Free News Widgets For Websites

News Widgets is a feature that allows website users to add additional content or content blocks inside of a website. Once these news widgets are installed, you can then add additional text, images, and/or blockforms within the widget.

This feature is very useful as it allows you to expand your website’s functionality by adding more content. It also gives users a way to easily save their new news widget set as well.

Many people find this new feature fun and challenging at the same time!

To install the free news widgets for websites feature, just click the Add New Feature button under Features on the left side of your screen. Then type news Widgets into the text field and click add.



Bling-bling notifications and alerts! These features are becoming more and more common as we get smarter and smarter phones. Now, you can have the most basic of notifications on your phone that a notification has been sent, so you can easily see how to use them.

The Bling-Bling feature checks your phone’s notifications account to see if a new alert has been delivered. If it does, it adds a colorful bling effect to the notification to make it look better.


A new news widget platform that has taken off recently is Feedspot. Unlike other news widget platforms, Feedspot allows you to customize your website’s look and feel, making it much more appealing to visitors.

You can upload your own images, add logos and sites you admire, and create pages of information that you want visitors to access. By offering this feature on the premium version of Feedspot, which is only available for websites with a high amount of traffic, you will make your website more desirable.

On top of that, users can add lots of flair to their news widgets so they get more out of them.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny is a new app that has grown in popularity very quickly. The concept is that you download tiny little RSS feeds that are just under a KB in size. These tiny RSS feeds allow you to include as few as three lines of text before and after which to summarize the content of the website you add it to.

This is great for people who want a quick summary of what the website they are visiting has to say, but cannot bear reading many pages of text due to their device being too small.

By using these tiny RSS feeds, your device will not take up too much storage space, as the mega-sized ones are only a few KBs in size. You can also create mnemonics for these apps so that you can easily access them both on your phone and computer.

Press Forward

Netvouz is a collection of free web widgets that can be added to any website. They are designed to help websites easily promote their services or products.

Wevvos are available as downloadable APKs, iOs and Android app shortcuts. You can also create your own Wevo by importing an already functioning widget or creating your own.

All of the Wevo’s are free, which makes them a great way to market your website. You can add them to your home screen or even put them on a notice board so people coming to your website know about the latest news and events at your business.

Weoyd is a app that allows you to create and manage custom widgets for Weo’s. These can be imported from other apps which gives you some great features for yours.


The new netvouz is the lullaby of the Internet. You can call it a reminder, a guide, or even a soliloquy because it’s got it all: netiquette, Twitter handles, Facebook statuses, and all-important email signatures.

The Internet has become our new classroom, our personal assistant, and our life support system. It saves us money by letting us access our finances from any device quickly. It infuses us with energy through online communities and news sources.

It enables us to find and connect with people who have similar interests and makes new friends easily. Most of all, the Internet is a vital source of news for us as we still rely on TV, radio, and print media to keep us up to date.

This medium-sized tidbit will give you some quick tips on how to use the Internet as a teaching tool in your classroom or as an extension course for students.


News360 is an all-encompassing news and information source. It features news and content from around the web, as well as tools and tips to help you stay informed.

You can also create your own news widgets, where you can add your content and then place it anywhere on your website. This way, people can quickly determine what news source you are talking about without having to click on the link.

News360 has many different genres of news, making it a useful widget. You can even add a section breakers to break up the content so it is easier to read.

Overall, News360 is a great way to create your own news widgets because you can change everything up any time you want! All users are given is an icon and text that goes with it.


Flipboard is a simple way to get news, either on the go or just from any device. You can also set it to automatically update how you get news, including having it as a daily routine.

The app will also sync your news views and updates with your device, making it easy to move between devices and continue receiving news.

By setting the app to be a daily routine, you will receive the news when something new has been announced or important events have happened in your favorite subjects. This is going to help you receive breaking news alerts as well as other news articles you can enjoy.

The way this app works is by creating flaps that cover different parts of life. When an event or topic fits into one area, it will automatically display on the screen in full detail. This makes getting information more easily than using just the standard News App.

LinkedIn Today

A great way to keep yourself informed and up to date on the activities happening in your field is by using theLinkedInToday widget.

The widget will allow you to add an update to your profile or as a new post which will be added to your feed every day. It also has a newsletter option which will send out a once per week email alert.

These are very useful tools which can keep you up to date with what is happening in your field and how people are doing it by having these updates on your profile and in an easy to access format.

Hopefully you can learn something new about yourself or someone else through sharing your knowledge or taking on an assignment that involves community involvement.