Do Honda Civic Si Come In Automatic

Segmented performance, or advanced driving techniques such as chasing apexes or maximum power, are very popular topics in today’s society. Advanced driving techniques like chasing apexes and taking advantage of maximum power are clutchless car style maneuvers that require skill.

How well you use your clutch depends on who you are as a driver and what kind of drive you want. Some people prefer the more predictable feel of an automatic, while others prefer the slightly harder shifting feel of a manual.

The Civic Si comes standard with a six-speed manual, but some buyers may want the option to purchase an auto. The auto feels slightly slower than the manual when switching gears, especially during starts and stops. The only difference in comfort is that when shifting with the paddles on, the grip is slightly less on both ends!

When choosing whether to buy an auto or manual version of the Civic Si, make sure to account for your personal drive style.

Little bit more expensive

While most people think of the manual as the luxury option, there is a automatic Civic that comes with more standard features. The Si comes with paddle shift control, variable speed wipers, and cruise control.

Honda has been offering the automatic Civic since 2006, when they introduced it as an STi model. Today, the Si line up includes a 6-speed manual, 6-speed auto, and new 7-speed auto. All of them are very good cars, but the 7-speed is definitely my favorite.

This transmission has some clever tricks that make you feel like you are driving a high end car with heavy weight in the gears.

Performance is better in automatics

While most people find the manual gearbox to be fun to drive, some prefer the more precise feel of the automatic. It is definitely an impressive tool!

The automatic Gearbox comes in several flavors such as sport, luxury, and value. Each has its own set of benefits and costs. For example, the sport mode adds extra control and torque while driving, but makes the car feel more like a car designed for cycling instead of daily driving.

Value adds extra features such as navigation and audio playback capabilities that may be unavailable on other models. This makes each individual Honda Civic Si with automatic cost a little more money than others, making it a dependable source of performance.

If you are seeking a performance sedan that is also affordable, buy a Honda civic si with automatic.

Good for beginners

If you are looking to become a bit more skilled at driving the Honda Civic Si comes in a manual mode. If you are looking to take your skills up a notch then the Honda Civic Si automatic is for you!

The Honda Civic Si automatic is for new drivers who are looking to learn how to drive in an automatic. It is for people who have never driven an automobile before as it is a straightforward vehicle.

It does not have many features and can be difficult to understand at first. However, with time and practice, you will be able to drive it like an expert! You will need to keep your eyes on the road and don’t pass out unless you know how to drive it properly.

This vehicle is good if you are not very skilled at driving an automobile or if you want to try driving an automobile for the first time in an non-automotive setting.

Less gear shifting noise

When cars get more advanced in technology, the noise they make when driving is what you deserve for having such advanced technology in their bodies.

The best cars have almost musical groans as they shift gears. The more modern the car the louder the sound. The older the car the quieter it can be.

The Si engine is a little bit noisy at times, so many people turn off its v-taste or remove the sport button on top to make it less distracting.

Nice option for Civic Si owners

If you are looking for a more premium experience than the CVT mode, then you should consider the manual transmission. In fact, there is a manual version of the Civic Si!

The automatic mode does not offer as much control as the Manual Mode does, but for those who prefer it, this may be an option to consider. Having the auto mode can be useful when changing lanes or approaching a intersection. When entering a heavy traffic phase like an intersection, staying in auto may help keep your speed above their speed and prevent slippage.

Having auto only mode can be beneficial if you are traveling at a fast pace or if you are driving in an Emergen-cy situation.


For the most part, Honda offers its Civics in either a four- or a six-speed manual or standard automatic. The four-speed is the one you should look for at bargain prices, whereas the six-speed is more expensive.

However, now and then, you can find a Civic with an optional six-speed manual. The standard model has a four-speed, so it makes more sense to get the auto.

The auto has better gears and smoother operation than the manual, making it more suitable for driving in busy urban environments where your presence is needed quickly.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your Civic, look into adding a six-speed manual.

Smooth shifting

The Honda Civic Si comes with a 6-speed manual, and an automatic. The manual is an old fashioned type 6-speed, with a column-mounted shift knob.

The 6-speed auto was introduced in the 2014 model year, and has been available ever since. It features a rear wheelshift mode which changes gears on demand, making this mode the only automatic mode in the lineup.

This mode is fantastic for those looking for smooth shifting, as it is nearly impossible to get it wrong with the correct pressure and time on the shift knob!

The 2016 Honda Civic Si comes with both front and rear suspension options. The shocks are preamped and require no adjustment when driving hard or quickly. The rears have spring tension which can be adjusted to your liking, making them feel either soft or hard depending on your driving style.

Does not interfere with driving performance

Automatics have been around for a while now. Most car manufacturers offer at least one automatic in their lineup these days.

When the Si comes equipped with an auto, it is a good one at that. The Si has fairly heavy foot traction and moderate torque for driving needs. An auto would help with this to some degree.

However, if you are into demanding driving styles and settings on an auto, then yes! You can have it. Honda offers their Si with three different manual transmission settings:Normal, Sport, and Auto. The only difference in the transmission is how the gears are accessed.

The Sport mode gives you more control over the gears which may appeal to those who prefer a harder feel on the road.