Difference Between Gear S2 And Gear S2 Classic

The Gear S2 is Samsung’s latest smartwatch, announced at IFA 2016. It is a refresh of the Gear S2 classic.

The new Gear S2 features a new curved shape and display, making it look more like a wristwatch. This makes it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The new Gear S2 also has a new color option, slate gray, which is very dark and sophisticated. Another feature added to the Gear S2 is an alt mode feature where users can choose between an analog watch face and a smartwatch style face.

This mode allows users to have two different ways to view data and notifications on their watch.



Similar to the S2, the gear S2 has a display that shows notifications and messages. The device also has a button for taking a shower or washing your hands and face, so you can get some new messages or notifications!

The biggest feature difference is that the gear S2 classic does not have a touchscreen. This means that you must use the phone app to send messages and notifications, as well as change your settings and send messages with or without an image!

While this may sound scary, it gives you more control as you can choose what appears on the screen and how it is displayed.


The price of the Gear S2 is an important factor to consider. While it is a very good device, it is not the only smartwatch out there. There are many brands offering their products as smartwatches.

While the Samsung Gear S2 is one of the highest priced smartwatches available, it is still affordable compared to some of the more costly models. A good quality Gear S2 can cost around $100 USD!

Some cheaper models can be worth buying if you do not need a large display or large memory capacity. Some people even find these devices helpful when taking care of small tasks until they get a better quality device that they love.

The biggest difference between the two generations of Gear is the display and memory capacity! The older generation had larger displays while the newer has less storage space.

Battery life

As the biggest difference between the two devices is the battery life, this article will talk about that. Both devices have over a month of battery life on the standard model, but the Classic has over a week of standard use.

The main difference between the two models is that the classic has a larger battery on it. This makes it slightly longer for both daily tasks and hardcore users. The basic model has a larger display and slightly better camera, making it slightly better suited for specific tasks.

Both models are great choices as they are easy to figure out based on which size display and camera size you have.


At the end of the day, both the Samsung Gear S2 and the Apple Watch 4 are great devices. Both offer you quick access to notifications and calls via their screens, make and receive phone calls via messages, and read messages without taking your wrist.

The main difference is in the display size and watch mode. The Apple Watch 4 has a 38mm display versus the 42mm of the Gear S2. Also, the Apple Watch 4 cannot be configured as a wristband like the Samsung does, making it more of a dress watch style device.

However, these two devices have some important differences that determine whether or not you will get rid of your old watch.

Resources it

The first notable difference between the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic is the size of the screen. The Gear S2 Classic has a smaller screen that is only able to display text and images at a medium resolution.

The second significant difference is how you enter your passcode. On the Samsung Galaxy devices, you can enter your passcode by simply sliding down a notch on an edge of the phone. On the Apple iPhone and iPhone 7 devices, you must use a dedicated button on top of the phone that is harder to reach while it is connected to a device.

Gear devices require you to press and hold an additional button while entering your passcode.