Gear S2 Classic Model Number

The Gear S2 Classic is Samsung’s latest smartwatch model. It is a very affordable option for those looking to test the smartwatch waters. It comes in black and white, making it an easy choice for someone looking to try a smartwatch.

The Gear S2 Classic has some minor changes from the more expensive Gear S2. These changes include a smaller display, lower resolution display, and no GPS. Instead, the Gear S2 Classic has GLONASS and GPS withing its built-in chip.


Screen resolution

When it comes to screen resolution, the S2 classic is quite the opposite of modern day users. You are more than welcome to look at the pictures below and see what we mean.

The Gear S2 classic has a 1080p display which is pretty disappointing. You would expect a higher resolution display on a smart watch these days.

However, there are two ways to get a higher resolution display on your smart watch. The first is to buy a newer model smart watch that has a upgraded screen or new features. The second is to buy an old model that has been retired from production.

Battery life

The main reason to purchase a diecast smartphone is to prolong the battery life. Most of the time, your phone will be using applications and features on your account, so this does help!

However, if you are also a heavy user on apps and features on your account, then you know how quickly those things can use up your battery.

Many ways to extend the battery life of your phone includes using low power features such as notification LED off and screen timeout. Using low power processes such as Brightscreen or Do Not Power Down (DPD) are great ways to save some power.

Second methods that can include changing which apps get the most out of the phone are: switching between flagship resolution and mid-range, switching between soft and hard touches on the interface.

Memory size

The memory size of the Gear S2 classic can be changed via the app. You can increase or decrease how much data the watch holds by how you use it.

When you purchase your Gear S2 classic, you choose between a small, medium, or large memory size. The large memory size allows for more data to be stored in the watch than the small memory size does.

The large memory size is useful if you plan on being active outdoors a lot, as you will need to have some remaining battery power for satellite navigation and heart rate tracking. The small memory size is useful if you are a light user and only need enough storage to play some games or some photos and videos.

There are several ways to increase or decrease the storage on your Gear S2 classic. You can do this via the phone app, via an email notification, or via the Gear S2 classic itself.

Heart rate sensor

The heart rate sensor is an important part of the device. You will need to install a chest band or chest strap to use this sensor.

There are many ways to use the sensor. You can mount it on your wrist or put it in your shorts pocket to track activity and sleep. You can also connect it via Bluetooth to your computer or smart phone for monitoring workouts and notifications.

You can even use it as a alarm device by connecting it via Bluetooth and placing a few alarms on it. It works the same way as an alarm would in an actual alarm!

Because this device requires a chest strap or chest band to work, you will need to purchase one if you do not already have one.

Waterproof rating

The highest level of waterproofing that Gear S2 Classic models can have is waterproofed at the bottom. This means you can put your device in a bowl of water and it will still work!

The level of waterproofing that GEAR S2 Classic models can have has to do with their display. The screen of a smartphone is made of glass, so it can be exposed to water.

However, the display must be protected by a case when doing this, as without one, the water would soak into the case and into the smartphone.

Similarly, if your smartphone did not have a water-resistance feature, then it would be resistant to heavy rains andewater!

That is why there are two levels of waterproofness for these devices: level two and level four. Both have their benefits, but only one may be used at a time.

Price range

The price range for the Gear S2 Classic Model Number is between $250 and $300. Some users have even seen it for $200! This value priced smartwatch has a similar look and feel to the newer Gear S2 models, with the exception of the slightly larger display.

The classic model number has a smaller screen size of 1.4 inches compared to the new model’s 1.54-inch screen size. However, this does not mean that you will not get some of the same features.

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When it comes to looking the business end of a smart phone, nothing beats a traditional phone case. The built in functionality of the Gear S2 makes it a worthwhile case to have.

The classic model case features noticeable ridges along the sides that help protect the phone against damage. It also features a raised bezel around the display and casework to protect your smartphone from dirt, grease, and other contaminants.

The only real downside to this case is that it does not add any new dimension to the S2.