Free Conference Call Charges T Mobile

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Conference calls are a valuable way for a CEO or chair of board of directors to get everyone together and address questions quickly. A good conference call allows both sides of the conversation enough time to reply and answer questions.

It is important for CEOs or chairmen to participate in conference calls as it can be difficult to answer all the questions being directed at them.

Call charges with T-Mobile

free conference call charges t mobile

If you use a phone with T-Mobile, you may be charged for every call that goes through. This is called the per-minute charge and the per-call charge.

Both charges are applied at the phone and placed on your bill as a line item. Per-minute charges typically range from 0 to 2 cents per minute, while per-call charges can be as low as 1 cent or more than 2 cents.

Per-minute charges may seem reasonable when you compare them to how much a call typically costs on your plan, but if you are having a large conversation or many people are on the call at once, it can quickly cost more than 2 cents per minute.

Per-minute charges can be difficult to see on your bill and they may not go through your plan, so you must ask for them if they are noticeable.

How to set up conference calls

free conference call charges t mobile

First and foremost is to set up a conference call. This can be done either on your phone or via the web using a conference call service.

To do this on your phone, you will need to create an account with a conference call service. These services are very easy to use and provide helpful tips and videos on how to set up a good call.

Once you do this, you will need to enter the numbers of everyone who will be on the call (called “participants”) and then set the time and location for the call. You can then manage when people can join or leave the call, as well as specify who answers the phone (you can even control how long each message takes).

Invite people to the call

free conference call charges t mobile

If you want to invite people to the conference call, you can do so easily. Just dial *11 and ask your phone what number to call, then enter that number in the corresponding field.

Your phone will then automatically dial the number and invite participants. You can also add additional contact information such as their names and email addresses to organize the call.

Once it has started, you can leave at any point. You will still be charged the monthly fee for using your free conference line app, but you will not be on the phone with anyone yet. This app is designed for companies who need a quick way to gather information from multiple people and take action against an issue.

Ensure everyone is muted except one person

free conference call charges t mobile

When conducting a conference call, make sure both people on the call are being addressed, that no one is speaking over or interrupting anyone else, and that everyone is being miked.

This includes speakers, listeners, and anyone else involved in the conversation. If someone is not included in the conversation, they must be miked to respond.

Make sure everyone is paying attention! If one person leaves the conference call to answer a phone call, then the other person must also wait until that person returns before continuing with the conversation. This is to prevent someone from ending up on a phone bill without knowing who they were talking to!

Consider using your mobile device as the controller for your conference call. This way, you do not need to have multiple phones and accessories connected to your system.

Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and a good connection

free conference call charges t mobile

When using a cellular phone, you must have an active data connection in order for the app to work. You will need to be able to browse the web and talk at the same time!

In order for your phone app to work, you must have a data connection. In addition, your app must be compatible with your cellular plan’s data limit.

Many apps do not work properly without data and/or with low data plans. That is why you will usually pay more for an app that works properly than one that does not!

In case you have a plan with a low amount of data available, make sure you have enough to use your app! If not, you may want to look into purchasing an additional plan that has more space- no need to do it though if your app works properly as intended.

Use a free service like Google Hangouts or Skype

free conference call charges t mobile

If your corporate voice communication needs can be met via a phone call, then go for a phone call. Both companies offer free hangouts and skype accounts so you can start using them.

If you are currently using a computer or a phone to communicate, then you can still use the same software. The only difference is that the software must be installed on the actual device where calls can be placed and received.

Use of the software must be maintained to keep your charges paid. If you have to have an emergency meeting and no one is available to speak on your company’s behalf, use a conference call. It is cheaper than having someone come out specifically to talk on your behalf!

The best way to use these services is via the hangouts or through their account settings.

Ask your phone company about conference calling features

free conference call charges t mobile

If you want to call another phone number or use a cell phone’s feature to make a call, then your current phone company does not offer any features to automatically create a conference call. You will have to set up the conference call yourself by calling the other party and asking if they would like to join with you.

This is because some companies charge a fee for their customers to use their conference calls. Some charge $5 per minute, while others offer free calls due to their corporate policy.

Ask your current phone company what features they have available for you as a customer and see if you can live with it or not. If you can’t, then look into upgrading your network coverage or changing your current provider. There are ways of getting these features with enough time and money spent on them.

Get a new phone number for your business

free conference call charges t mobile

If you have a T-Mobile phone, you can easily get a new phone number by going to and selecting the MyT-Mobile app.

You can then transfer your current phone number to your new device. This is helpful if you have trouble remembering your new number and/or device ID. It also helps with HIPAA compliance as your new number cannot be combined with another without explicit permission.

If you have a Samsung or iPhone, you can buy an Android or Apple case and slap it on the back of your phone to make it more accessible.

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