Diy Elk Hunt Gear List

Keeping your dog hydrated is very important on a hot day. Even if you do not have a water cooler nearby, you can buy bottled water to give them.

Outside of hunting, dogs most often drank a lot of water during puppyhood until they were able to understand how to drink it easily.

Today, the average dog does not need much daily drinking water as the puppies get enough from their mother’s milk and kangaroo/ joey food. However, for safety reasons, two drinks per day is ideal!

Many places offer free or low cost water bottles, so it is worth checking out at the zoo, vet school, animal shelter, or hunting store.


Warm clothes

Cold weather pictures are some of the most beautiful pictures you can take. You will be able to see every detail in cold weather, because you are keeping your warm!

For picture quality, do not underestimate how much heat you can retain in your body before frozen and wind-burned muscles break down the insulation.

You also have many options for clothes on-go-and-off. Being able to put on and remove leggings easily is a big one! There are many brands that offer these clothes, or you can make your own using stretch pants and a t-shirt.

For warmer temperatures, being able to layer up is key! Sleeping bags are very affordable way to keep warm. Check some YouTube videos for tips on this!

Lastly, do not forget about hunting in snow! Many resources tell you how long it takes to prepare for winter weather, but they do not include sleeping bags or covers for these items.

Hand warmers

When it comes to keeping your hands warm on your next hunt, you need to think about how you handle your temperature management.

Some people love the feeling of having a certain heat level setpoint set at, and others prefer a higher one. Either way, there are ways to manage your temperature more efficiently.

Hand warmers can be delicious! You can make them at different temperatures, so you do not have to immediately heat up when picked up a hand warmer. A good way to save time in making hand warmers is to buy some premade ones.

Some people prefer the feel of ones that are hard and cold and put their fingers into.

Hot water bottles

When the weather gets cold, you want to be able to keep your girlfriend or boyfriend warm. Luckily, this is easy! By using hot water bottles as gear, you can do a bit of housecleaning.

She can get the job done quickly and easily. She can cut the edges of the bottles to make them easier to fit into her bag. She can also wrap them around herself for extra warmth.

These are a great way to give your partner or yourself self-care.

Wool socks

Wool socks are one of the most popular ways to prepare your feet for the outdoors. They can help you stand in place longer, prevent blisters and cuts, and help you keep warm!

When choosing wool socks, it is important to find a good quality pair. Heavier weight wool socks tend to be pricier than thinner ones. Because of this, some people may want to buy two pairs- one pair for everyday use and another pair for hunting!

Usually, these pairs are purchased about a month or two apart as they get wore off before hunting. The beauty of this is that you still have some easy accessorizes to wear when hunting!

Heavier weight wool does not mean it is better at keeping feet warm. Check the gauge size of your foot to see if it is enough to fit the sock comfortably.

Leather boots

If you are going to hunt elk in the outdoors, you should think about what kind of boots you want to wear. These will also help prevent your feet from being cold or wet while hunting!

Elk can be hunted in all seasons, so this is an important part of your gear list. Some hunts require boots that are winterized, as the snow can make reaching ground slippery. On the other hand, some hunts require casual shoes, as hunters do not always wear heavy footwear when hunting.

If you are going to use leather jackets or pants for hunting, then looking into whether they are water resistant or not is a worth doing. Some people do not like being exposed to the elements while others do!

Another piece of gear that can be useful is a winter jacket or jacket cover. These keep your body heat up and prevent cold spots or cold feet and hands.


When hunting elk, you will need some sort of glove. These can be made out of leather or fur. If leather, then you can fashion some nice le handles and patches to match your hunt. If fur, then you can craft some great pouches to store your hunting gear in.

While these gloves are not mandatory for elk hunting, they are a cost-effective way to protect your hands from the messy process of skinning and cleaning meat. Having to wash and dry those gloves before storing will save you valuable time in the event that you have to go back out into the woods in a short period of time.

Fur hat

Fur hats are a classic hunting gear look. You can create your own or buy one of these high quality fur hats. Either way, you will look more nature-like and professional!

If you are going for a low-key look, then a hat is the way to go. If you are looking more ruggedly looking, then a fur hat with leather or wool lining is what you want.

[[winky_link size:small]] If you are looking more stylish, then a leather or wool lined hat is what you want!

[[winky_link size:small]] Versatility is the biggest reason people buy fur hats. You can use it for hunting coyotes or any other animal that can turn into heat in cold weather conditions.

Visor cap

When hunting elk in a blind, always have a visor cap. These can be made out of leather, fleece, or breathable wool.

These can protect your head from the cold ground and provide some visibility. Having one is also helpful when trying to track a blind down!

Another helpful tip is to put it on right away after trying to locate an animal. Because it is so warm and comfortable, you may want to keep it on while tracking and hunting!

Having a visor cap will also help keep the neck warm enough to find an animal. If you are not sure how to make one, you can use some material from your shirt or pants to start.