Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask Review

Why you will read this Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask review?

Because you are looking for a perfect paintball mask. Isn’t it?

So what does your perfect weekend look like? Well, sit back, close your eyes and imagine this. It’s a warm Saturday, and a cool breeze is tempering the heat from the sun. You make your way to an open field right out of town with a bunch of your closest friends. And once you get there, you dress up in camouflage.

It’s quiet for a moment. And then the air is filled with shouts from your teammates. So the heavy sound of your opponent’s running and taking cover.

You take a deep breath, set your sights on your opponents a few yards away, and pull the trigger. Once you do that, a burst of bright color appears on their body, and you know that you’ve gotten one down. This is the ever-exciting life of a paintball player. I know that you are now eager to join the nearest paintball park, but before you do so, you need to learn a little about paintball masks. And Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask is the best fit for your game enjoyment.

This is a necessary piece of gear that all paintball players should own, as it provides crucial protection during your game. One mask that has caught my attention is the Empire Invert Helix, which is a thermal lens paintball mask. This comfortable and convenient mask is one of the most popular options on the market, and for that reason, we will review it below.

Who is It Made for?

The Invert Helix is a paintball mask designed with budget paintball players in mind. This mask will offer excellent protection during your game, and you will not even have to shell out a lot of money to own one.

Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens features

Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask is designed for the consumer’s needs. After Five hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask is a one of the best on our paintball mask List.

Rigid Construction

When you are buying a paintball mask, you need to be sure that it will offer optimum protection from impact. After all, no one wants to feel the sting of a paintball pellet smacking them right in the face.

That is why Empire has constructed the Invert Helix with a rigid plastic shell, which will protect your ears and face from the impact. This hard and tough construction also ensures durability, so that you can wear your mask for years to come.

Clear Lens

When it comes to the lens of the mask, the Invert Helix has integrated a clear thermal dual pane lens into the mix. This lens offers a spectacular field of view, and you will benefit from unique vision as you play.

The lens also has anti-fog mask protection, so that you are not spending too much time trying to wipe your lens. Furthermore, this lens has a quick-change design, so that you can switch the lens without any fuss.

Great Ventilation

If you plan on wearing your paintball mask for long periods of time, then you need to make sure that you have sufficient ventilation throughout. Just imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear a stuffy mask for hours on end, on a hot and sunny day.
Empire prevents this from happening by providing excellent ventilation in the Invert Helix mask so that you can breathe easily in all temperature and weather conditions.


Browser Last but not least, the paintball mask comes with a removable browser, which is a brow shield and visor combination.
This browser will prevent sun and rain from ruining your game, in addition to deflecting all paintballs that are coming towards your forehead.

Positive & Negative

Here you can read positive & negative sides of this product. Hope you will love it by knowing it.


  • Lens does not fog up
  • Great price
  • Offers excellent face and ear protection
  • Great ventilation
  • Convenient visor


  • Foam padding is hard and ill-fitting

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick questions and answers. So you can know about this Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask easily within a short time.

Q: Can you take the visor off the paintball mask?
A: Yes, the visor is removable, and you can take it off.

Q: Can you wear prescription glasses with this paintball mask?
A: Yes. The mask will accommodate prescription glasses, and you can rest assured that your glasses will fit perfectly inside the lens area.

Q: Does the thermal lens hold up to fogging?
A: Yes, the thermal lens on this paintball mask has anti-fog properties, and so you can play well in hot and humid conditions without the lens fogging up.

Q: What is the largest size that this paintball mask will adjust to?
A: The paintball mask has a full circumference of 30 inches.

Final Verdict

The Invert Helix paintball mask is one of the best budget-friendly masks out there. This mask offers excellent protection and visibility during your paintball game, and I would recommend it to you
Using this Paintball masks is a pleasure for me. And don’t forget, this mask is a one kind of paintball equipment only.

It is an exceptional experience for you if you are having safety problems. It comes at a great price and with parts that will last a lifetime.

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