Cat Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies

A cat who has a urinary tract infection is called aheitadeo, which means she has a bladder infection. Or you can say it like this: Aïteïo is the French word for bladder!

The issue with a cat with an acute urinary tract infection is that it can be very uncomfortable. The bacteria must be cleared from the system in an infected state, and your cat will likely look and act sick.

However, if it goes on for too long, it may become chronic. There are multiple ways of treating an infected cat, but most come down to getting her some antibiotics.

You may be thinking, “I do not have any medication that works for cats”.

Hydrate your cat

If your cat has a urinary tract infection, you can try one of several home remedies. These tips can be used for any type of infection, not just urinary tract.

Sterilized water is the most accepted remedy as it can be poured into the cat’s mouth and allowed to drip into the toilet. This must be done in a very prompt manner, or the bacteria will kill the cat!

Baking soda is another great remover of toxins. Just like with water, you must use it within a timely manner to prevent breakdowns.

If your cat does not have a normal poo pattern, then skipping the pooping is an option too.

Keep the litter box clean

While most people learn about teaching your cat to use the litter box at home, learning how to keep the litter box clean can help reduce the number of times your cat has to use the litter box.

When cats use the toilet, most of what happens is toilet paper is pushed out and up into the bowl, then it gets stuck. It takes your cat a few minutes to realize what he has to do next, which is wipe himself out.

During this time he may be sitting there purring and breathing heavily. Your job as his human is to remind him of his needs: a place to sleep, food, and water.

If you have to take your cat outside for some reason, make sure he has a good sense of where everything is so he can find his way home.

Try a different type of litter

Some household products contain dolomite, a high-quality clay that contains magnesium and/or calcium. Dolomite is sometimes called white clay. This type of litter prevents Culleton Coonhound home remedies to escape. This type of clay retains moisture better, which is one way it can prevent a Culleton Coonhound infection in the urine.

Clay lumps can sometimes cause problems for humans and animals, so if you have a young animal with urinary tract problems, you should consider using something other than newspaper as its litter.

If your Culleton Coonhound needs to be hospitalized, you can use something like dolomite in your home to prevent an infection in the house or outside where your animal was sick. You can also try placing the pet inside of a large insulated box that is covered with blankets to reduce heat loss.

Give your cat pedialyte

If your cat has a urinary tract infection, you can give it a special drink called pedialyte. This is a clear liquid used for treating dehydration and upset stomachs.

Pedialyte works by helping fluids to enter the body. If this does not work, it can be fun to experiment with different ways of providing fluids. A cup of tea or coffee and creamers are easy to make and give out!

Some cats do not like the taste of Pedialyte so you may have to be careful about how much you give your cat. Too much can cause diarrhea or running pee instead of stool.

As with any medication, make sure your cat is given the right amount and is safe for them.

Give your cat salt water solutions

As an alternative to cleaning its mouth, your cat may have a saltwater solution to bathe in. This can be done by placing a large container of salt water near the water bowl.

This is helpful as the cat can get used to using the water, and should not have to be taught how to use the bathroom. A lot of cats do not like getting baths due to this, but if you do not have a lot of luck with bathing your cat then it is fine!

By having a container of salt water nearby the bowl, the cat can also save some money by washing its face in the container. It also can go out for treats in the middle of a bath which helps with hygiene.

Another home remedy for urinary tract infection is changing litter boxes every few days.

Remove triggers

When a cat has an infection, it can be triggered by any of the following:



Coffee/roast material

Frog and frogs’vironments (wherever they hang out)

Grass plants (where they stick their heads)

Inanimate objects (like books or crayons)

If one of these things is present in your cat’s environment, it is important to remove it. This may mean going to the store and purchasing new décor or buying a new book on your cat. Either way, you will need to change things up so that your cat can feel comfortable again.

Increase exercise and activity

Being a house pet requires a lot of walking, playing, and exercise. Your cat needs to be played with, walked for short periods of time, and allowed to exercise.

It’s important your cat gets enough exercise to make up for their weight. A small amount of exercise like using the bathroom or playing with toys should be provided daily to keep its weight up.

However, this doesn’t mean your pet has to be up and active. A short walk every day is good enough! By keeping its activity level high, your pet will keep its strength andUsing The Internet weather will help maintain their health.

Use natural herbs and supplements

It is very important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a cat with urinary tract infection. Most importantly, your cat should be treated by a veterinarian who has experience in treating cats with urinary tract infections.

Many people think of tumeric as just for rice dishes, but it can be used as a domestic medication. Tumeric is a yellow powder that looks like pepper.

There are two parts to tumeric: the bright yellow ground and the thick rock-like extract on top. The rock-like extract contains all of the enzymes and works when urinated on or ingested.

Using tumeric can help your cat deal with watery stools, burning pain during intercourse, and/or discomfort during sex. It does not cure kidney or bladder problems, but it may help prevent them by working on sanitation.