Fox 59 Morning News Anchors

Today, we are going to talk about the eight most influential anchors in town. They are Kiel read, Somer, Jarrell, McBride, Thomas, Winston, and Ward.

All of them have made a big impact on their communities and TV news world in one way or another. Some due to their work and some because of their contributions towards viewer engagement and success.

We are going to give you all quick tips on how to put together a list like this one so you can start building your list.


Angela Ganote

After a short introduction, the anchors get to work. They interview people about everything from gardening to cooking to entertainment to education. Their expertise is always on point and their stories are always inspiring.

The morning news anchors work together as a team and they treat each other with respect. They also have fun doing their job and they make it look easy.

Their audience watches them for two reasons: food and entertainment. They are very good at both!

To become an anchor, you must be good atInterviewing and Attending.

Brian Sweet

Brian Sweet

Brian Sweet is an anchor and reporter for KWU. He joined the station in late 2012 as a reporter and became an anchor in 2013.

During his tenure at KWU, Brian has been named a Top Ten News Charleronez by his peers for his coverage of local news. He also received the Meritorious Achievement Award from the Kentwood-Merriville Chamber of Commerce in 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, he was named One of the 50 Most Desirable Men in Kent County by Women & Coalfire Magazine. In addition to being an excellent journalist, Brian is also an excellent guy to talk to about anything.

Katie Kim

Katie Kim is an anchor for the morning show, Kornfein & Kim. She joined Fox 59 in October 2017. Prior to that, she worked at WXIN in Indianapolis, Indiana where she co-anchored the 6 a.m. hour with Patrick Kornfein and 5 a.m. hour with Christina Kim.

Kornfein & Kim airs weekdays at 4:30am and 5am local time, making her one of the last hosts of a morning show in the United States. She also works as a weekend anchor on WXIN weekdays at 9am and on weekends at 9:30am.

Like her predecessor, Kornfein & Kim does some weekend shows as well. These are usually broadcast Sunday through Thursday from 10:30am to 12pm and 1:00pm to 3:00pm local time respectively.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a journalist by trade. He has written for The New York Times, NBC News, and now for KFOR-TV as a morning news anchor.

Smith began his journalism career as a reporter for the Plymouth Township Public Library in Plymouth, Michigan. While there, he worked as a circulation representative and then director of programs and services before moving to news anchor position.

The job he loves most in the world is reporting stories about people, especially those who are not used to being reported on. As a news anchor, you get to make people feel comfortable and confident in you which makes you more likely to find interesting things to report on.

His day job keeps him active which is why he enjoys doing morning news shows so much. He enjoys working with his team and being their leader but it is also fun to take over at times.

Jennifer Brogdon

Jennifer Brogdon is an anchor for the morning news segment on Fox 59. She joined the station in 2013 as a reporter, and went on to become a chief reporter in 2016.

She began her journalism career as a news reporter for the now-defunct newspaper The Vindicator in 2007. After joining as a reporter, she transitioned into an editor-at-large position before becoming an anchor.

Her leadership abilities coupled with her enthusiasm make her an ideal fit for the role of morning anchor at Fox 59. Her trademark sweater and jeans can be re-created many times, showing how rad she is every day she’s wearing them.

Bullet point #2: You don’t want to be anywhere near Jennifer when she gets stuck with her notes — or when she has to take a break to move on from them.

Tamika Newson

Tamika Newson is an anchor for the morning show on Fox 59, The Morning Show. Her role includes reading the headlines and introductions for the stories that the co-hosts read, takes questions from the audience, and answers them.

Newson began her career as a news reporter at WXVN in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After spending several years there as a reporter and anchor, she moved to NBC Nightly News as a correspondent before returning to her previous job as an anchor.

She also worked for ABC News as a correspondent before joining The Morning Show. Newson has been at Fox 59 since 2015 and joined the National Football League (NFL) 2018 season on staff. She was first hired by co-host Jon Harmon prior to that season.

What Does Newson Do?

The key to working alongside another journalist on TV or in print is knowing what aspects of their jobs they take seriously and how they handle themselves in public. In media, this kind of self-confidence is called professionalism.

Shawnée Scott

Shawnée Scott was an anchor and reporter for Fox 59 in Chicago, Illinois. She became an anchor after graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism.

After working at Fox 59 for just under a year, she was offered a position as reporter and later an anchor position at CBS News. She started her new job on June 6, 2014 and began her duties on July 1, 2014.

She covered many major stories during her time at Fox 59 including the 2011 DuPage County State Journalist Award winner Paul Zabriskie’s death, the 2015 release of Laquelle Whitfield’s killer, and most recently Kristian Pednez’ murder-suicide last month.

Her reporting was always detailed and thorough which helped make big news stories like that of Paul Zabriskie or Kristian Pednez’s situations seem more human instead of “news”.

Marisa Brahney

Marisa Brahney is an American morning news anchor and reporter for the Fox 59 News Group. She joined the station in 2015 as a reporter, and became an on-air talent in 2017.

Brahney was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she attended North Central High School. During her time as a student, she contributed to several campus groups and was involved with the school’s Choral Program as a member of the stage crew.

After graduating from high school, Brahney went on to attend Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a focus on Sound and Music Production. She continued her studies at Kutztown University where she earned her Juris Doctorate with an emphasis on appellate practice.

Upon completing her education, Brahney began her career working at Kutztown University’s Vanguard News Service as a production assistant. During her time there, she covered many local events including student body elections.