Going From Black To Blonde Hair At Home

Blonde is a beautiful color family, like brown and blonde. There are many ways to go blonde at home. You can call it white platinum, or a natural blonde, or a lightened version of a blonde.

Pulling off white platinum can be difficult, especially if you do not use the same products and procedures as the professionals do. []; When you are looking for a way to add some color to your hair it is important to find the right product for you.

Toner and oil treatments are the most commonly used by people who want to lighten their hair slightly.

Purchase a black to blonde hair dye kit

There are many black to blonde hair dye kits out there. Some are professionally made, while some are just generic. Either way, you want one!

Many kit manufacturers suggest you start with a small amount of hair and work your way up, but that is not the best approach. You want to preserve the integrity of your hair while dyeing it? Then get one of these!

Many people find the kit easy to use and result in a beautiful, rich colour that lasts. One person even went from a dark brown to a dark red within the week!

The cost can be low, around $10-15 for some, making this an affordable hairstyling tool.

Documentation is usually included when a kit is created specifically for dyeing at home.

Wash your hair with mild shampoo and water

Then, section it off into small sections using a hairdryer or comb, and take the tiny sections of hair and twist them together into a tube or bowl shape.

Then, let it sit for at least six months to a year before trying to style it. After this period, the hair will be richer in minerals and growth factors. It will also need more time to dry fully, so use a dryer as opposed to a heat source.

Some people have trouble starting their black hair on diet and lifestyle changes. If you are having trouble managing your new black hair, you may want to consider these suggestions. Dressing in different clothes easy enough for you can help get your out of the house and into society with your new look.

Drinking enough water every day is also important in starting black hair growth.

Mix the dye according to the instructions

Once the dye is dry, take a close look at it. If some of the dye has leaked out, then you can rub it in with a wet brush to keep up the color!

It should look almost completely gray or white in color once done, depending on whether you added too much dye or not. Blonde hair is more expensive than black, so try your firstaint on a low stressler basis until you are comfortable with the process and cost.

Many people use cocoa butter as a base for the hairstyle. It has been shown to keep the hair from getting crunchy and hard when mixed with the blonde hair root material.

Apply the mixture to your hair, covering it all

After a good comb through, brush your hair to cover it in the mixture. Let it dry naturally before working with it to straighten or curl.

Now is the time to start working with it! Using a hairdryer or t-visk, wet some of your hair just enough to bring it out. Then, gently wrap the barbed end of the curling iron in the mixture and press down.
Detailed below are some ways to try out going from black to blonde at home. Some of these tips are simple ways to experiment with your hair, while others are more permanent solutions.

Let it sit for the recommended time

After a color change at home, it is important to let the new hair stay changed for at least six weeks. This allows for the new hair to settle into its new shape and feel, as well as for it to grow enough to be noticeable.

During this time, you can wash it, add some styling products and dye it however you would like!

You can also switch out the dyeing method or take the new color out as well if you choose. Many people just add some Rooter Oil or some other oil to make her hair feel more smooth and grabsome.

Six weeks after she decides to change her hair style, she could go back in for another color or two! Doing this twice is okay and takes very little time off of work or school schedules.

Rinse with water until water runs clear

Blonde is a very romantic color scheme. It represents nature, serenity, and glory. So, it is no surprise that many people choose this hairstyle for their home space.

At first glance, it looks like straight hair will be easier to manage at home. But, there are some benefits to going blonde at home. You get more control over your new hairstyle, and you can change the color every day!

Some benefits of going blonde at home include getting more time to study and get ahead with your studies while using less money spent on new hair. People who go blonde usually because they wanted a different color scheme but did not have the time to bleaching and growing their own roots took was needed for natural looking hair.

Dry your hair as usual

Once you have decided to go blonde, the first step is to let your hair dry normally! This can be difficult in the beginning, because of all the different ways to straighten your hair.

Many hairdressers recommend starting with a clear water pass, then moving onto a smooth liquid pass, and finally ending with a dry pass. This takes some time to learn, but eventually you will get it!

Once you have tried this out, let us know if it works for you in the comments below! You can always change up the process if you find that does not work for you.

Color-correcting shampoos can help keep color longer

If you ever notice your hair looking a little dull or something is missing in color, it is worth trying a color-correcting shampoo. You can buy one at specialty hair shops or online.

Shampoos contain natural dye compounds such askb (born during the Middle Ages when people wore bright red and orange clothing due to the popularity of these colors). These dyes are safe to use on hair, except for black hair.

But unlike dye products that have actual fireflies or stars printed on them, colored shampoo crystals are very hard to find. The ones that are sold look almost like expensive liquid gold.

Since these dyes cannot be washed out of your hair, they must be used with a hairdryer.