Ford F150 Rear View Camera Not Working

Driving behind another vehicle is always a fun experience, especially if they are a big truck or SUV. You get to see their entire road layout and all of the things they need to stay in view as they navigate the road.

If you are ever stuck in traffic and can not see what the other vehicle is doing, this technology is top notch!

There are so many applications for rearview cameras these days, that it is hard to choose which one you need. Some companies even offer them as a package!

Today, we will talk about some of the newer technologies for vehicles that offer rearview cameras as a package.

Make sure rear view mirror is adjusted correctly

When rear view mirror is adjusted, it will be marked with a black ring around the middle. This is because it has to be placed on a surface that is sufficiently long and wide.

If the mirror is folded or adjusted using a clip, the clip must be connected to a wire that is long enough to reach both sides of the mirror. If this wire is short, then it will not work!

If the mirror is mounted using screws, then one must make sure they are set deep enough to hold the frame firmly in place.

Try another USB charger to make sure it isn’t the charger

If the other USB charger works, then it is likely that your rear view camera is not charging the iPhone or Android device. If it does not work with those devices, try a different one to make sure.

To check if your rear view camera is working, try opening your car’s rearview mirror and see if you can look through it. If you can look through it, then it is charging properly.

If you can open your car’s rearview mirror and see nothing, then it may be dead. If there is nothing visible, try putting on some sunglasses to make sure there are no hidden eyes underneath. If those fail, call Ford Customer Service to have the rear view camera replaced.

Contact dealership to see if they can fix it

If the rear view camera has a problem, you can contact your local Ford dealership to see if they can fix it. It would cost them, but could save you some serious time and trouble looking back at what they were doing when you drove the truck.

Many dealerships will not just fix car problems for a lower price, though. Instead, they will charge something more to keep the customer coming back. So, look into it further to see if there is a cost involved such as a repair manual or routine maintenance schedule.

If there is no need for a repair manual or scheduled maintenance, then go ahead and have the truck repaired. Just make sure that the Ford dealership knows about this issue so that they can fix it for you. If your rear view camera was the culprit, then chances are it was not broke so go ahead and fix it.

Find an alternative camera for back up

There are a few alternatives to the rear view mirror camera. These include a backup side mirror, backup roof rack camera, and backup license plate receiver. Each of these devices may have a special place in your vehicle’s equipment grid.

A side mirror provides added visibility when backing up, turning around, or when changing directions. A back up camera works in addition to the main rear view mirror as well as providing additional protection for when you misjudge your turn or lane and get sideswiped by something in front of you.

A roof rack camera gives additional protection for your vehicle by giving you an additional source of information on what vehicle or person is above you. This can be useful if something goes wrong with the rear view mirror and there is a danger of being hit by something above you.

A backup license plate receiver works in similar fashion to the original rear plate receiver but gives you another source of information on where your vehicle is off-road.