Can Chiropractic Help Essential Tremors?

Essential tremors are minor tremor moves that happens almost as soon as you sit or stand. They can range from mild scratchy movements to complete stops. The degree of tremability either stage or essential tremors.

The term essential Tremor was added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 2013 to help diagnose people with Parkinson’s and other Lewy Body diseases. Essential Tremors are listed as a subtype of Tremor in the DSM.

Tremor is a common symptom in Parkinson’s and other disease medications like Naproxen, Carob, and Aricept. While these drugs may help decrease the frequency of the tremors, they do not replace the need for oil pulling!

This is where chiropractic therapy comes in! Many research studies indicate that chiropractic therapy can help reduce the frequency of essential tremors.

How do essential tremors occur?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

Essential tremors occur when there is damage to the nerve or muscle that connects the brain and the body. The damage occurs when there is too much pressure on one area of the body, such as during a workout or while sleeping.

During active movements, such as while dancing or playing sports, the area being worked on is transferred to the other body part so it can be used. This helps restore movement to your extremities!

When this happens, it causes damage to tiny nerves that connect the brain and muscles. As a result, your muscles don’t receive enough electrical signals from the brain, and you suffer a loss of movement on one hand.

The easiest way to treat essential tremors is by using non-force chiropractic adjustments. Non-force adjustments can help reduce pain and embarrassment involved in having this type of Tremor. You can also use medication if this is not working.

What causes essential tremors?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

Essential tremors occur when the interior of your body, such as the hand or foot, moves without notice. The movement is typically smooth but may be sharp.

This occurs as part of normal function. You can shake your hand to move it back and forth, up and down, or use a specific grip.

It also happens as part of abnormal function. For example, a shake can happen when the hands are tightly gripped or when the feet are placed on the floor with a rapid pace of movement.

Can chiropractic help essential tremors? It can! Essential tremors can be caused by several conditions, including orthostatic intolerance (when an individual senses a change in body position), shoulder pain/pronation (when one side of an object is forced to rise or fall during movement), and knee pain (due to an irregular weight distribution).

By helping with alignment during therapy, chiropractic can help reduce the chance that essential tremors will occur.

Can chiropractic help with my essential tremors?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

Essential tremors are rare neurological disorders where your body uses the tremors you experience to check out other systems in your body.

The tremors are called isometric or staccato tremors, and they typically last a few seconds and come and go. The disorder usually affects the hands, feet, or both.

As with any disease or condition, there are more serious forms than the ones listed. Fortunately, essential Tremor Treatment is a common diagnosis that can be treated by chiropractic care.

What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for ET?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

Essential tremors are typically caused by a combination of older age, stress, or a medical condition that causes muscle spasms and weakening.

As your age, your body can begin to use more minor movements in your body to maintain function. These movements may be automatic, like when you walk on your toes to move your feet. Or you may choose to move them by hand, like when you grasp an item and rotate it.

When you have an essential tremor, the shaking can be very frequent and intense. This can be problematic when it occurs during important times such as at work or while focusing on something else.

A chiropractor can help reduce the pain associated with ET, which can also help improve your overall quality of life.

Does seeing a chiropractor for ET have any side effects?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

There are no negative side effects tochiropractic treatments for essential tremors. Many people find that seeing a chiropractor for active tremors has been a helpful way to manage their pain and recovery.

As with any treatment, there are more common side effects. Because of the focus on the spine inchiropractic therapy, these can be slightly less frequent than with non-chiropractic therapy.

These can include but are not limited to: nausea, headache, weight loss/ gain, mood change, decreased activity, changes in sleep / wakefulness and stress level, among others.

How does a chiropractor treat ET?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

In most cases, a chiropractor treats ET by adjusting the spine in a specific way. This may include altering the location and strength of muscle spasms, removing unnecessary muscular tension in the spine, and applying specialized manual treatments to loosen up painful bone and nerve systems.

Some chiropractors do additional work such as testing for occult or paranormal causes of tremors and treating them with electromagnetic therapies.

Moderate amounts of tremendous bones can sometimes be treated by using shock therapy or corticosteroids, but these methods should be used with caution since they can cause severe scarring.

Tremendous bones cannot be treated at all, nor does corticosteroid treatment even seem to reduce it overall, which seems to suggest it is an essential Tremor.

Are there any home treatments for ET?

can chiropractic help essential tremors

Essential tremors are less common than other types of tremors. They typically occur in people over the age of thirty. People with essential tremors usually notice a change in lifestyle or circumstances that change how they feel about themselves.

This may be related to the Tremor Nonprogressive (TNF) or Essential Tremor (ET) types. Both have calcium deficiency and/or vitamin D deficiency, which can cause others to doubt your diagnosis and/or treat you more aggressively than necessary.

As we discuss in this article, vitamin D treatment is one of the best things you can do for your tremotism. However, even though vitamin D treatment is important, your doctor still may need to add it to your medication list if you have a hard time getting enough out of it on your own.

You also may need it more often as you get older as calcium levels in our bones decrease. This can cause more intermittent trembling.

What is the prognosis for essential tremors?

Essential tremors can be treated by chiropractic care, but the results are not common. Most doctors do not recommend treatment unless there has been a recent increase in tremors.

It is important to talk to your doctor about essential Tremor therapy, as some don’t think it helps. Check with your doctor before starting any therapy.

You can start by getting your patient to hold the affected part in their hand for a few seconds and then release it slowly. Then get them to lightly touch the area with their wrist and tighten up if they relaxing.

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