Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Review

Looking for a perfect paintball mask? Then read this Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System review.

Are you an experienced or an amateur paintball player in need of a great goggle mask? The E- flex is another release by Empire Company to the delight of all paintball enthusiasts who seek comfort and style.

Paintball masks have over time been proven to be the most essential accessory for any paintball game. It is very durable and efficient for a paintball player.

The E-Flex is an upgrade of both the E-Vent and JT Proflex. This makes it a super goggle in quality and durability. The E- Flex is all about comfort.

It is additionally good looking and at the same time, its bottom and upper (lenses) parts are compatible with the Pro-Flex mask. The E-Flex is particularly easy to use for its functions. It is the perfect goggle for you if you value comfort and versatility.

Who is This Product Designed for?

Ideal for both starters and experienced paintball players.

Product Features

The Empire E-Flex goggle system offers a wide spectrum of quality features which ensures total concealment.

Vents Systems for Rapid Lens Exchange

Are you looking for a goggle system that is easy for you to assemble and dissemble? One that is comfortable with high airflow? Well the soft flexible front of the E-Flex mask provides for easy dissembling when changing lenses for day and night play and also during cleaning.

The micro- venting also increases airflow inside the mask increasing the player’s ability to breathe well. It makes you very comfortable when using.

Thermal Anti-Fog Clear Lens with Zero Optical Distortion

Looking for a mask that will serve you even in extreme weather conditions? Yes, that is call anti fog mask. And the Empire e-flex paintball goggle system is fitted with a dual pane thermal lens which simply doesn’t fog throughout the day.

This is very useful while gaming in temperate environments. In addition, its dual pane design ensures a maximum viewing angle of 270- degrees and visual clarity which allows your eyes to easily focus on your target.

Ultra Soft and Flexible Face Skirt with Reduced Silhouette.

You need a mask that gives you clear vision? The Empire e-flex paintball goggle is fitted with amazingly soft spectra foam which guarantees comfort, ensures good peripheral vision and the most satisfying fit for paintballers.

The flexible face skirt also creates bounces which ensure excellent voice projection during communication with fellow teammates. Again, the skirting ensures maximum ability to breathe. The reduced silhouette is for fewer hits while playing.

Pro Style Empire Strap with Silicone Bead.

Are you a very active paintball player? You need a mask that will not fall off during your games? Well then, the Empire e-flex paintball mask stays on your face with a much sturdier strap.

Its silicone bead means even if you fall on your face while playing, the mask still remains intact as it holds the strap in place. The strap also shows off the amazing color and design of the mask.

New E-Flex Thermo Foam Ear Piece.

Have you been searching for a goggle mask that will offer you comfort and allow you to freely communicate with other people even when you have it on?

Well the Empire e-flex paintball goggle system has the thermo foam ear pieces are meant for incredible comfort and low profile. It allows you to hear everything around you while offering the right amount of protection.

Hypo-Allergenic Super-Comfortable

Are you seeking a comfortable and durable goggle mask? This mask has Hypo- allergenic super- comfortable pro Flex face foam. This feature simply translates to minimal allergic reactions hence being suitable to many players.

The foam also ensures ample comfort to hug your face without feeling like it’s constricting your skull. Also, makes the mask very durable.

Light Weight and Improved Ability to Breathe.

The Empire e-flex paintball goggle system is very light in weight and comfortable. The mask comes with enough space to breathe inside.

This makes it very comfortable, especially during a day- long game scenario where one would require comfort and the ability to breathe inside their masks. The E-Flex mask comes in ultra light weight design which allows for unrestricted movement.


  • The mask provides users with a great ability to breathe well.
  • It’s comfortable to wear.
  • It offers the ability to exchange lens rapidly.
  • It’s very light in terms of weight.
  • The mask doesn’t fog.
  • It is durable.


  • . It is a bit costly.

Final Verdict

Having highlighted the features of the E-Flex goggle by Empire and its pros and cons, it’s fair to establish that it is a better mask for paintballers. Its pattern is designed to not only ensure maximum concealment but also to provide functionality and style while lasting for a long time.

It offers a wide range of styles and colors to fit any kind of user personality. It is therefore to say that the E-Flex goggle system allows its users to play paint ball efficiently, effectively and most importantly comfortably.

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