Group Home Supervisor Job Description

Home is a frequent topic of conversation these days, both for individuals and for communities alike. There are so many focus groups focused on helping them move back in place, explain what home means to them and how they need or want a home, and resources available to help those looking to move back in place.

Home is one of the most common topics of conversation between families today. Family members exchange stories about where they lived before they got together, and where they lived after they got married.

Many people look forward to living in a apartment or townhouse instead of being solely responsible for housing themselves and their belongings. This has several disadvantages, such as not only having to consider the cost of living alone or with your own personal items, but also of having two different systems (home vs. life) that people need to adapt to.

Ensure that all tasks are completed before moving onto another task

This sounds simple enough, but it’s something that many supervisor’s don’t take the time to do. When you are overseeing multiple people, you must ensure that your tasks are completed before moving onto the next one.

This can be difficult when some members of your staff are slow or not always putting forth the effort needed, but it is essential to the success of the organisation. Having a job that is essential to the organization will help you get paid money quicker, and will increase your popularity with your customers and employees.

Having a job that is essential to the organization can also help you pay off your bills as well as get some motivation on how you handle yourself in work.

Provide positive feedback to residents

Your role at home parolees, the parole department uses your skills to provide feedback to residents. This is called client services and it is a vital part of your work experience.

Clients receive positive feedback on various levels from staff members, supervisors, and directors. This can be a nice surprise to keep them happy.

Keep your voice soft and gentle when giving feedback, say what you want to say in one sentence instead of multiple words and give an example when possible. You may sound stronger that way!

When giving feedback remember to stay calm and use specific examples. If you have a general feeling for the person’s situation do not give as much attention to make them feel better but rather take action to fix it.

Take some time to think about what you want from the person you are giving feedback to and remember they are not turning into drill sergers just because they are taking some time.

Provide clear directions for completion of tasks

As a group home supervisor, you will be responsible for the safe and effective management of a community of people with significant challenges.

You will work with other employees to create and maintain an environment that meets the needs of your residents, staff, and community. You will work with administrators to develop policies and programs to meet the needs of your community.

You will work in a fast-paced environment where you must show initiative and determination in order to advance. This job can be very dependent upon the weather as well as on seasonality, so there is an adequate amount of maintenance jobs available.

It is very competitive however, so you may want to consider re-orienting yourself towards the elements if it becomes necessary.

Keep track of current and future tasks for staff

This can be done by using software, or by having each staff member listed for any upcoming tasks.

Hold supervisors accountable to ensure their staff is working on current tasks and holding them accountable will help them improve their staff network and quality of service.

Generally, task recorders use a computer or laptop to keep track of things. Many have apps for their phones, computer, etc. that can be used.

If the task recorder does not have a computer or phone app that can keep track of things, there are ways to do it. For example, placing a paper list of everything assigned to the next person up on the desk or putting them in a folder and giving that person the responsibility for it.

Check that equipment is working properly

If a HVAC system is working properly, it can keep the room temperature and humidity steady. If the air conditioner or cooling system is working, then it is showing proper operation.

Check that doors and windows are functioning properly. Are they keeping out cold and noise? Are they protecting those inside from heatstroke or heatrelated illnesses?

Look for holes or damaged surfaces to see if those in residence are being cooled or warmthly cared for. And check that you are getting enough chilled water! If you are not, you may need to add water tank capacity.

Look for any problems that could cause people in residence to seek help. This includes finding inappropriate temperatures, finding overheated people, or noticing symptoms such as dehydration and/or red skin coloration.

Document everything in case there is an incident

You’re responsible for recording all incidents in the group home. This includes people being harmed, hurt, or upset, calls being answered, and persons being contacted. It also includes any situations where help is needed.

You must be able to remember all these things at a later date to help solve problems or serve others. Having this record can also be a tool to heal yourself and others when problems arise.

It takes time and effort to track these records, so do not hesitate to get started.

Be familiar with current and past residents

This means that you should be able to find out about any new or old residents who are in trouble, need medical care, or have special requests. You should also be able to help notify the authorities if someone needs help.

You should also be able to find out what they want?. These requests could be for housing services, clothing, or other personal items.

He or she should be able to get in touch with previous occupants if needed (for medical care or another reason) and/or contact authorities if needed (for a safety issue).

Overall, this individual should be aware of what is needed in the community and can help locate it. They can also get in touch with previous residents if they need help finding a new home.

This job role can vary based on what city you are working in, but the key elements remain familiarity with community members and skills to aid them.

Be aware of any changes in residents

If any residents or family members get into trouble, you must be notified. The supervisor must be able to respond quickly and schedule a meeting to address any concerns.

It is your job to keep all residents safe and informed. You must be able to explain what is happening, as well as help the residents if needed. Because of your position of authority, you must use proper language and etiquette at all times.

Help them feel comfortable discussing their personal matters with you, because they trust you will not reveal anything inappropriate. You can also help them if they need help in making decisions, being responsible for themselves can help strengthen your role in the group home.

If someone needs help getting involved in something, let them contact the supervisor for you.