Galaxy S6 Home Button Not Working

Samsungs latest flagship device is the Galaxy S6. This phone has several new features, including a virtual edge screen, wireless charging, and Samsung Pay support.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, you might be experiencing a hard button or not being able to open the phone by pressing it firmly for about a second. This is known as indentation or click on the front of the phone.

This happens when there is an inner circuit board that has to be replaced. Sometimes it gets defective and doesn’t work correctly.


Try a different home button

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S6, try replacing the home button with another button. There are several different types of buttons that offer different functions.

Some home buttons feature active sensors that change color when touched, indicating they are connected to a specific app. These apps can be installed directly onto the new home button or via a software update.

These new smart home buttons have become the standard today as they provide ease of use and functionality. Newer devices do not have the sensor attached so it does not work, but you can remove it if needed.

Other homespots have no sensor but still functionifies because they match up with an app or functionbecause of what that app requires.

Reboot your phone

If your button is working, try rebooting your phone to see if that fixes the problem. If that does not work, try looking into fixing the problem first.

If you have to do this, take a break often to make sure your mind is right to do this! It can be a slow process and it might take a while before you can fix it.

Once you have fixed it, then restart your phone and try fixing the problem again. If that does not work, then get a new button or switch as the home button may be damaged beyond repair. Get in touch with our customer service team if you have other problems with your phones.

Restore your phone to factory settings

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 has a working home button, but is unable to determine when a app is being opened or closed, then you can try this.

Hold down the power button until you see a menu appear, then select Settings and go to Display and Notification Settings.

Set Screen Brightness and notification volume to maximum, and then turn off the device until next day. Then re-set them both to maximum and continue with setting up your device.

After that, try lifting the phone up and checking its status. If it works correctly, you will see a green light on the top of your phone indicating that it recognized the movement of the phone when you pressed it.

If not, go back into settings and change those settings again.

Contact Samsung for repair

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 has the home button, do not open the phone unless you have a replacement part. The component that makes the home button work and helps complete a call is called a physical interface component (PIC).

If your phone has a broken or missing PIC, it could potentially break or lose its functionality which could be very expensive to repair. Even if the phone does not have a PIC, you still can call Samsung to request a replacement device because they sell new phones at their online shop.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge did not have any bumpers so no need to worry about breaking these. Just make sure to check your device for a battery charge before sending it in for repair so that nothing is missed.