C4 Corvette Rear End Gear Ratio

When driving in the city or on inter-city highways, you must make sure that your rear end is set at the right gear ratio. The correct rear end ratio depends on where you are going and what kind of car you have.

The ratios are 1:1, 1.55, and 2:1, respectively. When driving in the 1:1 ratio, your car will seem to move with a heavy step at each turn. This will not be good for safe driving habits like keeping a consistent speed and turning radius.

When driving in the larger ratios such as 1.55 or 2:1, your car will feel more free and smooth. These ratios are helpful when going over rough terrain as they help keep traction better.


Improved acceleration

Another way to improve acceleration is to change the rear end gear ratio. There are several different rear ends available, but the ones used in Corvettes are 3.42:1. This varies by model, but on most cars it changes into a smaller diameter sprockets that more tightly pack the tire around the wheel.

By moving up the gear ratio, like having a higher-pitch tire fitted, you can increase horsepower and speed. Having a lower rear end gives your car more stability as it moves, which can be better for cornering and speeding.

There are many different ratios that can be used with rear ends, so finding one that fits your needs is the best way to get some improved performance. Changing your rearends does take some time and resources, so do not put too much pressure on the driver to make quick changes.

Decreased top speed

Having decreased top speed can be a bummer if you are a fan of faster driving. Having a less powerful rear end will decrease your car’s top speed.

Most vehicles have a recommended rear axle ratio that indicates how fast the vehicle will go with the tires on the ground. When this ratio is exceeded, more power is generated to increase speed.

When this ratio is decreased, less power is generated to prevent wheel spin and loss of control. This may not be a problem for some drivers, but for those who love high speeds this may be an issue.

If you are like me and enjoy fast driving, then having a lower rear end gear ratio might be something you need to look into. The recommended rear end gear ratio comes out to 3:1, which means that the front axle should have one third the weight of the back axle on it.

The lower the rear end torque gets, the quicker I drive my car-so I would recommend looking into it.

Larger rear tires

If you have large tires on your Corvette, you can achieve two different rear axle ratios depending on what size tire you have. The first ratio depends on the width of the tire.

If the tire is relatively small, such as a car safety helmet width, then it has a small diameter tire. This means that when you push down on the pavement with your car, there is more force behind the movement.

These small tires are typically found on mountain bikes or surf boards and can have a ratio of 23-1 or 28-1. The larger ratio gives more room for error in front end alignment and braking. The smaller ratio makes it more likely that you will over-deform the rear end when cornering.

The second rear end Ratio dependent upon tire size is the width ratio. When looking at your Corvette to determine which rear end Ratio meets your needs, do not forget to take into account this new Rear End Ratio dependent upon Tire Size.

Heavier rear end

A heavier rear end can be a problem if you are running tall. The taller the rear end the taller the tires and ball joint placement.

When running tall, the front tires contact the car at a higher angle than the back tires. This angle changes when changing gears, as the wheels rotate when turning.

When driving in reverse, if there is a tire off-road, it may not be able to rotate completely back. This may cause problems such as rollback or breakback when parking or transporting vehicles.

There are two types of rear ends: one that has one large axle and one that has two small axles. When choosing an axle ratio, look at how much travel you want out of each axle and how much weight you want on it.

Less wheel spin

More wheel spin is a favorable attribute of c4 corvette rear end gear ratio tweaks. Most obvious is that it contributes to a smoother ride.

When driven at higher speeds, the rear wheels are being stressed by the speed of the vehicle. When driving at a slower speed, such as cruising, the rear wheels are being relaxed and sedate.

This is important when children are riding bikes or bikes are required to be secured in bike baskets or rolled under seat when visiting friends or family.

A secondattributeofc4corvetterear end gear ratio tweaksmoduletypescanreducingwheelspinisconvertingthetweakintoashiftcommutator.This can be done by simply flipping a switch! No other modifications are needed.

Better handling

So far, we have learned how to change the gear ratio in your Corvette Rear End. In order to change the rear end gear ratio, you must first remove it.

To remove the rear end, first push down on the lower spindel until it snaps into place, then lift the upper spindel until it pops free. Your new ratios are now ready to install!

When installing the rear end ratios, make sure that there are no gaps between them and the transaxle housing. If there are, you will lose control as the back end will not turn without a badly misinstalled rear end ratios.

Longer lifetime

When rear ends are replaced, they should be changed over to a longer one. When the front end is replaced, the new one should be put on after the old one is out of the ground.

This occurs when the front and rear ends of a car are different lengths. For instance, a vehicle has a shorter back end than a long front end. When this happens, the short back end needs to be lengthened while the long front end is shortened.

The reason for this is that when it comes time to replace it, it must be reweighed and sized down accordingly. This will give you more confidence in your driving and your vehicle to withstand any situations that may arise.

When shopping for Rear End Gears, make sure you are buying the right length for your vehicle.

Can use standard transmission

If you are looking to upgrade your transmission, or you have a standard transmission that needs to be changed out, can use the Corvette rear end gear ratio acres.

Using the gears in your transmission, you can buy new ratios that match up with the front and back of your car. These ratios are sold as a add on for your car, or shipped with special equipment for installation.

For example, one sells for $200 and is included on some cars, but not all. Another sells for $150 and is not included on any car. However, it may be included on a limited edition car which might sell out fast!

These ratios are used when turning left or right. The heavier rotation of the transmissions drives the larger diameter wheels in the rearend. This allows me to change gears without changing my rear end rotation.