Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

As the human species continues to evolve, so does our pets. Some dogs now enjoy the use of water,Join the discussion here! Other dogs are house owners, and like other homeowners, they need to get rid of the furniture cleanliness is not always a priority for these dogs.

By nature, German shepherd dogs are very active animals. They must exercise frequently to stay healthy. It is important for these dog owners to include a game plan in case their dog becomes sick or doesn’t feel like exercising.

Using dog hair remedae can be a hassle at first, but it can save you from having to go to the vet or take your dog to the vet.


Apple cider vinegar

As the name suggests, an apple cider vinegar shampoo is meant to heal hair loss by cleaning the hair of harmful toxins.

However, this does not work for every dog. Many dogs do not respond well to it and even worse, some hair loss episodes may be exacerbated by it.

However, if your dog has less hair then they should already be thankful as this may help keep their skin and coat smooth and free from dryness.

Because of the way that it works, this can only be used on the most recently washed section of your dog’s Hair. It must be cut very carefully to avoid cutting into any further hair growth.

Only use it if your dog has lost a lot of hair around their legs or around their chest and back as that might cause excessive wetness or smell.

Hot oil treatment

As the name suggests, this hot oil treatment can be used on most hard surfaces such as furniture or tiles. It can also be applied to your dog’s hair as a whole, making it more manageable.

The trick is in choosing the right temperature for your oil. Too hot and you end up with dry hair that stuck to the skin and inability to remove it. Too warm and you risk causing heat damage to your dog’s hair such as through steam treatment or boiling.

This is similar to how you would use a blow dryer or hairdryer for your hair. You control the amount of time you leave it alone, the temperature you use, and how well done your final result may be.

Garlic paste

Onion is a strong tasting root vegetable. It can be stored away in the freezer or fridge, making it a quick and easy home remedy.

When mixing this remedy into your dog’s food, do not overdo it. Too much onion will make your dog sick. A small amount of onion juice should be enough to make a difference in your dog’s hair loss.

This remedy works by working off bacteria in your dog’s tooth and gut environment that grows hair. When this disappears, that hair falls out.

By adding some onion juice into their food, you are giving your dog a little growth back into their gut environment and fixing their hair loss. You may also want to try changing up their food every few weeks to keep up with any changes in hair growth or breakdown.

Onion juice

As the name suggests, this method involves mixing onion juice with your dog’s food. If you have a rich or heavy diet, do not worry as the onion juice will help retain moisture.

Onion is a powerful anti-microbial and may help prevent hair loss. It may also aid in digestion and over all health. Dogs who suffer from hair loss may also experience dry skin and breakdown of tissue, which can be very painful.

If your dog has hair loss, you can either try buying topical agents or trying this home remedy. The latter is recommended more if your dog is older as it could lead to skin deterioration or complications such as bowel obstruction due to lack of function of hair follicles.

Aloe vera

A decade ago, a newspaper in your area ran an article about a man who had developed aloe vera hair after removing one of his hair-bearing scalp Pegasus’s.

He had been grooming his horse for several months before he decided to try waxing her. He took some aloe vera shampoo and worked it into his dry hair. Then, he used a comb to detangle it. After that, he heated the hair using a hairdryer until it was fully moist. He then wrapped the hair in a sealed bag and let it sit for six to twelve hours depending on how long it took to dry out.

Then, he tried to brush it but found it very difficult due to the amount of Knots and twines that were holding up her hair.


is an old dog hair home remedy that is new to us. It works!

Honey is a very soft and gentle hair treatment. Most varieties contain cinnamon as a ingredient to make it more soft and buttery feeling.

You can put it on your dog’s coat to help promote slow skin dryness, or you can mix it with water and brush your dog’s coat with it. It can also be used as a food for cats because it is almost guaranteed not to contain dyes or preservatives.

We recommend using a very small amount of honey for each brush you use- only enough to wet the brush but not stick too hard.

Olive oil

Add several tablespoons of olive oil to your dog’s food and make a concentrated bid for lost hair. Passed it onto another dog may result in hair transfer or social grooming sessions which may help spread the oil over the skin.

Olive oil can also be used to help prevent hair loss as it contains vitamin A, a known fat-soluble vitamin. When Consuming Olive Oil, the Oil is Locked Into the Hair and Can Not Disappear. Instead, it Moisture stays entwined in the hair and it remains healthy longer.

Dogs who are obese may suffer from hair loss due to lack of enough oil to keep it moist. If you think your dog may be experiencing hair loss, try giving them a small amount of olive oil every day to see if they lose some weight and get back some hair.

Peanut butter

This idea has stayed around for a very good reason: It works. Peanut butter is a very rich source of dietary protein, which is one of the key nutrients your hair needs to function.

As we mentioned earlier, dogs are obligate meat eaters. This means that even though they do not consume much dairy or poultry, they still have access to the peanut butter in their diet. As such, there are several dog food brands that add peanut butter to the mix.

Many people report seeing some positive changes in their dogs’ hair growth within a month or so of using this.