Gel Nail Polish At Home Without Uv Light

Gel nail polish is one of the most popular ways to increase your beauty goals. Gel nail polish is a very hygienic way to paint your nails as it does not require the use of traditional painting techniques like with regular nail polish.

However, there are two main problems withgel nail polish at home: cost-wise and time-wise. Cost-wise, many people do not realize that a tube of gel nail polish can be pricey. In some brands, you need to purchase several colors for yourself or expensive vendor sites are needed.

As for time-wise, you must take your time to paint your own nails multiple times per day! Many people forget about the gel reaction until they are already halfway done with their project.

Buy clear nail polish

When you want to try a different color or type of nail polish, but do not want to go outside due to the risk of nail polish hardening and/or removal, then this is the right article for you.

There are many alternatives to buying gel nail polish at home. You can start with cheap brands that require more work-read carefully-to set before use. These required setting includes studying the directions on the bottle for how long it takes to dry, how strong the odor must be when applied, and how well it coordinates with other products.

Once set, you can experiment with shape, texture, and color. Each has its own set of challenges and benefits!

Many people start doing home nail art at night or on a Sunday morning before work so they can continue working on their craft during daylight hours.

Add drops of color

Instead of buying a full tube of gel nail polish at the store, you can also paint your nails at home using only drops of color. This is a great way to learn how to do some quick nail art at home.

There are many ways to create your own colors. You can buy limited edition colors or ones that are highly concentrated versions. You can also buy ones that are already painted, just diluted with more color.

These types of nails are tough to do well. You must hold the handshape for a good length of time or the shape will not come out. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do some really cool designs!

Nail artists usually use very special equipment when they paint their nails at home. These include painting tools such as pens or stamps so that they match the size and shape of the natural nail structure.

Add drops of clear gel base coat

Add drops of clear gel base coat is an alternative to usual white glue. The glue can be mixed with other resins to create different colors.

When painting a nail, the first step is to prepare the plate or paper that you will be painting the nail on. Then, depending on which color you want to paint the nail, you can choose to use one of several glues and decorations.

One tip: Do not use clear gel as a paint remover because that would be removing the natural liquid paint. Instead, use a brush and a strong alcohol such as vodka or hand sanitizer to remove the gel from the nail before painting it.

In order for the glue to connect properly and for the decoration to set, there must be enough room for the glue to spread and fall away.

Apply two layers of clear base coat

Then, you can choose one of two gel nail polish brands: Essenza or Nail Envy. Both are very popular and many find them easy to use.

Both are sold at drugstores and upscale stores like Target and Walmart. The main difference is that Nail Envy does not contain ultraviolet light technology, which makes it less expensive.

However, this does not mean that it is not effective. It may only be less visible due to the lack of light technology, but it still lasts longer!

In this article, we will talk about how to apply two layers of clear base coat onto a gel nail paint at home without UV light technology.

Apply two layers of color polish

Three or four medium-sized gel nail polishes can fit on one hand. That is three or four times the amount of color per nail!

The trick is to pick your polish based on where you want your nails to look. Nail artists vary in how many layers they recommend, from just one to five.

Some use a base, some use a clear top, and some use a darker color. The standard number of layers depends on who you ask, but usually it is two.

To add another layer of polish, simply take your first two polishes and apply them together as far as possible without taking the second one off.

Let nails dry completely

Once the nails are fully dry, you can now remove the polish! This is completely up to you though- you can do either before or after!

Many people opt to use a warm stream of water to keep the polish wet until all of the air has been removed. This causes the polish to maintain its shape as it dries.

Others use a heat gun or staightening tape to keep the Polish secure. Some people even apply two different kinds of nail polish- one dark and one light to create some design contrast.

Either way, once the nails are painted, they must be held together with strong glue or tape to prevent them from breaking apart while being painted.

Use a home UV light device

Many people have the idea that you need a professional UV light device to use at home. You can purchase them at most beauty stores or online.

They look pretty neat and you can learn some new tricks doing this. You are! You are not going to sit by a window all day waiting for the leaf leaves to change color so that you can watch them grow, right?

Anyway, these devices work by putting a light on your nail polish and then using a UV light device to bleach the color onto the nail. This takes about an hour!

Once it is done, you can put your fake nails back on! You can do this in just about every room of your house, as long as there is a window that gets sunlight.

Use a home LED light device

Many people have devices called home lighting devices that emit light through LEDs. These devices can be rental or straight-out-of-the-fridge replacements!

Many people have professional-quality home lighting systems that require no modifications to use your device. With these systems, you must purchase the device and then set it up!

If you are not familiar with setting up a home lighting system, that is super easy. You first buy the light source and then you plug it in! You must determine which areas of your home need the most light and add enough lights to create enough brightness to cover your needs.

Using a home lighting device when there is no light source is possible, but requires some forethought.