Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

Bad breath is an unpleasant and constant smell that many animals get from their mouths. Many animals find it necessary to keep a self-care guide for the purposes of hygiene and grooming.

Keeping your dog healthy is a great way to learn more about them. A dog is one of the most popular pet purchases ever made. They are highly social, loving, and dependable.

However, it is not uncommon to see dogs with bad breath as a symptom of oral health issues such as malnutrition, trouble swallowing, or even open mouth disease. This can be quite embarrassing for them!

Luckily, there are ways to prevent and treat bad breath in dogs.


Honey and peppermint

Both honey and peppermint can fight bad breath. While it may not immediately fight it, your dog’s mouth can still make contact with the food or peppermint extract.

Many dogs lose control of their breath when they are nervous or if they are eating something new. Peppermint is one of the most commonly used herbs in veterinary medicine, so finding a peppermint-based diet is not uncommon.

Many times this is due to the mint bringing back memories of previous foods that were eaten, such as worms or fruit. Well-balanced diets contain both protein and fat to help your dog feel more full and strength-boosting supplements such as zinc, vitamin D, and calcium to help keep poor breath health in check.

However, dogs who suffer from bad breath should always bechecked for signs of acidosis (too little acid in their body) and fluid retention (too much fluid in their stomach).


A parsley root can be used in dog bad breath recipes. You do not need to buy a parsley root. You can find them at most grocery stores and farmers markets.

Parrot roots are also great in dog bad breath recipes. These greens are typically larger and more mature. They may require a little more work to create the recipe, but you can!

Mint is an easyway to make a dog bad smell recipe. You can add some fresh or dried mint, so both are available. Either one works fine as it is for the recipe.

A small amount of caraway seeds and dill are used in the creation of this DIY pet mask, which is another way to combat foul mouth disease.


Garlic is a powerful plant compound. It can be extracted into an oil which can be used as a food or drug.

Garlic is most commonly served in its raw state, but it can also be cooked. When cooking garlic, make sure to use a good source of garlic.

The finest grinds of garlic will also contain more solvent properties which will likely result in mediocre home remedy garlic products. By working with the best quality ingredients, you are likely to get better results!

If you’re looking for a way to rid your home of bad breath, give this home remedy a try: mix 1–2 cloves of Garlic per 1–2 cups of water. Place the water and Garlic together in a large pot and bring to a boil.


A novel way to prevent or reduce bad breath is to use a handful of mints. Many animals love to taste the mint in their mouths so this is an effective way to stop them from eating too much food and fluids while they are in your care.

This is a great way to help your dog stay hydrated too! Mints are inexpensive and can be bought in many grocery stores, stores with drugstores and supermarkets.

If your dog has bad breath, try mixing one or two tablespoons of mixed herbs in a small amount of water. This may help throat heal or provide some relief if it is causing pain. Or you can buy one of the newer technologies that helps prevent or reduce bad breath- hydrogen peroxide.

Not all animals suffer from dry mouth, but staying hydrated is important to avoid any painful dryness of the mouth.

Chew sticks

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As seen on TV products such as the 5W flowband and the 8X is available in most pet stores. These sticks are designed to be chewed, not pulped. The resulting flavor is usually of meat or something sweet.

When minted, flavor can be unpleasant for some pets. However, if plain sugar is used, it may be sufficient for most dogs. A little lemon juice may also be added to help with the taste of chew stickounge.

Dry food

A dog should be educated about bad breath. A lot of people do not realize that a lot of foods such as dried fruits, vegetables, and meats can have a bad smell.

This is important to know as it may be harmful for your dog to eat such foods without having a smell!

Doggie Diapers are one product that contains a smell. If your dog does not like the smell, they can easily remove the item from their mouth without washing it away. This helps prevent overording, which is when you let someone else wash it for you because you do not like the smell.

Dry food can have multiple causes of bad breath. One cause is when the food is not being digestion properly. When it is being digested, the acid in your stomach makes lemon juice or vinegar to neutralize or reduce the stink.

Wet food

A very common way to prevent dog bad breath is to use a food with a higher protein content. Posted below are some recipes that have been tested and found to prevent dog breath.

White meat chickens are usually tougher, so it is more likely they will get their mouth and gums dirty while eating the food. Yellowed or dried out food can also prove problematic for your dog.

Blueberries are an excellent member of the plants family, and can be used as a thirst quencher. Most dogs would probably not eat enough of the blueberry to achieve its rich source of potassium, but it may help maintainrenches in your pet’s mouth and throat.

Your dog may also find some foods too wet or mushy, so it can get messy enough to consume.

Parsley juice

A parsley green is the source of most herbs and vegetables that taste like celery. It may seem odd to use parsley as a breath freshener, but parsley contains salicylic acid which works as a harsh cleaning agent.

When baking or cooking with parsley, make sure to thoroughly wash the Parsley first! You can use a mild soap if you do not have Salicylic Acid in your soap, but make sure to still wash your Parsly well.

Try adding some Parsly juice as a mouth freshener or infusions to add some additional health benefits. Or, try boiling some dried Parsly and using it as an effective deodorant.