Entertainment For Dogs Home Alone

Dog acted out movies and TV shows are a constant source of inspiration. Even if your dog does not represent itself in the area of TV and movies, they still get a good feel for the theme and feel of the film or show by following it into the kitchen to watch it on the TV or being allowed to watch it while you are cooking it.

By watching this with you at home, you can help teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, and play. By allowing them to cook things like dogs do in dog food products, you are also teaching your dog some kitchen skills.

This is a great way to spend time with your dog as they learn more about life outside of yours.


Leave on a light

When your dog is napping, leave the room on a light. This allows the dog to wake up and find the room in the morning on a soft, warm day.

This also helps save you from having to walk him in the dark, or return to tell him he has to wait until night time to go outside. A wide daylight hours can help your dog get used to being out of doors.

Furthermore, a roof and walls can help hold back fluid tumours such as acoustic wall syndrome. This syndrome causes dogs with soundproof homes such as apartments or hotels to have fluid around their organs which leads me to my next point.

Keeping your home white can also help reduce K9 kidney failure. Dressing your dog in all black or something similar will prevent any liquid coming into contact with their organs which reduces resistance.

Leave the window open a bit

If your dog gets scared by anything, he or she should also try out this new product. It is called Leave the Window Open a Bit (LOOWB).

It is a small toy or treat ball with a clear window in the middle. The window allows you to put food and/or treats inside the ball.

The idea is for your dog to get used to being able to see what’s outside, so they’ll be more likely to come out for snacks and sob over an exciting event like the arrival of your new baby.

If your dog isn’t familiar with the weather, then LOOWB can help ease their anxiety. By having an open window, they’ll know there’s still light outside which may help them feel more comfortable.

If you have a big dog, buy one of both sizes of LOOWB to make it easier for them to use it.


The vacuum is one of the most important dog toys. There are many brands and types of vacuum toy, so we do not need to stick to one.

The vacuum toy has a long cord and is typically round orovalized. The longer the toy, the harder it is to get through your dog. More challenging toys require more effort to obtain purchase.

To enjoy this toy fully, dogs must be able to get a full grasp on it. If a dog can’t seem to obtain purchase with the nun-unlike hair on the nun-like bottom of the vacuumpot, then it is not a good enough toy for him!

This is why we suggest starting with less demanding toys like the die-hardúvacuum or smaller soft Vacuums like Kukui Kookaá (pictured below). These can be trimmed if necessary! More advanced toys like the heavy duty úvacume can be very hard so do not worry about making this one too easy.

Do hand exercises

If your dog is not getting any exercise, doing some hand exercises may help him or her feel more energy. There are many ways to exercise your dog, and choosing one that is easiest for him or her can help make his or her day!

Hand exercises can be done with your dog on his back or sitting. If he needs to get up, he can do so by himself or with your assistance. He can also hold onto things or perform certain tasks with greater precision and strength.

These include washing dishes, cleaning the house, preparing meals, and other household tasks. All of these require your dog to be able to do with less supervision which is important when he gets tired.

When working out at the gym or at a hands-on program, you must give your dog enough space.

Read to you

While reading is a lifetime hobby, there are a few weeks of the year when dog owners must read aloud to their dogs. Doggy stories are all about discovery, and teaching your dog to walk is just as fun if not more!

Reading aloud can be an embarrassing process at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a fun way to connect and socialize with your dog. Plus, you can get some good reads too- recently published dogs average about six pages a day on average!

Many dogs enjoy being read to, and find the process of being listened to for a short time something special. If you are planning on getting a new dog puppy-self-timing is everything. Get early start on training so you can get started right!

Before you begin reading you should determine what level of dog you have. Level one dogs do not require very much noise or attention so they may only need to hear the word no more than five times before they pick up and relate to the situation.

Watch TV with you

Watching television for the first time should be an exciting, fun experience for your dog. For example, you can set up TV programs or channels your dog is familiar with.

Many dogs enjoy watching television news or current events programming, following events and demonstrations by being present when they are on the screen.

For dogs that like shopping, there are many channel systems that feature live shopping streams. For example, stores may broadcast a TV program with their logo followed by the word “TV” and an item or two to introduce your dog.

There are also special TV programs for dogs. For example, there is a special program called Dog 101 that contains teachings from professional dog trainers on common behaviors and why they happen.

There is even a special show called The Kibble Bowl where two dogs meet in front of the camera and then they go into an enclosure where they get acquainted before a test encounter is filmed and aired.

Play with toys

Using a toy is an important part of dog play. A toy can be held up or pulled and run with, etc. If your dog does not have a toy of his own, you can purchase one for him from Hecho in blue or red with white text or Rooster Toy in black and red.

The down-side to toys is that they must be replaced. Chances are, your dog will get around new toys a little bit until they are replaced, so make sure to buy good quality toys.

Try out some of these options this weekend to see if you have a friendly pet who loves to play.

Look at photos of you and friends

These can be a cool way to get your friends together to meet your dog. You can create a meet-and-grease program, or arrange for a visit with one of your dogs.

Home alone events are also fun. You can surprise the dogs with what they see as their introduction to the home.

Photo events are more permanent, so look into getting pictures before and after you get each dog adjusted to the home. This may be helpful if one or two dogs do not like each other’s environment or each other’s homes.

If you have children, try having kids tour your dog at different times of the day to see how they affect her.

Lastly, looking up different pet trends is cool for dogs too. See if you can find a comforter or coat that matches their size and type of care they need.