Broward County Red Light Camera Locations

Red light cameras are a growing area of finance. There are red light camera programs all over the world, which determine if a vehicle that approaches a red light is properly insured to continue approaching the red light.

This is a great way to reduce traffic congestion and promote safe driving habits. Many drivers report that having this camera installed in their neighborhood helps them drive more responsibly.

In exchange for paying the fee at the Red Light Camera location, drivers are required to follow the indicated speed limit while passing through the intersection.

Being forced to pay a small fine at a convenience store or gas station can help struggling drivers get back on track.

State Road 7 and Sample Road

These are two roads that run parallel to each other in Broward County. On the north side of State Road 7, Sample Road runs for approximately six miles until it intersects with I-595.

On the south side of State Road 7, Sample Road runs parallel for approximately six miles until it intersects with I-195. Between these two roads is a stretch of highway called State Road 7 or Cooper Sreet.

This stretch of highway is home to several businesses and communities, including Fort Lauderdale International Airport, so it is not surprising that this road has many red light cameras. There are currently 10 camera locations along this stretch of road where drivers must stop and submit a photo to the camera.

Some locations have more than one camera due to differing violations. You can see which one you have at any time by going to and entering your street address.

NW 21st Street and 4th Avenue

This red light camera location is at NW 21st Street and 4th Avenue. This location features a semi-circle intersection with four right turns allowed before turning left at the camera.

At the camera, drivers must stop their cars a certain amount of time before making their turn. Once that is done, another wait period and checkup occurs where the car is inspected for damage and safety.

Failure to pay can result in a vehicle being towed. This camera location was installed due to high numbers of traffic violations in the area. Drivers were having issues getting through this location without taking a shortcut or skipping the turn at the cameras.

This placement was crucial for maintaining road safety as people know what signposted directions to this camera.

University Drive and 16th Street

These two intersections are located just outside of Downtown Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors, respectively. University Drive is a major artery running through the heart of both areas.

The cameras are at 16th Street and University Drive. The red light cameras were installed in 2009, so this installation date is old.

These cameras should not be judged on recent technology advancements; they use the same equipment since 1989! Instead, they should be thought of as location aids that put you as a driver in the correct spots faster.

As previously stated, these cameras are new to Broward County, so there are no examples to go by. Drivers must do their own research and look at each camera for themselves to determine if it is working or not.

East Tampas International Airport entrance on State Road 5

This is where East Tampas International Airport users go if they need assistance with their red light camera ticket.

If you are driving or biking when you’re caught in a red light, you have the right to request a surface transportation privilege, which includes riding a bike and walking across streets.

If your bike escort is unable to help you out, try out Fort Lauderdale’s Red Light Bike Assisted Service, which is operated by Transdev America. This team offers assistance on-site and through a phone call, as well as providing you with maps and instructions.

If you need help getting to your appointment or briefing without using public transportation, try out the Broward County Transportation Assocation (BCTA), which provides transportation options via their website or app.

2900 N. Federal Highway (near FLL airport)

This location is at a service station near the airport. It was installed in 2009 by Broward County Red Light Camera.

Red light cameras were first introduced in 1985, when they were used to combat drunk driving. Today, red light cameras help prevent vehicle traffic accidents by letting police issue citations when cars and trucks break the law.

Since 2009, 1.6 million red light camera tickets have been issued in Florida and Canada, making it one of the more popular systems out there.

Typically, drivers are cited once per camera and then paid via a PayPal or Visa debit or credit card sent via email or phone call. Once those charges are made, the citation is processed and mailed to the driver immediately.

5800 W. Hillsboro Boulevard (Hollywood Blvd.)

This is one of the red light camera locations in Broward County. It’s at 5800 Hillsboro Boulevard in Hollywood, located just north of State Rte. 576.

Well-known for being the location of several theaters and movie houses, such as The Colony Theater and The Majestic Theatre. It’s also close to some restaurants and night clubs that offer late night services.

The camera here went off twice during a three-month test period from March through June 2016, according to a report by Adtran, the company that runs it. During that time, 303 citations were issued at the camera compared to no citations during the same period during non-test periods.

But did you know that this red light camera is located near North Federal Highway and North Service Road? That’s true because Adtran included those roads in its report.

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