bodies, avoiding detection altogether, and calling the police for help.

Just because a person is deceased does not mean that they are safe. Some bodies store toxins in their tissues, making it difficult to clean up a corpse. Additionally, some people have negative associations with death, making it more challenging to call the police for help.

To prevent the discovery of a body in your home, you must be prepared. HangingBodyPrevention.com offers several ways to hide bodies, including using U-shaped Gravesite memorials and concealed corpses utilizing custom furniture or bedding structures.

If there is ever a need to call the police for help, chances are good that someone will visit the house to see if they recognize the person or family involved.

Old house smell

It can be horrifying when you’re not able to rid the home of a terrible old smell. There are many years involved in the fragrance process, and these years should be taken into account.

When a house is new, it has a scent that it produces over time. This scent decreases as time goes on, and eventually it disappears. With this type of fragrance, it takes more years to have a new home smell than someone else’s home does.

During the initial stage of ownership, people use fragrances that are strong enough that they do not need to use them for a couple of days before they return home. They use them during this time to refresh themselves from the experience of owning the home and smells.

Once people begin to relax about taking care of the smells in their homes, they start noticing things are not smelling as good as they did early on.

Ghost sightings

Often, when people experience a ghost experience, they describe a sight or sense they witnessed or felt.

Cold spots

A dead giveaway is a cold spot that stays visible for hours even after the window is closed. This occurs when a person attempts to open the window but cannot see if it works because of the absence of light to indicate it is open.

This happens as no energy source such as a sunlight or fan is needed to maintain the temperature in the room. It is an inheritedwindowsystem that only appear when someone enters the room and then they disappear!

There are several reasons this happens including age, health, medications, and medical conditions. young adults tend to have good natural heat production which results in a cool spot. elderly people have less natural heat production which causes a warm spot.

Voices heard

In the event of a disaster, people would listen to messages from the Heavens or from family members or friends who had worked in a position that required communication.

Messages from the heavens were typically dismissed due to potential deception, although there were some who claimed to have done so. This was thought to be a hoax due to its prevalence in modern times.

Family members and friends who had worked in a position that required communication were thought to be voices from the dead or voices of spiritual guidance. These voices could be combined with those heard during an emergency situation, creating an almost audible sound.

These sounds could be reassuring or psychological support, helping people cope with what they are experiencing. They can also be medical information, providing help during an emergency situation.

Emergency communications seem like a thing of the past, but they are important tool for ensuring safety and security during today’s society.

Mirrors breaking by themselves

When I was a kid, we had a ritual in which we would look at ourselves in the mirror and if we could not face ourselves, we could look at someone else‘s reflection in the mirror.

That tradition has continued for years as an adult. In the mirror you can see yourself aging as you get older, but on the outside you appear to be young. You can be proud of that!

You may have heard of or read stories about people who have had plastic surgery and/or computers or software developed for them to fix their looks, like removing wrinkles or increasing their size of eyes and noses, increasing lips volume, adding more cheekbones, whatever suits their style.

I cannot say I haven’t been asked by people how much money they spent on looking better but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because it is highly subjective how attractive you think someone else looks versus how you feel yourself.