Can You Talk On Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 is the newest member of the Gear line-up. It was released in March 2017 and features a rotating bezel and new features such as color display and message notifications.

The Gear S2 is designed for users who want some customization options and new features. Its rotating bezel allows you to look up, down, left or right without having to remove it. The color display makes it more interesting to use than the black model from last year.

Message notifications make it easier to get alerts on your watch so you do not have to ask every hour for a new message app on your watch.

Enable Mobile Voice

Can you talk on your Gear S2 device? The answer is yes! You can if you hold the bottom sensor down for a few seconds.

This feature was originally intended for use by Samsung’s own customers, but thanks to him being generous and creating it for users, it now exists.

If you want to use this feature, you must do so before placing the Gear S2 into sleep mode. You must then enable and turn on the feature before turning off the device. You can then disable and remove the feature when you are ready to go.

Mobile voice is not currently supported in the US, but hopefully it will be soon as more people get into smart watches as time goes on. This will help improve people’s ability to talk on their watch since they can raise and lower their voices without having to take off their phone.

Connect to your phone

When you connect the Samsung Gear S2 to your phone, you can message and call your partner, listen to audio and speak to someone else. This feature works even when the device is obscured by a jacket or thick sweater.

To use this feature, you must have a minimum of 4 GB of storage on your phone to share with the Samsung Gear S2. You can also purchase more space from Amazon or Samsung’s app on your phone.

This is very helpful if you are separated but have mutual friends who need access to each other’s devices.

Download an app

You can now make a call on your Samsung Gear S2 using an app called ReSound. This app allows you to talk over the speaker and microphone in your gear and create voice calls.

This is great for making phone calls while walking around or at the gym. You will need to have a good signal for this feature to work!

You will need to have your phone connected to a charger while Samsung ReSound works, so be careful not to turn off your gear while that’s happening.

Set up a voice command

The new Gear S2 features a new mode called Connected Care. This mode allows you to set up a voice command. You can say or type any phrase into your device and the S2 will reply with what action you need performed. For example, you can ask it to tell you a poem, read your text messages and calls, or even accept an invitation to an event!

This is very useful if you are not able to hear the device or do not have good voice quality. You can also use this with larger groups as everyone can send a command together!

By setting this mode up, you will need to have a phone app and connected care app paired together.

Talk into the watch microphone

You can talk to the Samsung Gear S2 using the microphone. You can ask questions such as: What action did I just perform? Where was the terrain? What time is it now?

Or you can simply discuss small things with your partner like: When was the last time you were out walking? Was it a pleasant walk? How long did you walk?

Of course, no one can hear you over the sound of the water or music playing in your ears. This is why it is important to do this via a headset or speaker instead of just speaking into the watch itself.

More information on this feature can be found here:

Confirm your voice command

If you can not talk on the Samsung Gear S2, you can do so by using your voice. You can say things like, “watch my steps” or “take a rest break.”

The Samsung Gear S2 has an advanced voice command feature called Galaxy Voice. This is similar to Apple’s Siri™, Android™ Now, and Google Now™ features.

Galaxy Voice lets you communicate withSamsung Gear S2 by giving you commands such as opening a app, turning on or off a light, changing the music player, and doing simple tasks like setting an alarm or starting an exercise program.

Record your voice command

The Samsung Gear S2 has the same feature as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus: A voice command. You can use this to do things like call a friend or send an email, set a reminder, or answer a question.

Like the iPhone and Android devices, you must download and use Samsung’s Voice Control app. This app is available on Google Play or Apple App Store. Once it is installed, you can use your device as if it was a phone.

You can also program commands into the S2’s voice control app. For example, you can say “set a dinner date with Jill” to set a dinner date with Jill in the S2. You can also say “call Jill” to initiate the call on her end!

This feature works both on your phone and in your house; however, when calling someone on their cell phone, they will have to use their personal number instead of the one associated with the S2.

Download audio files to your watch

You can also download audio files to your Samsung Gear S2 via the Gear S2 app. You can then listen to your texts, calls, and audio through the watch. This is helpful when you are out and about as it can be listened to while walking or being carried.

This feature works by linking your phone app with your watch. Once this is done, you can then select which app you would like to listen to on the watch.

This is very helpful when traveling as it can be listened to while in transit or during downtime at a location. It also works well while sleeping as you can put it on wireless mode which reduces interference from your phone.

Using this feature is free but you must install the app on each device you want to connect Your Samsung Gear S2 must have this feature in order for this to work.