Freezing Fat Off At Home

cutting off and freezing food can be an amazing way to lose weight, or even maintain your weight loss if you are eating right and drinking enough water. Using this method is not just for people who are dieting, though; you can do this for any kind of weight loss.

It is also possible to save fat and weight at home, which can be helpful if you are limited in what foods you like to eat. You can create a list of foods that you like and would love to have in your house, from food to services.

Using the correct recipes is also helpful when saving fat and money at home. Many online sources offer help in this area, which can be a source of inspiration.

Saving fat and money is also at the discretion of who or what you save it too.

Chop fat into small pieces

If you don’t want to chop the fat, you can try freezing it at home. If you already had a fat freezer, this is even easier. Just put the fat in the freezer first!

If you don’t have a freezer, then you can buy ice cube trays, which are the same as regular ice cubes, but they are usually smaller. You can put one or two tablespoons of oil in each one, and cover with water. That way, it will freeze solid.

Once it does freeze, you can use it as fundraisers for your church or something like that.

Put in freezer container

If you don’t want to try out the trick of buying and freezing fat at home, you can put it in a container and put it in the freezer. This allows you to easily access it if you need to flash some fat, or if you change your diet and exercise routine.

If you do buy fat at the grocery store, make sure it is in a container. Many times, fat is sold as margarine, but that doesn’t mean it is actually butter. If there is butter contained inside of a jar, the jar may not be useable after it has been opened.

You would not want to freeze butter that was already cut into pieces, right? So make sure that the fat is in a container and has been frozen before trying this tip.

Freeze fat pieces until hard

If you are freezing fat, be careful! If you are doing this at home, you can do so in your own kitchen. You will need to be able to find either cajun or cayenne pepper or hot pepper sauce to use as a liquid asset.

Fat is one of the hardest things to freeze. Some people have had success by putting their fat pieces in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer for an hour before trying to cook it.

Crush into powder

As mentioned earlier, fat is an excellent source of calories. Therefore, you should always try to eat enough fruits and vegetables to match your daily fat intake.

But not all fat is the same. Some kinds of fat are called “substitute” fats in our diets. Examples of these include olive oil and peanut butter. If you did not have enough fat in your diet, your body needed something else to warm it up and incorporate it into its own cells.

A way to help yourself or someone else lose weight is to use a frozen fat block as the base for your weight-loss program. You can buy one at a health food store or online if you do not have access to one at home.

When breaking up the frozen block and placing it under hot water, however, be careful not to let the heat touch the sides of the block as this could damage it. Once broken up and placed under water, there is no return of air until both are cold.

Store in freezer until needed

Once your freezer is filled, its best to let some time pass before using your frozen fat. You can buy directly from the manufacturer or you can find a seller that ships for you.

If you are going to use the fat in your cooking, then it is best to let it thaw completely in a warm water bath or overnight before use. This allows the fat to melt properly and escape as an oil when you cook.

When melting fat, its better if the fat is cold! We recommend using a kitchen towel to catch any oil that escapes, otherwise you would have hot oil running down your face and into your food.

When storing frozen fat, make sure to keep the total amount of fat equal across all piles.

Use directly from the freezer

If you just bought your fat new and you would like to freeze it at home, here are some tips to help you do so.

To keep your fat safe, it is recommended that you purchase the freshest fat possible. The ones that look cold and have frozen particles on them, are good choices!

To prevent ice crystals from forming in your fat, it is recommended that you use the same brand of butter or margarine every time you use it. If one batch of butter or margarine has colder than the other, those ice crystals will melt during usage and not freeze correctly.

If wanting to use your fat outside of the freezer, then first thawing the butter or margarine slightly is recommended. Then, using a probe thermometer can help prevent cold spots and frozen solidification.

Apply cold directly to fat area

To freeze fat, you must first ameliorate its temperature. This can be done by either cutting a freezer bag down to one inch in diameter or two inch diameter, or by using one of the many stand-alone fat Freezing Devices.

Once that is done, you can either place the fat in a freezer bag or dishwasher safe container and put it out for your dog to play with or just leave it out to freeze. When it is frozen, put some hot water and let it melt away until frozen again. Then wrap it in a second bag or put it in the freezer.

Ta-da! You have yourself a self-contained ice box for your dog! Make sure to check your dog’s safety first, though- some fats are quite cold enough to cause frostbite if not managed correctly.

Use cryo spray or cream

If you can’t wait for your doctor to give you ice spray or cream, if you live in warm weather where the sun is strong daily, then use cryotherapy. Either method works, but cream appears to be the less reliable option.

As with all cold treatments, this one should be done by a trained professional. The cryo treatment requires a different way of applying the cream or spray, and new ways of applying it. Again, this one can be done by someone with experience, but again, not by you at home.

Home cryotherapy works by putting small amounts of frozen water/ice onto the skin. You need to keep doing it until all the fat is removed, as your body heat will continue to melt it away.