Boxing News Cotto Next Fight

Cotto is a very popular fighter right now, being promoted by Golden Boy and HBO Go. He has a following, and he is still fighting in the industry.

Cotto made his debut at the light heavyweight (HE) division in 2012, winning the World MMA Awards Light Heavyweight Fighter of the Year award that year. Since then, he has defended his title four times and earned two additional wins at middle weight (MID) and one at light heavyweight (LIGHT).

His most recent win came on December 1, 2017 when he ended a six fight losing streak with a second-round knockout of Mike Aitesis. His next fight will likely be for his middleweight title as Chris Weidman stepped away to have another child.

Cotto vs Canelo

After a couple of yearlong breaks, both Cotto and Canelo Alvarez are set to fight once more in 2018. This next fight will be Canelo’s second fight back after his first was postponed due to injuries.

The former WBA world champion fought twice before in 2017, defeating journeyman Fernando Guerrero by unanimous decision in November and then the even more highly regarded middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin by knockout in September.

Both times, he was outweighed by 10 pounds per star, so a return to middleweight wasn’t that surprising. The real surprise was that they agreed on a catch-weight of 150 pounds for their match. Many thought it would be closer to the normal 148-152 range for a middleweight fight.

Regardless, this match-up is going to be one of the top highlights of the year and will sell a lot of tickets.

Cotto vs GGG

After a successful retirement fight against Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto is back in the spotlight. Cotto is set to rematch Gennady Golovkin in New York City, this time for a middleweight championship.

Since his loss to Golovkin, Cotto has spoken out about wanting another shot at the champion. Many believe this matchup will go down as one of the best middleweight title fights of all time.

Cotto vs GGG would be an upset, but not too much because we know what Cotto is capable of – he can knock people out! If he can’t get it done against Golovkin, who can he beat next? Who knows? Maybe training with Lou Thesz combined with Tony Belleza will help make him even more lethal.

Cotto retirement

Cotto, who is now 32 years old, announced his retirement via social media. The news was met with a wave of emotions, mostly sadness.

Cotto has been an active fighter since his early days in the sport. He first gained attention by winning the Mexican National Championship at age 19, and then went on to coach and train at American Top Team in New York City before joining as its World Champ at age 24.

He then went on to win the World title at 27, making him one of the youngest world champions ever. Since then he’s continued to build his legacy by winning numerous regional and national championships as well as capturing two Olympic gold medals.

His first title came in 2011 when he won the U-40 division World Title by defeating Carolina Diaz on points in Mexico City.

Luis Ortiz fight

Cotto is one of the most accomplished Boxers in the world today. He has won several high profile fights in his career and has not lost a fight since 2007.

He has faced some of the best fighters in the sport including Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Andre Ward, and Sergio Martinez. All of these fighters proved to be difficult opponents for Cotto.

Cotto currently holds wins over Emmanuel Atyeo and Gabriel Meer. Gabriel Meer was a good fight against all odds as he lost to Cotto by unanimous decision. Atyeo was a close fight where he edged out a unanimous victory.

Both of these fighters showed what they were made of and were hard fought battles that showed how competitive Cotto is at this level. There are rumors that he may look to rematch Gabriel Meer so we will see if he does that or not.

Joshua next fight

undefeated superfighter Canelo ÒCanelo Ó Alvarez Jr. is looking to make his first defense against Joshua in late 2018 or early 2019.

Canelo is coming off a September win over Sergio Rodriguez by unanimous decision. This was an intense fight, with both guys throwing everything they had.

Canelo has said he wants to fight Joshua in his prime, when he has the most confidence in himself and his craft. This will be a great fight for boxing fans, because they want to see how quickly Canelo can get into his game and put away his opponent.

Boxing needs quality fighters like Joshua to preserve their legacy, so a retirement deal isn�t something he would consider. If he wanted another shot at the title, promoter Gary Shaw would give it to him.

Why Anthony Joshua is the best boxer in the world

Boxing is one of the most beautiful sports out there. There is a reason that champion boxers are always photographed in stunning settings and captured in dramatic moments.

It is a sport where you can show your abilities without being judged on the outside. As a fighter has to show off his skills in front of a crowd, not just your family and friends.

That is what makes boxing so special. You must be able to make an appearance at the right time and in the right place to get your name out to a audience.

Why Canelo Alvarez is the best boxing contender

Boxer die-hard Canelo Alvarez is one of the most anticipated fighters in boxing today. He’s got a record five knockouts and is one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.

Alvarez has been fighting at an elite level for several years now and his next fight will only strengthen his legacy as a fighter.

His current opponent, Derek Fisher, was unable to defend his title and lost his last fight when he was knocked out in round two by Van Zant. This will be another huge step forward for Canelo as he continues to improve as a fighter.

The fact that he is already talking about this upcoming fight and what it will mean for him is proof that he’s focused on this match-up.

Why Gennady Golvkin is the best boxing contender

Despite being over six feet tall, 168 pounds, and having a decent jab and good power in his arsenal, Gennady Golovkin still finds himself facing smaller opponents on a regular basis.

This is due to the fact that he is not considered the biggest or strongest fighter in the sport. Since most promoters do not regard him as a top contender, they have to look outside of the boxing world for an opponent.

Since he has never fought at light heavyweight, he has had to make adjustments to how he prepares and fights. He must now spend more time in the gym doing lower body exercises and power exercises to get his size and strength up.

This is what has forced him into this position of needing higher training standards from promoters. It is hard enough for him to get his shots in against lesser opposition, but when you take into account that he is still working on his craft.