Eyebrow Tattoo Removal At Home

Eyebrow tattoo removal is a trendier hair style these days. There are so many ways to apply and wear them, making it very popular!

They are very easy to begin wearing as each area of the eyebrow can be painted with a natural looking brow tattoo. The rest of the brow can then be shaped and covered with other products.

They are a great way to get rid of some unwanted hair without going to the doctor. Many home beauty services offer this service at no charge!

How Does It Work? How Does It Work?

The way home beauty services do it by using lasers or special equipment to remove hair cells and leave bare skin behind. Once this happens, the patient just paint new hair onto the area and that is it!

This procedure works by setting a local anesthetic first, then the developer uses a laser to remove hairs and leave bare areas behind. The remaining tissue is painted with new skin leaving no trace of old skin.


Apply gently to affected area

After cleaning the tattoo area, prepare the skin by removing any dust or hair that may be present. Then, pass a cold wet cloth over the area for about 30 seconds to prevent drying and scratching.

Make sure to remove all of the hairs behind the eyebrow as these could be trapped under the tattoo and cause more trouble down the road.

Now, place a drop of your topically active gel on the affected area and gently spread it in a thin layer. Let it sit for a few minutes then brush off any excess.

Lift up the end of your pencil or pen and lightly press around the edge of the tattoo to fill up enough space around it for your glue to set. Then, pull away gently using an opposite hand direction to how you applied it.

Use a blow dryer on low heat

When trying to get rid of an eyebrow tattoo, we recommend using a blow dryer on low heat. You can also use a hairdryer, but not both together on this procedure.

To remove an eyebrow tattoo, you first have to brush your hair very hard and short to get it smooth. Then, you need to hold the position for about five minutes until the hair dries.

Then, you can use a wax or gel formula and press your eyebrow into it to create a shape. You then have to leave it until it sets down.

Apply ink-free makeup

A very common mistake is to use a pencil or a brush to apply the tattoo removal makeup. The easiest way is to just hold the pencil or brush with one hand and then quickly switch hands to apply the makeup onto the other side.

Using a technque: Tapered brushes and pencils are much harder to remove. Some way of applying the makeup such as holding a dropper bottle open with one hand and pouring in the tattooed liquid, or mixing up some cocktail recipe ingredients with success.

The best way to prevent removal of tattoos at home is to always use accredited home Remedies for Tattoo Removal products. These usually have some kind of base mixed in that holds the tattoo liquid, making it slightly thicker than tap water so it does not run off.

Use a wax strip

A brow tattoo removal method that has become very popular is using a wax strip. The artist draws a line across the upper eyebrow where he or she wants the tattoo to be removed. Then, he or she lightly applies wax to the strip and gently sweeps it down the length of the eyebrow, removing the tattoo.

This method requires some training and practice, but it is very effective! Many artists now offer this method of tattoo removal at home.

Many people are able to do this themselves right at home using a straight-edged pencil as their material.

Try a natural oil

If you are unable to find a branded eyebrow tattoo removal product that contains tea tree oil, try one of the following alternatives. Cocoa butter is another possible alternative.

Cocoa butter is a natural fat that can be used as a alternative to other makeup removers. It can be used on your skin, hair, and even furniture without harming the surrounding area. It can also be sheered into a treatment pot and sent abroad where tattoo removal is an everyday practice.

A common use for cocoa butter is under eye makeup remover. Make sure you do not forget it when applying it onto your face as it will take some time for it to spread fully. Instead, use an eye make up remover made with the same consistency so you do not have to buy new ones every time you have brow tattoo removal at home circuitry.

Use a toothbrush

Doing your eyebrows at home can be a scary idea. Who will look at your tattoo and tell you how cute it is? How many times a week should you shave your eyebrows?

The answer is every day! You should shave your eyebrows every day to maintain them. Letting the tattoo heal and changing styles with hair growth can cause problems.

Using a eyebrow wax container makes this process way easier. Creating a safe haven for the tattoo to heal is the main goal of this process. Many use microwave ovens as these don’t work on paper or plastic, but check with an expert first.

Some people use lasers but they are not approved yet at home.

Apply lemon juice

Placing a lemon in your mouth will help reduce redness caused by eyebrow tattoo removal. After taking a tiny bit of juice into the middle of your eyebrows, hold it there for about a minute until the juice starts to flow.

After that, press your thumb against the end and create a seal to keep the rest of the juice inside. Next, pull up on the skin to remove the tattoo. Be careful not to pull too hard or it could leave scars.

To remove crows feet ink (or any other lines that form around your eyes) try using an iron-tipped pencil and creating a different line at each corner of the eye. Just be sure to use an effective technique so that it does not pull away blood vessels underneath.

Use baking soda

Instead of hiring a tattoo artist to remove the eyebrow tattoo, you can do the same at home. Baking soda is a great way to soften skin and remove surface hairs, even those in hard to reach places.

When hair is removed, it either flops around or sticks to the skin as a thin film. This film slowly dries and falls off over time, leaving your brow area clean and smooth.

Using a bit of baking soda on the eyebrows just enough to cover the tattoo helps prevent any whitening or browning of the skin that may occur as it sits. It also helps prevent any watery look that might occur when removing the brow tattoo.

Just be sure to keep an eye on your child as they age so that they do not get too much of this – it can potentially cause dehydration or bleeding where hair has been lost.