Diablo 3 Wizard Gear Set

The premise of the Diablo 3 Wizard Set is to maximize your damage by using high level equipment. In order to increase your level in Diablo 3, you will need to kill enemies and collect Intel scraps.

Intel scraps can be found by killing enemies or completing missions. They are obtained through assassination, investigation, and infiltration objectives. Some objectives require data discs, which can be gained by killing enemies or completing missions.

If you are level 30 or higher, you will want to invest in intelligence points as they will give you increased stats on your gear. Intelligence points can be spent on increasing your character’s stats throughout the game!

This article will talk about the set pieces of the Diablo 3 Wizard set.


The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun is a high-end gear set that will add some extra damage to your character. It is made of very expensive glass and steel, making it very strong.

The cost can be a little intimidating, however, you have it here for you! This set can be expensive to begin with, but eventually you will get to buy all of the pieces.

These pieces are all forged together in the middle, giving them a more solid feel to them. They also are not made out of plastic or aluminum like most are, which makes a difference in durability.

The colors may vary a bit as well, making this piece hard to ignore.

The Last Nexus

The latest gear set to get you thinking are the The Last Nexusgear set. This set comes in two versions, the Zenith and the Nexus. Both pieces are extremely valuable in their own right, so it is not easy to decide which one is better for you.

The Last Nexus is a complete upgrade from previous sets. It includes unique weapons and armour that are stronger than any other part of the game. These items are very rare and valuable even though.

The Zenith includes two stat sticks that increase your character’s stats even more than the Last Nexus does. One of them is called The Force and the other One with a special name that does not appear on it yet.


The Leviathan gear set is one of the more mysterious sets in Diablo 3. While it is featured in many guides, none of them really go into detail about it.

This set consists of six pieces: two pairs of boots, a vest, a chest piece, a gloves, and an amulet. Together, these make a total of twelve slots for items to be placed in.

The six pieces can be obtained either as rewards or through gameplay. The two pairs of boots are found at the beginning of Act 1 while the other four are found at the end.

Both sides have valid reasons for choosing this gear set. One can increase their damage done or mobility to reach their full potential, or one can simply be curious about what pieces this is.

Tal Rasha’s Allegiance

The Diablo 3 wizard set is an all-around great set. It offers strength along with flexibility and utility making it a solid set.

Its pieces are divided into two main categories, armor and accessories. Both areas feature six pieces total, four pieces of armor and two pieces of accessories.

The majority of the features on the gear work together so there is no need to buy one piece of accessory before the rest. This makes it easier to get started as well as save money for the full set down the road.

As mentioned before, this set has four pieces of armor that are glued together. These pieces are leather pants, leather shirt, leather belt, and leather shoes. The remaining two pieces of jewelry are a ring and a charm bracelet.

These pieces are not easy to put on and take off so quickly that you will want to buy them in advance.

Firebird’s Finery

The Firebird’s Finery set is another high-end set that will cost you a pretty penny. This set contains eighteen pieces and costs close to five thousand gold!

Set content includes gloves, chestguard, boots, belt, and gloves again. All of these pieces are unique and can be sold or traded.

The belt has a special function: when equipped with all six of its Accuracy Orbs, the player can reach sixfold in accuracy! The other five Accuracy Orbs must be worn on other pieces.

The belt is also the only piece that can be used as a weapon (the sixth or seventh slot must be filled with an armguards or an undershirt).

Elements Set

The Elements Set is an advanced wizard set that uses a mixture of elemental magic and physical abilities. While it is not mandatory to use this set in order to be powerful in the world of Diablo 3, it can greatly boost your damage and effectiveness!

The elements set includes six pieces of armor: leather leggings, Scale mail, Hard leather jacket, Leather gloves, Leather boots, and Anvil ring. These pieces can be mixed and matched to create six unique looks.

Each piece has a specific element associated with it. For example, the leather leggings are associated with fire, the Scale armor is associated with earth, the Anvil ring is associated with water, the Hard leather jacket is associated with air, and the Mesh Armor is associative of wind.

By wearing these pieces together in multiple looks, you will expand your repertoire of magic spells and abilities.

Spirit of Arachyr Set

The Spirit of Arachyr Set is a high ticket item that will cost you a pretty penny. Despite its expensive look, this gear set will last for many games!

The Spirit of Arachyr Set contains 6 pieces: the chest piece, the gloves, the shoes, the amulet and the power amulet. Together, these pieces create a complete look that is very impressive.

The magic stat importance is low in this set, meaning it will not last as long as other sets that have higher magic stats. However, this does not mean it does not effect your gameplay! By having lower magical stat values on your characters, you can get more powerful fast because you do not have to spend time with leveling up.

This set also looks expensive, but it does not have to be when it comes to power! This set includes an enchantress level 2 enchantment so you can boost your magical stats even more.

Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Set

Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Set is a cool set that will make you look nice but also get you through tough fights. It is perfect for those times when you need to stay stylish in the fight!

The set consists of six pieces, which are: the jacket, the pants, the belt, the Shoes, and the Beard. These pieces can be obtained in four places: The Auction House, NPC stores, merchant groups on Facebook, and through Vyr’s amazing arcana site.

The auction house has become a vital part of Diablo 3 as it serves as an easy way to get gold fast. If you do not have much gold left to add to your character, then staying on the auction house will help you keep up with your characters sales!

The price of each piece is reasonable as they are high quality materials.